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Paul Cawood on Pot Holes and Drains

16th March 2021 @ 10:19pm

I posted some info on this a while ago. There is no point in whining about the condition of the roads. None.
Why ? The council don't have the budget to do anything about it. The CEC highways budget for 20/21 is £15m. Which won't fix a lot of anything. So our roads are in a state of managed decline. The council won't release information on the geographical spread of spend as this information isn't captured.

Helen Beardshall on Pot Holes and Drains

16th March 2021 @ 4:21pm

Thank you Bill for your advice, I'm told it can be a lengthy process to make a claim!
Also thank you to Rachel Bailey for your kind advice, it was nice to talk with you.

Kate Baston on Automatic garage door.

16th March 2021 @ 3:30pm

Hi, we use Ben Pointon Door Specialist 07714990824
He does all the maintainance on our garage door
He has a facebook page so you can view his workmanship

Hugh Roberts on Gully maintenance (or lack of)

16th March 2021 @ 1:46pm

I was saddened to read a piece on AoL regarding the anodyne reply from Cheshire East on why gullies are not being maintained.
I have recently reported a similar long-standing problem opposite my house (in Sound). Amazingly, only a day or two after submitting a report using the council's website, a man in a van rolled up, and gave the offending grids a good dose of looking at! He was very nice and sympathetic, but uttered the usual platitudes regarding 'budget' and 'priorities'. A day or so afterwards, I received a reply from CEC which was as that quoted in you piece ... verbatim!
As the gullies I complained about had been installed several years ago – by the same council – to rectify a known problem, why is it not possible to spend a small amount of time and effort looking after their investment?
I echo the sentiments voiced in your piece about use of our taxes wholeheartedly!

Lynne Smith on Pot holes

16th March 2021 @ 11:13am

It used to be a pleasure driving through Audlem but like other drivers my eyes are glued to to the ground to negotiate crumbling roads and potholes to avoid damage to my vehicle rather than anticipating any dangers ahead. How dangerous is that? An accident waiting to happen. On the rare occasion CE do appear their sticking plaster repairs last only weeks. Our roads are an absolute disgrace due to years and years of neglect by Cheshire East. I agree they are not fit for purpose and we pay road tax for the pleasure of this.

Ann Tilling on School return

16th March 2021 @ 10:29am

How lovely, and comforting, it has been to see the children playing in the school yard, what in my youth was called the playground.

Andy Davidson on Crewe Bus Station

16th March 2021 @ 10:23am

As I understand the situation whilst Cheshire East might own the freehold of Crewe Bus Station it is leased to Arriva who are responsible for the maintenance of it. I think therefore, if it is being painted, it's Arriva buses who are wasting their money.

Bob McClintock on Pot Holes and Drains

16th March 2021 @ 9:30am

There is no doubt we are in a very poor state in and around our village . Could it be because we are the outpost of Cheshire East Council ? . I would suggest over staffing on administrative and not enough manual workers could be a contributing factor to the problem. Finally, every gully down Station Bank hos been completely blocked for years . Maybe Councillor Bailey and the P C could present CE with a To Do list .

Norman Huntbach on Crewe Bus Station

15th March 2021 @ 7:42pm

I hear that Cheshire East are in the process of repainting the bus station just prior to it's demolition. Sums up the way they prioritise spending it seems.

Ray Faulkner on Speeding tractors

15th March 2021 @ 2:06pm

What happened to the 20mph suggested speed limit through our Village? Install it and the tractor problem would be solved (we do have a speed gun I believe). Has it gone the same way as the drains and the potholes that Cheshire East seem to want to ignore. Perhaps we should all ignore the 4.99 percent increase in our rates from which we will see no benefit whatsoever. Audlem Village is very beautiful until you look at the roads. They are a disgrace throughout the Village and Audlem Parish Council need to stand up to CE and do the job they are there to do, get a bit of value for the Village from the exorbitant amount of money we are all being charged. I am afraid that I have come to the conclusion that Cheshire East Council are just not fit for purpose, need to stop wasting money, and spend some where its Cash Cow lives.

Nigel Mottershead on Back to Basics Needed?

15th March 2021 @ 11:26am

Thanks to John Downes for his article 'Back to Basics Needed?' this morning.
I have repeatedly reported these drains on the A525 that need cleaning properly and I too have just got the standard very poor Cheshire East Council reply:

Enquiry Reference Number: 3416758
Enquiry Subject: Flooding
Street: Woore Road
Date Logged: 21/01/2021

Thank you for your enquiry.

Gully emptying programmes are based on condition data collected during previous schedules, as well as criteria such as road type, volume of traffic, the proximity of schools, hospitals and transport hubs, as well as known flood risk areas.

This targeted approach to gully emptying means that not all gullies will be emptied every year. We will however attend to specific issues where gullies are blocked and causing a danger to highway users or flooding to property.

From the details provided, it doesn't appear that there is any immediate hazard, nuisance or threat to property. However, if you can assist us by providing any further information, then we will consider what action is appropriate. This can be done either via the 'report it' option on the website at, or by telephone on 0300 123 5020. Please be aware that the website provides the opportunity to attach supporting photographs should you feel that this would be beneficial.

Further information on our approach to highway gully care is also available at

Rachel Bailey has tried hard to get something done but nothing has happened as yet.

The last time I reported the same issue – 2 weeks ago, I asked for a call back which hasn't happened either.
The time is approaching where Council Tax will be withheld. I am prepared to go to court over this, especially as the Council Tax is rising by almost 5%.
Something has to change and it should be people.

Jane Marshall on Field for rent

15th March 2021 @ 11:19am

Denise, do get in touch and let me know what you need, I may be able to help.
text or call 07483 229728 .

Bill Biggar on Pot holes

15th March 2021 @ 7:46am

Helen, I trust that you have submitted a claim for the tyres and any subsequent damage caused when your car hit the potholes on Woodhouse Lane. This is the worst section of this lane, notoriously and locally known as "the crater"! This and quite a number of other such hazards were officially reported some weeks ago – as they are at least once every year. Some potholes in the lane were "repaired" recently but until the flooding problem adjacent to "the crater" is resolved, this section will require ongoing attention.

Michael Hodges on Pothole and collapsed Manhole cover outside the Cemetery Gates

14th March 2021 @ 10:12pm

A note from Mill Lane (Swanbach) where we have more than our fair share of recurring potholes. Following the recent water leak, UU have done a much better job of patching the road than the almost pointless repairs that Cheshire East ever do. I say pointless because CE's repairs are done so poorly they are crumbling within days if not hours of being done, which is a waste of their time and our money.

Rachel Bailey on Pot holes

14th March 2021 @ 5:42pm

Helen, I am sorry to read of the damage your vehicle incurred whilst driving between Norton in Hales and Audlem; I am guessing the issue is on Woodhouse Lane approximately half a mile prior to the Bagley Lane left turn as you head towards the A525 Woore to Audlem Road.

If you could confirm the location I will try to arrange for the offending spot to be patched again!

Rachel Bailey on Pothole and collapsed Manhole cover outside the Cemetery Gates

14th March 2021 @ 4:21pm

Well said Billy! I will chase the sink hole outside Daisy Bank Crescent but fear it is akin to the manhole/pothole issue; "a stitch in time saves nine" a premise that we grew up with seems to have been forgotten!
The "good neighbour" in the village, who has chased the matter himself and then contacted me last week, appears to be have been trying to get action for a while now. It is down to his perseverance and concern that a road user could be injured that we now have traffic lights and the unsafe cordoned off. I am grateful to CE highways for their immediate response today, and hope that that sets the tenor for repair of the highway.

Siôn on Thank you Lord Combermere Pub.

14th March 2021 @ 2:38pm

Just thoroughly enjoyed another fantastic take away meal from the Lord Combermere.
3 different meals – all 3 were absolutely superb. Really tasty and piping hot. Thank you for making Mother's Day that little bit more special.

Billy Gibbons on Pothole and collapsed Manhole cover outside the Cemetery Gates

14th March 2021 @ 1:20pm

Thats good news but, after they've sorted that out, on their way back to the depot, could they chuck a bit of something in that dip just before Daisy Bank Crescent do you think? (on the left as you leave the Village but I bet everyone knows where it is...except the Council perhaps) Mind you, the way the world is, maybe they can't fill it in because there's a family of Toads in it or something. Doubt that though as I've driven down it a few times so anything that was living in it won't be, if you see what I mean.

Rachel Bailey on Pothole and collapsed Manhole cover outside the Cemetery Gates

14th March 2021 @ 10:54am

Thank you for alerting me to the now collapsed manhole cover outside the cemetery gates; I reported the pothole earlier in the week.
Just to let you know I have contacted CE out of hours service, asked that the site is attended urgently and cordoned off to protect all road users. The call centre log number is 145380.

Mike Mason on Speeding tractors

13th March 2021 @ 5:31pm

As a former tractor driver myself I can testify they are much more difficult to drive than a car, van or even a light lorry. Towing a heavy trailer or attached machinery can affect the steering, handling and braking. Driving fast through the village is offensive even if not an actual offence.
For information, this is taken from the government website:
The majority of tractors may travel at up to 40 km/h (approx. 25 mph). Tractors built to higher specifications are permitted to be driven up to 40 mph. The higher speed limit applies to tractors with all-wheel suspension, braking efficiency of 50%, pneumatic tyres, a speedometer and a horn. Vehicles between 2.55 metres and 3.5 metres are limited to 20 mph. It is sensible to check your tractor width as many 'conventional' but larger tractors may fall into the 20 mph speed bracket. The width includes tyres and any towed implement or trailer.

Helen Beardshall on Pot holes

13th March 2021 @ 2:50pm

Driving back from Norton in Hales to Audlem, I hit a massive pot hole, couldn't see it as it was full of water. Car now needs two new tyres on the passenger side (which we've just replaced!). Please be extra vigilant.

Lynette hopkins on Speeding tractors

13th March 2021 @ 9:34am

The problem of speeding tractors has been talked about for years . It's not just the speed these tractors are travelling at it's the size of of them, and the width of the roads, particularly the narrow part of the the Whitchurch road . It's terrifying when you are walking on the very narrow pavement to and from the village. We appreciate the wonderful job that farmers do goodness knows where we would be without them. However last year one hit the curb on that narrow stretch and the tyre blew up it was like a bomb going off pieces of tyre flying all over the place someone could have been very seriously injured. Also when they come through the main body of the village they should slow right down and consider not everyone on foot can get out of the way quickly . It's a very busy village with huge lorry's and drivers of all sorts of vehicles driving too fast. Unfortunately due to the size of your tractors it would be very unlikely that someone would survive if you did hit them. The majority do drive with due care and attention but like most things it's the minority letting you down. So instead of getting annoyed when people complain try educating the younger drivers so everyone can feel safe and respected when walking in and out of OUR wonderful village .

Norman Huntbach on Speeding through our village

13th March 2021 @ 7:23am

In response to Erica/Egbert/Eliza/Erebus or whatever you name is, what I usually find on the lanes when using a tractor is that I have stopped and selected reverse before the barn conversion dwelling, Porsche driving person has managed to come to a halt with their unsecured children picking themselves off the windscreen.

E Fisher on Speeding through our village

12th March 2021 @ 1:37pm

Okay Mr B maybe 50 mph for the average tractor is an exaggeration, but what I think people are concerned about is the manner in which some tractors are driven, often by young lads who have probably passed their driving test in a low powered car and are then given access to these enormous vehicles which have very different stopping capabilities. They simply aren't taking into account the conditions of the road, the weather, mud, visibility etc., which is why you see so many skid marks on the road where they've needed to pull up sharply. Take for example along Longhill Lane, where there are no footpaths and predominantly single carriageway. If you're walking or cycling with children, or on a horse or walking with an elderly relative, it's sometimes difficult to get everyone into the siding safely before these huge vehicles are hurtling past you. Let's just all try to think of others.....and S L O W it D O W N a bit.

Oliver Bonell on Speeding through our village

12th March 2021 @ 12:46pm

Can I just point out before we start exaggerating too much, most tractors have a max speed of 25mph with some doing 30mph so I think your way out with your 50mph tractors!maybe have your speed gun calibrated before spouting off on here

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