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Pat Winfield on Vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 9:09am

Pleased to report that I had my first vaccine in Nantwich yesterday, along with a number of other people from Audlem. No ill effects apart from a sore arm.
Civic Hall very busy but plenty of helpers and well organised when I went.

Pat Jones on Vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 8:08am

People from Audlem are being vaccinated.I can name at least 5 people who went to the Civic centre yesterday.

Celia Bloor on Queue for vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 7:07am

We were in Nantwich yesterday and observed a steady flow of people through the Civic Hall. Part of the car park is free and reserved for those with vaccination apps. Other spaces limited to M & S and by library bits so if able to walk to shops I would use another car park. I believe at least one Audlem resident was vaccinated yesterday.

Suzie Warren on Queue for vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 6:06am

Dear Aaron
Given I'm further down the surname list than you, may I adopt your great idea.
Aaronetta Aardvark

John Tilling on Queue for vaccine

7th January 2021 @ 9:09pm

Having been at the back of any surname-based queue all my life, I have decided that the time has come, with a queue of potentially several million for the jab, to change my name to Aaron Aardvark.

Andy Davidson on Medical Centre

7th January 2021 @ 9:09pm

In defence of Audlem Surgery I think Mr. Dickinson should have read AOL before making his post, as I recall the Medical Practice published a story about this at the end of last year.

Surely the logistics of giving the vaccination to so many people requires large centres to efficiently maximise resources. How many clinicians are there in Audlem who can give the vaccine without there being a significant detrimental effect on other health services?

Let's hope this all progresses as quickly and efficiently as possible, despite us seeming to have the most incompetent Goverment (especially over this issue) in my long lifetime.

Bob McClintock on Vaccine

7th January 2021 @ 6:06pm

It's like this Robert Nantwich is a designated hub for a few Medical Practices, Therefore we have to attend the Civic Hall in Nantwich at our allotted time slot I suggest we all give thanks and praise to Audlem Medical Practice for their combined efforts , skill and dedication to our health and well being during these difficult times This must have been one difficult logistic excersise to say the least , If we clap for heroes this evening thin of our Surgery Staff

Katie Hodges on Lost cat

7th January 2021 @ 5:05pm

Young black and white cat seen wandering around Mill Lane over the past few days – clearly lost. I haven't seen the cat myself, but have been asked by others if I know who it belongs to. Please contact Audlem online for information.

Ann Tilling on Medical Centre

7th January 2021 @ 4:04pm

I have not heard of anyone in the village getting either vaccine yet. I have checked with a friend who is over 80 and thus before us in the queue and they have heard nothing yet.
Please don't keep us in the dark, it is a difficult task I daresay but it would be good to be informed of progress, or even lack of it.

Lynne Smith on Well mannered Audlem Children

7th January 2021 @ 3:03pm

How lovely to be walking back home when I passed two groups of children from Audlem school and everyone of them said thank you when I stepped aside to give us space. Well done parents and teachers. It was very uplifting..

Elizabeth Hollinshead on puzzles

7th January 2021 @ 9:09am

Oh dear. Have the puzzles finished again now? I was so happy when they returned but it seems we have had the same sudoku for 3 or 4 days now. I can do it really quickly!

David Parry on Medical Centre

7th January 2021 @ 9:09am

I'm sure the surgery will comment but the CV19 vaccination programme is to be delivered at a Primary Care Network level ( groups of practices rather than singularly). This was the request from government and was designed to minimise the number of delivery locations for the Vaccine; particularly the Pfizer vaccine that can not easily be stored or transported. I'd be surprised if Audlem surgery had the required freezer storage. The AZ vaccine is easier to transport and store but not yet widely available. Whilst the government may talk of a rapid programme the reality is that this is a much bigger programme than flu jabs, with longer appointments, to be delivered in a shorter timeframe and with ( so far) sporadic supplies. Staffed by exhausted NHS staff. There will I am sure be other arrangements for care homes and other hard to reach groups but having a centre on Nantwich is logical.

Georgia Shingler on Job search

7th January 2021 @ 2:02am

I was wondering if anybody could recommend any job openings in the audlem or surrounding area. I am 22. I have previous experience in retail sales. I am willing to work hard in any role. I have my own car and a full manual driving Licence.

ROBERT DICKINSON on Medical Centre

6th January 2021 @ 4:04pm

Rather disappointed that our medical centre isnt on the Cheshire East list for Covid vaccinations considering the number of residents in the village and surrounding area that are in the upper age bracket like myself , or that are vulnerable or shielding, that have now got to get to Nantwich as the nearest vaccination centre. I though we had all the facilities here with the annex hardly being used at the moment and storage of the Oxford vaccine presenting no problems. Perhaps a comment from our superb medical team might by forthcoming as to why they were overlooked, as I understood that the policy was to get to as many people in the shortest time. Or do Cheshire East actually think were part of Shropshire ?


6th January 2021 @ 4:04pm

I to can recommend Andy Cunliff. His mobile No is 07956625960. He has don e work for me in the past . very good, very helpfull

Tim B on Plumber

6th January 2021 @ 9:09am


I have a leaking bath pipe in a hard to access bathroom in an old house. Could anybody recommend a suitable local plumber?

Many thanks

Ann Tilling on Dishwasher repair

6th January 2021 @ 9:09am

I too have used Andrew Cunliffe for repairs, installation etc. Pleasant, effective and reasonable prices.

Mike Smith on Dishwasher repair

5th January 2021 @ 4:04pm

I have used Andrew Cunliffe from Crewe to successfully repair my dishwasher, washing machine and Rangemaster cooker. 01270 665259 /07956 625960. Andrew is very skilled and reasonably inexpensive.

Peter Morgan on Dishwasher repair

4th January 2021 @ 12:12pm

We used APS Dishwasher repair of Burslem. Excellent service. Replaced the pump in our old Bosch in twenty minutes some 12 months ago. Now good as new and for a fraction of what we had been quoted by Bosch . 01782 812333 or 07767881771

Paul Douglas on Dishwasher repair

2nd January 2021 @ 9:09pm

Any recommendations on dishwasher repair, Please ?

Billy Gibbons on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 3:03pm

Thanks for the replies folks and conformation that my eyesight is a bit better than I thought it was. For next New Years Eve, if you all want something that makes a heck of a lot of noise, smells a bit and doesn't look very good, I'll see if I can get a band together! ;-)

Judith Paterson on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021

Hi Billy

Like you we looked in vain for fireworks having heard the bangs. Just flashes of colour in the sky and some small areas of light. It was obviously very misty. No need to worry about your sight! Think the confusion sums up 2020 rather well. Hopefully 2021 will bring more clarity on many levels...Happy New Year!

Judi Paterson.

Peter Morgan on Flypast

2nd January 2021 @ 11:11am

Must go to Specsavers (actually this next week in fact!)

Adrian Farrow on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 10:10am

You are not alone, Billy! Heard the detonations, but sadly saw no display.

Nigel Mottershead on "Watch" the Fireworks

2nd January 2021 @ 10:10am

Hi Billy,
Well, we peeped out of the window at midnight on NYE and just heard a few bangs and thuds.
We saw no fireworks at all.

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