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Denise Harrison on Please Move This Car

30th December 2020 @ 10:10am

Yes we did. But didn't know how long it would take for the owner to move it. Reaching out to anyone else who may of known who car it was. All sorted now thank you

Joe Hoyles on conservatory new roof

30th December 2020 @ 10:10am

I have used LF home improvements roofing....... Do a very good clean job
☎️ Call 01270 898 746 or �"� text 07775976770
F Send us a Facebook Message
�-�️ Website:
Hope this info helps.

David Parry on New Year's Eve 2020

30th December 2020 @ 8:08am

I only ever expressed an opinion on this under my own name and when invited to do so. I remain of the opinion that fireworks are inappropriate as is encouraging gatherings in the village but I do understand others think differently. Not sure I qualify as a wet blanket or gainsayer when i was invited to express an opinion – or was it only expressions of support that were invited?!

Bob Fousert on Please Move This Car

29th December 2020 @ 7:07pm

The simple answer is to inform our PCSO or local Police Officer who can PNC the number plate and contact the owner to move it.

marcia ellinson on conservatory new roof

29th December 2020 @ 6:06pm

hi am looking for someone to put a new composite /tiled roof on my coservatory .as mine is leaking now .recomendations please thank you marcia

Ann Tilling on New Year's Eve 2020

29th December 2020 @ 5:05pm

I can't see why there has to be so much vitriol heaped on Ralph re New Year Fireworks. The event is apparently due to last for 2-5 minutes and will be at midnight. As Ralph said pets can be safely indoors and we must hope that wildlife won't be too affected. I do not particularly care for fireworks myself, always used to have jumping jacks thrown at me around bonfire night as my fear must have shown, but surely given that we have been spared many fireworks this year a short display to mark the end of a fairly grim year shouldn't arouse such venom.
I will not be going to the Square myself and will put my headphones on so as to be able to see what it is possible to see from my bedroom window. Sad about the bells, well lack of them.

Denise Harrison on Dog Walking

29th December 2020 @ 5:05pm

Would just like to apologise. My mobile number is incorrect. Its 07368908384

Nick Smith on Idiot driver

29th December 2020 @ 2:02pm

I would like the thank the driver of a silver pickup truck today on Kettle Lane who splashed my wife and myself with slush. I can not understand that when we stopped and moved to the side of the road he could not slow down to avoid splashing us.

Jon Richardson on Friend or Foe

29th December 2020 @ 2:02pm

I enjoyed Jeff Bryson's piece, and it puts me in mind of an experience I had on a business trip to Germany in the 1980's. As we drove to Cologne, my German friend turned to me and asked if I liked Germany. "Yes", I replied, "Everything is so tidy and new". He turned to me, grinning, and said, "yes, Jon, we had a pretty good demolition squad. They were called the RAF !" We had a good laugh at that.

Jo Dale on Parking

29th December 2020 @ 12:12pm

I was just wondering if anyone could help. There has been a car parked outside the coop for 2 days the delivery drivers are refusing to deliver to us because they can't get the lorries close enough to the unloading area because of it. A delivery is due tomorrow at 7am and if it isn't moved they won't deliver to us.

jim vallings on help or suggestion

29th December 2020 @ 11:11am

My Remington office typewriter has a jammed carriage . I need some help to fix it. Anyone know of a possible contact for this 1970s technology?

Bob Fousert on New Year's Eve 2020

29th December 2020 @ 10:10am

So Mr Warburton, full of Christmas spirit, says all who don't agree with the the New Year's Eve fireworks are gainsayers and wet blankets. The counter argument to his contradictory missive from people like my wife who loathes fireworks, is that the likes of Mr Warburton are dinosaurs and Luddites who refuse to move with the times and continue to hang on to an archaic practice that does little to arrest the growth in climate pollution and causes unnecessary distress to the animals he claims he cares for. Add to that, what he is advocating is contrary to ALL the guidance being given by our health experts and Government that advise against people gathering to celebrate the New Year. All things considered, are the fireworks really worth it? Even 2 minutes worth!?

Denise Harrison on Dog Walking

28th December 2020

Hi. I've recently set up a dog walking business..fully insured. Available for half an hr, 45 or an hr walks. Come rain or shine. Please get in touch. or 07368908385

Nigel Mottershead on TV Aerial Repairer

27th December 2020 @ 12:12pm

We use Kevin of Aerial Solutions who is based in Crewe and has sorted any problems and installations that we have had with no fuss and reasonable charges.
01270 561 111 or mobile 07947 727 355


colin cliffe on TV Aerial Repairer

27th December 2020 @ 12:12pm

Haycocks from Whitchurch have always delivered excellent service regarding TV aerials, satellite etc

Judy Evans on TV Aerial Repairer

27th December 2020 @ 10:10am

Hi I would recommend Tim from Astro Aerials in Crewe – he will be there when he says he will, clean & tidy, never over sells the job, and not too heavy with the pen. 01270 850012

colin cliffe on Roofer recommendation

27th December 2020 @ 10:10am

Just to reiterate Nigels recommendation I have always used Anthony Jess from Shavington, he is a fantastic roofer and his leadwork is sublime. Always punctual, tidy worker and very reasonably priced.

B Jones on TV Aerial Repairer

27th December 2020 @ 9:09am

Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommend a TV aerial repairer, the main cable that connect to the outside aerial has split and needs replacing. Many Thanks

Bob McClintock on Roofer Recommendation

27th December 2020 @ 9:09am

Try Carl Shaw Been maintaining the Methodist roof for ages . Plus repairing and replacing many properties local Phone 07919242199

Nigel Mottershead on Roofer Recommendation

27th December 2020 @ 5:05am

I can recommend your namesake – Antony Jess. Excellent work and very reliable and reasonable.
He is very experienced in leadwork and did some for us earlier this year.
His number is 07913 533859
Good luck.

Kim jess on Roofer Recommendation

26th December 2020 @ 5:05pm

Can anyone recommend a roofer who can replace lead guttering among other jobs.

Steve Jones on Boots

26th December 2020 @ 11:11am

A huge thank you to everyone at the medical center and Boots, for turning my prescription around so quickly. This village has a fantastic spirit.

Suzie Warren on Seasons greetings from the Web Team

25th December 2020 @ 10:10pm

Cheers chaps and thank you for what you do. We are so lucky to have a great, (sometimes!) funny, informative village website.

Bob Fousert on Seasons greetings from the Web Team

25th December 2020 @ 12:12pm

Well folks, have to say I preferred the photos with the masks on. Much gentler on the eyes! Many thanks for all your efforts throughout the year in producing what must be one of the best, if not THE best village web sites around. Stay Safe.

Joe Hoyles on Oil Boiler Service

25th December 2020 @ 9:09am

Ellisons Plumbing & Heating 07918912021 – We have used Peter Ellison for years first class service.

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