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Nigel Mottershead on Wood suppliers

18th February 2021 @ 6:06pm

Richard Potter of Nantwich
Proper traditional timber merchant who know what they are talking about and will deliver.
01270 625791

Dave Martin on Slow work at bridge 80

18th February 2021 @ 4:16pm

Thanks Janet for the explanation. What does a heritage officer have to do with a hole in the canal I ask myself! In that case, shouldn't an archeological dig have been arranged before the big boys started work????!!!
Pleased to see the big yellow digger was being primed for action today. And the Dog Unit van was also in attendance, presumably in case someone tried to hi-jack it??

Nick smith on Wood suppliers

18th February 2021 @ 3:32pm

Can anyone recommend a wood supplier who will deliver. I require 4 m lengths of 4 x 2 and 8 x 2 wood.

Janet Maughan on Slow work at bridge 80

18th February 2021 @ 2:27pm

Canal lovers and Bridge 80 visitors will be pleased to hear that, despite today's news item describing slow progress – things are happening!!! Work had been held up by an overly vigilant heritage officer but today things seem to be under way again.

Nick Smith on Pot-hole Longhill Lane

18th February 2021 @ 11:51am

The pot-hole has now been repaired.
Thank you Chessire East council.

Sue Bonell on Pot-hole Longhill Lane

17th February 2021 @ 10:47pm

I reported this to the council 2 weeks ago I will call them again tomorrow, hopefully if they get enough calls something will ge done it appears to be getting worse by the day. It was actually a repair done by the water board a few months ago

Nick Smith on Pot-hole Longhill Lane

17th February 2021 @ 4:14pm

Be careful travelling down Longhill Lane by "Ravens Bank" cottage, there is a large pot-hole appeared in the middle of the road. In places it is 6 to 12 inches deep. I have contacted the council and been told it will be looked at within the next 20 days. If it rains tomorrow the whole area will be covered in water, as this area always floods, so be warned.

Ann Tilling on Special Days

17th February 2021 @ 1:15pm

Just what I needed! What an enjoyable article Steph. I may not be overwhelmed with two valentine cards each year from Himself but I will settle happily for the cup of tea in bed even if getting up and going out would be better for me.
Keep up the good work.
I do still treasure the memory of the lovely flowers I was somewhat sheepishly presented with one year, and I have the photographic evidence of the beauty. Perhaps better to keep it as a rarity.

Michael Cookson on Ponds and Water Gardening

16th February 2021 @ 11:24am

Ponds – If you are thinking of starting a pond or water garden, or already have one, I have a collection of books on this subject, eight in total, Which if anybody would like a small donation in aid of the RNLI would secure them, the face value is over £50. Please e-mail me at if you are interested

john wainwright on Lawn mower servicing

16th February 2021 @ 7:50am

Graham from Shavington Park looks after our machinery at the cricket club and I can highly recommend him. Very knowledgeable and reliable.
Telephone 07840448978

Billy Gibbons on Dog and Mowing

15th February 2021 @ 11:43pm

I could possibly or probabably help with both of those requests. Apologies for not spelling 'posiblilly' or 'probably' correctly. Or 'requests' but that looks like it might be corecct. Or 'correct'. I can may be help with either as long as it's nothing to do with spelling. Or is that 'spelinng'?
Either way; I'm in the market for a dog and I can cut grass. With or without a dog. With would be better as this Lockdown nonsense is starting to get to me now....

bob.fousert on Lawn mower servicing

15th February 2021 @ 10:26pm

I've always had good service from Market Drayton Mowers but they are probably Covid locked at the moment. Though you could try ringing them to make an appointment to drop off your mower.

Kevin Errington on Roving dog of Audlem

15th February 2021 @ 8:47pm

Just seen the Hound of Audlem whilst out walking the dogs.
It crossed over from School Lane to Heathfield Road.
Large brown/tan coloured lab type dog.
Looked well fed and healthy although it didn't want to stop for a chat.
Couldn't see if it had a collar on.

Philip on Lawn mower servicing

15th February 2021 @ 8:14pm

Can anybody recommend a lawn mower servicing business please.

Judy Evans on Williams (Newsagents) of Audlem

15th February 2021 @ 10:21am

Hi Debra – As the owner, I would like to thank you for your very kind review. It is a privilege for us to serve our community, and we count ourselves very blessed to have been able to remain open during lockdown, when so many other shops were sadly, forced to close. Credit must go to all our hard working, and very dedicated staff – without whom we would not have been able to operate through these very challenging times. Especially those staff who have tirelessly worked the early morning shifts (Andrew & Astrid), the young people who have continued to deliver papers throughout the pandemic, and the bad weather (Emily, Isaac, Taylor, Helen, Rebecca, Oliver, Harry & Tom), our junior shop assistants (Annie & Adam), our ''back-room-staff'" builders (Janet & Michael)..... and not forgetting family members (husband Brian, and daughter Vyrnwy)! Finally, we would not be in business in our 159th year if it was not for our customers – so the final thank you must go to our wonderful local community, and village visitors ! Judy & the team at Williams

Michael Hodges on Mill Lane Swanbach

13th February 2021 @ 2:12pm

To update your story from this morning, United Utilities have started their work and there is now a large hole in the road, which is properly closed, just in case people are tempted to take their usual shortcut.


13th February 2021 @ 1:39pm

Can anybody recommend a local house designer/builder to help us with an extension at the rear of our house?

Jane Maxwell on Leak on Mill Lane

13th February 2021 @ 9:33am

United Utilities turned up last night at 9.30pm without any warning. Usually they are very good at keeping us up to date on progress. I said it wasn't convenient for us to have them digging up the road for which they were very grateful. They said they would just " set it up" for today....Two cones across the road! See what happens today.

Colin Cliffe on Lost/ Roving dog

11th February 2021 @ 11:02pm

I believe the same dog was charging up and down Paddock and Kettle Lane on Thursday afternoon, I tried to entice it but he /she wasn't interested, although it seemed to have a friendly disposition

David Parry on Lost/ Roving dog

11th February 2021 @ 5:49pm

I have now seen , on two separate days, a dog wandering alone through the village. Large Labrador sized, brown/tan. First time a couple of days ago (s)he was powering up Cheshire Street ( in the road) past the cemetery and today on Turnpike Field before running out onto Green Lane and then turning back toward the village. Looks well fed and looked after so I think it is escaping from a garden rather than being a stray. Worried about its interpretation of the Green Cross Code though! Anyone know where it belongs?

Jude Goldie on Kitchen and bathroom renovations

11th February 2021 @ 9:05am

Can anyone recommend someone reliable who can carry out kitchen and bathroom renovations with a degree of building work/knocking through walls /installing kitchen/electrics etc. Many thanks.

Vic Pomadi on Dog owners and and poo

10th February 2021 @ 8:40pm

I was appalled today going for a walk on turnpike field to see that some totally irresponsible dog owner had allowed their dog to leave its mess next to one of the picnic benches and didn't even have the decency to pick it up and put it in the bin provided, these people should be named and shamed.

Nigel Mottershead on Builder Recommendation

10th February 2021 @ 2:32pm

Hi, I would recommend Anthony Jess for this sort of work.
He is local – from Shavington and reliable and his work is first class.
His number is 07913 533 859 and e:mail is
Good luck.

Lesley Dale-Lace on Builder Recommendation

10th February 2021 @ 11:15am

Could anyone recommend a local builder please? We need some roof flashing & tiles replaced along with repairs to a ceiling lantern.

Bill Biggar on Mothers and Mobiles

9th February 2021 @ 5:45pm

I couldn't agree more with Bob's observations and comments. I've seen a number of Mums looking at their phones while pushing their child's pram / buggy into the road to cross over and hardly paying attention to the traffic – unbelievable! I was taught "wherever you are – be there!". Back in the days when we could all go shopping, I once suggested this to a sales assistant who was engrossed in a deep conversation with one of her colleagues whilst simultaneously dealing with my purchase. Sadly, my suggestion went sailing straight over her head. Faced with similar situations, I now tend to purposely mumble in order to get them to pay attention.

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