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WI Juiy Meeting – Indoor Olympics

6th July 2024 @ 6:06am – by Steph Richardson
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Welcome to the WI July meeting, where we decided to dive deep into the wild and wacky world of indoor floor games! Armed with water bottles and sporting their best workout gear (complete with coordinated headbands, naturally), these ladies prepared to tackle sticky ball darts, hoopla, nine pins, chair stacking (don't ask) and the ever-mysterious curling. It was time to stretch their arthritic muscles and dust off their school pumps because they were about to turn the Methodist Hall floor into a playground!
However first, we needed to purchase our raffle tickets, give out birthday flowers to Joy Taylor and Anne Huntbach and listen to serious WI business.

August 1st is the date for our Annual Garden Party in Betty Minns beautiful garden. I'm in charge of the Prosecco because everyone knows my expert ability to judge the perfect bubble-to-liquid ratio. Jenny Sech has arranged another craft meeting on 19th July and our Malbank Group are hosting another evening of riotous fun on Sept 17th at Nantwich Football Ground where there will be a Margaret Thatcher impersonator. We are also planning to visit to the Crewe Lyceum to see Swan Lake on Nov 24th. Finally, as we could spot some members already doing press ups, it was time for the fun to begin...........

Our members turned this normally serene space into a battlefield of indoor curling chaos. With knitted cardigans flapping like superhero capes, they strode their way to the starting point, each brandishing a broom and a determination that could sweep Mount Everest clean.

One member, with her eagle eye and steady hand, sent her stone gliding with the precision of a laser-guided missile, whilst another, not to be outdone, resorted to a little friendly sabotage, "accidentally" pushing her opponent mid-sweep. Laughter echoed through the hall as these grand dames of curling turned a genteel sport into a rollicking escapade, proving that age is just a number when it comes to competitive shenanigans.

In another corner, a member was honing her ninepins strategy with the precision of a master bowler, secretly adding a touch of spin to her throws that left pins scattering like startled chickens. Meanwhile our dice champ had been perfecting her roll with a wrist flick that would even make seasoned gamblers at the local bingo hall envious, whilst our reigning queen of sticky ball darts, had developed a bullseye radar so precise it rivalled a heat-seeking missile!

Finally our members sat on the edge of their seats, clutching their refreshments with a grip that could squeeze juice out of a rock, as they waited with bated breath to see who the afternoon games winner was. Eyes darted to Sheila Jones, our referee, as she slowly totalled up the individual scores. With a tension so thick you could slice it and serve it with a side of fries, anticipation hung in the air like a soap opera cliffhanger, as they silently prayed for victory.

After a rigorous contest, the champion emerged, Moira Stanistreet was the undisputed games champion of Audlem WI!

In conclusion, our members had an afternoon filled with fun, laughter, and comradeship. A huge, heartfelt thanks to Sheila Jones, who brilliantly organised and positioned all the games for us--ensuring that even our most competitive members had no excuse to blame poor game placement for their losses!


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