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No football, some thoughts

25th December 2021 @ 6:06am – by Ralph Warburton
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Village football ruined now for two weekends on the run.

First versus Ruskin was cancelled as they could not raise a team.

Then last Sunday, we had to cancel as some players had taken tests which proved positive. No illness but then forced to isolate . Next match we have is 9th of January when hopefully we resume our march to winning the league .

So meantime, some words to get you thinking....

The Age of Dinosaurs .

The age of the dinosaurs continues to amaze me. Wiped out some 200 million years ago by the asteroid striking near Mexico and thereby blotting out the sun for centuries -- killing the creatures who needed warmth to live -- and destroying vegetation in the same period.

Such a catastrophe one cannot take it all in .

And now a huge discovery of hundreds of footprints of the animals -- In an open mine in Poland. Proving yet again that they truly ruled the world -- all over the Earth .

Found in Arizona, Chile, Africa, China -- I could go on.

It takes much imagination to try to picture the scene of massive creatures roaming this world .
And still I wonder even more. Why is Earth the only planet with life on it ?
Why did this happen? Far greater minds than mine have pondered this for thousands of years. And the only theory that seems to be reasonable and believable is -- the presence of water here .

I will ponder this for the rest of my days, as I am sure no one will come forward with an answer that one can accept .

Ralph Warburton
Audlem F C

Ed – we feel that we should point out that any resemblance between Audlem F C and the Dinosaurs (apart from trampling all over the opposition of course) is purely coincidental.

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