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New Playground equipment

2nd January 2010 – by Audlem Webteam
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Yesterday, in the Chatbox, John Tilling raised a concern about the new Playground equipment, saying: "I have limited experience with children's playgrounds nowadays, restricted largely to visits from grandchildren.

"I took our mob (age 3, 3, 4, 4 and 6) to the newly enhanced playground over Christmas. Am I imagining it, or does the new slide "run-off" end several feet short, so that there is a danger of the faster-sliding kids dropping off the end of the slide at some speed, and then not only bumping themselves on the ground but jerking backwards and hitting their heads on the end of the slide?

"Perhaps the answer is that the 3 and 4 year-olds should not be on that equipment anyway, but that would mean that there is now no climb/walk/slide apparatus suitable for that age-group."

(Webteam says: "Apologies, our photo was taken before this issue was raised – the drop in question is just off the shot at the base of the slide.")

ResponsePeter Morgan, who has been heavily involved through the Parish Council in the installation of the new equipment has responded. He says: "Our consultations revealed the need for some play equipment for older children (age 6 to 12 on the new) as the existing play items cater in the main for younger children.

"Play manufacturers stress the need for equipment to be more challenging to meet the needs of this older age group. One only need look at the height of this unit and at the assault course style netting that needs to be overcome to reach the top of the slide to understand that this is not a slide for young children under the age of six. However, there is an existing igloo climbing frame for the younger ones.

"None the less, we take the issue of safety very seriously and will take up the point raised with the installer and manufacturer ASAP.

"Please note that the stainless steel slide was at the specific request of Cheshire East Council who were concerned by the vulnerability of the extruded plastic slide as originally proposed. Also note that the Cheshire East Council have inspected the new installation and expressed admiration for the design and build quality. "

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