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More on the bins bugging saga

31st August 2006 @ 9:09am – by Audlem Webteam
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More on the Wheelie bins bugging saga as a correspondent has emailed Audlem Online to say: "It appears that you gave the wrong information (we used the photograph in this week's Chronicle as our guide) as to where the devices are fitted. They are not under the lid, but under the top part of the front lip of the main bin carcass. If you tip the bin upside down and look at the part where the lid fits over the front of the main bin carcass you will see, as I have, a disc fitted in to one of the small circular mouldings."

Our correspondent then goes on to describe how the devices can be removed although this will almost certainly be illegal given the plethora of new laws in recent years. These include beauties such as forbidding British citizens from entering the hull of the Titanic (just in case you happen to be passing on the bed of the Atlantic), and a law making the explosion of nuclear devices illegal (it appears we all missed our chance before that bit of legislation was introduced). So it's highly likely that removing the bugs will be illegal under the Wheelie Bins (Bugging of) Directive, or similar.

Mind you, if you press the legal considerations to the limit, given that the electronic bugs have been placed only in the green and grey recyclable materials bins, rather than the black bin where non-recyclable metal electronic bugging devices should be placed, perhaps the Borough Council has committed an offence under its own 'Separation of Rubbish' guidelines.

All this makes Audlem Online think that their 1st April story on wheelie bins wasn't the mad fantasy of a warped mind we thought at the time! For those that missed it, we repeat it today:

More wheelie bins on the way

Following last month's Audlem Online Vote Poll on brown wheelie bins for material that can be composted, the Council has announced that as well as brown bins, Audlem will be getting three other new bins in 'light tan', 'rust' and 'blue denim' colours. The light tan bins will be for old shoes, but you can put black and dark tan shoes in as well. The rust coloured bin will be for any old iron while the blue denim coloured bins will be for you to Slingin Blue Jeans and any old clothes.

The light tan bins will be collected on Tuesdays (just say 'Shoesday' to yourself and it will be easy to remember); the rust coloured bin on Fridays as long as it's not raining and the blue denim bin on every third Monday except when there is a Statutory Bank holiday when it will be either the Monday before or after depending on the position of the moon. Anybody who complains will also receive a yellow bin as a first warning for dissent."

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