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Mooring along the canal

13th September 2009 – by Audlem Webteam
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There has been an immediate response to the appeal yesterday by Peter & Christine Silvester to allow mooring along the canal to continue. Audlem Online will start a Forum discussion on the subject shortly and tomorrow we are publishing a plea from a local boat owner who has a mooring in Audlem.

In the meantime, these are amongst the comments we have received.

Tick box mentalityPeter Morgan says: "How dull the canal would be without some boats moored up to cheer the eye and give meaning to its existence. Doubtless, tick box mentality has led BW to the conclusion that all permanent moorings must be scrapped and boats herded into marina-land lest they cast a blot on the canalscape.

"The canal designers ensured that there would be plenty of room in the village pounds to tie up either side and still have adequate space for safe passage. To deny the right to some permanent moorings is a denigration of everything that the canal stands for and is a black mark against its heritage. Shame on you BW."

Reuben Palin adds: "I thoroughly agree with Peter and Christine at the Mill shop re the Canal boats being moored within the village, and how much more interesting and pleasant it makes the area. Maybe a petition should be started against any further cuts to mooring rights. The Mill shop would be the ideal place for the petition to be kept."

Others have enquired about who to write to at British Waterways so they can make their views known.

On the other handIn contrast, Ricardo argues in the Chatbox: "Surely if one has been an advocate for the construction of a local large marina then it stands to reason that the parking of boats should be at the facility provided for them.

"I feel that consolidation of boat parking is the way forward, especially if the canal paths are to be used as a mountain bike freeway. It makes sense to restrict boat parking to reduce congestion and allow these potential mountain bike rallies to proceed safely.

"The mooring ropes and stakes must raise some Health & Safety concerns with respect to walkers, dog walkers, mountain bikers, families with young children and fishermen, all utilising the canal towpath. The removal of at least one of these users (boat mooring) should make it safer for the other users. It has been great to be able to fish without the constant disturbance of pleasure craft."

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