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Jessie Jabbed!

13th January 2021 @ 6:06am – by Ghost Writer Ralph
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Courtesy . Care. Concern and Kindness .

Those are 4 little words in this tale. Little words which mean a lot.Yes, it was last Thursday when I really noticed what they meant.I was taken to Nantwich Civic Centre in a voluntary car. Provided by Audlem District Community Action. The driver was concerned as to how I felt about the trip. He made my journey a pleasure . We chatted ten to the dozen, all the way .

Having reached our destination, we were met by young ladies and gentlemen, who cheerfully directed us to where I needed to be . My driver explained to me exactly where he would be waiting when I came out -( when my worries were over! ) – at the front of the building.

Then, I joined the queue which wound itself into the actual hall. Taking great care not to get close to those in front of me. All of us wearing masks

Once inside, the hall was buzzing with activity. All mapped out to tell us where to stand and wait and then move slowly to the next "Mark" . All of us waiting to be given our Covid -19 vaccination and lots of questions were asked by members of the NHS. Good souls.

It was then I noticed how courteous this service was. Nothing was to much for them. All our questions were answered with care and concern. Not one of us were made to look a fool and feel a nuisance .

After a while of standing and waiting ,one by one we were asked to go to a seat. Set next to a desk . First of all though , the chair was carefully sanitized ! – one nurse administered the vaccine while the other took notes, typing them up on her lap top ( more questions asked). We were done and dusted and ready for the "off"-.

But had to wait 15 minutes , sitting on yet another chair in another area of the room.Just to make sure we had no nasty reaction to the vaccine. Luckily I was ok and one of the caring ladies of the NHS said I could not leave the hall until we were given the ok

How well the routine was planned. All seemed to go , as they say," like clockwork "

My driver was , as he had told me , waiting outside the Civic Centre Front door and it was all I had to do, was to walk down the steps and get into his car. He held the car door open for me and waited until I was comfy and settled.

We chatted all the way back to Audlem and at home and after I had settled myself, I decided , after a cuppa, to remember the morning . What a morning it was . Thanks to all those kind, helpful folk. The NHS , the helpers, the organisation itself, which seemed to run on wheels.This would have taken a while to organise – that's a fact !!

I am so thankful to everyone . God BlessJess. 11th January 2021

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