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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – What You Need to Know

13th January 2021 @ 9:09am – by Webteam
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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – What You Need to Know

Both Rachel Bailey and ADCA (Phil Lloyd) have notified AOL of the following link to a Cheshire East web page with the latest Vaccination Programme information for Cheshire:-
click here:-

For clarity the full release is below.

There is also a facility to receive regular email updates from Cheshire East – please click on the following link and enter your email address:- (you will need to page down – there is a large green box – press the button and you will be able to enter your details)

Message as sent from Cheshire East

We've updated information about the Vaccine Programme at

on the CCG's website to reflect latest developments and to help us respond to the queries that are being raised.

We're using the CCG website as an anchor for this information (and regular updates) but we know it's not where the majority of people will read it. We are working with local partners and the media to get the messages out there as widely as possible.

I'm sure you are fielding lots of questions yourself so I hope this updated info is useful to you. We'd be really grateful if you could also use it to support proactive communications out to our local communities please, to build on the positive momentum and progress of the vaccination programme.

Please link to the information on your own websites and cascade it through your networks so that we can make sure that we have clear and consistent information out there for residents.

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