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Buzzed by a Yak?

2nd January 2021 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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A discussion on chatbox over the past few days:-

Peter Morgan -"At 12.30 today I was lucky enough to be in the garden to witness the Hawker Sea Fury do a couple of swift circuits over the village, its Bristol Centaurus engine roaring out a fitting end to 2020 What a beast of a plane. The last time I saw one flying was in the mid sixties. How time has flown."

Nigel Mottershead- "Ah – so that's what it was! I couldn't make it out and it sounded different to a Merlin engine.It looked marvellous banking round in the blue sky. Thanks to whoever it was and Happy New Year when it comes."

Maria Fox - "I think the plane that flew over today was actually the Russian YAK 11 WW2 Fighter that is based nearby at Sleap airfield in Shropshire. We have seen it there and It has overflown the village a number of times in the recent past and I think there are previous AOL articles about it...perhaps the pilot has a friend or relative here in the village, as every year we get at least one visit, great to get one on New Year's Eve."

Nigel again – "Thanks Maria – that would account for the red stars on the underside of the wings. Great to see him or her."

Peterback to the discussion – "I have seen the Yak 11 overfly the village a couple of times and it is easily recognizable by its inverted 'bathtub' shaped long canopy as well as the noise. The Hawker Fury flew close overhead on its first pass and its RAF roundels and tail insignia were clearly visible against the blue paintwork. Would the Yak owner be allowed to apply RAF insignia? I do not know the legalities on this, but I suspect there will be some. In addition, this plane appears to have had a Perspex bubble canopy. View the Sleap Yak on YouTube and then the Fury, there is no comparison, but I admit it is easy to be mistaken and I stand to be corrected. So, if there is anyone else who can confirm it had a single bubble canopy or otherwise, I would welcome their opinion to resolve the issue."

Bob McClintock – "May I suggest that the Foche might have been a Messerschmit I really hope the spellings are correct.".

Philip Baker- "saw enough to believe it was the Russian YAK 11 WW2 Fighter", and has sent some pictures.

Ed – thanks to all our observant readers – perhaps there were two planes?

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