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10th September 2021 @ 6:06am – by Webteam
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The AudlemOnline webteam is seriously concerned at some recent press reports that animals are being offered for sale using social media, giving rise to two possible problems

  • The animals themselves (particularly small domestic animals) have been stolen in the first place.
  • After purchase the animals are either maltreated or used for medical or other experiments.

We believe that there is a very small chance of the AoL buy/sell facility being used for such a purpose, but nevertheless we are unwilling, both personally and as representing the website, to take that risk.

So, in future, we will not be accepting any "ads" for live animals on buy/sell.

If local residents wish to advertise live animals for sale or adoption, we will be quite happy to consider publishing an appropriate on-line article, perhaps highlighting their background and pedigree and with some nice pictures..

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