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An Observation on Nature

14th May 2022 @ 6:06am – by Ralph Warburton
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As I walk or drive by the front of my house here in Buerton , I espy a hen black bird with her beak full of worms as she works hard to feed her nestlings . Hurrying hither and thither and busy all the day long. Her nest I think is in the Portuguese laurel by the gates .

Watching her I recall a report just issued on the state of life in nature. To the effect that the massive decline of winged insects is huge.
Do you recall the days when our windscreens and number plates were peppered by the corpses of insect as they smashed into us. We even had deflectors fitted to the front of the bonnet . I can see it in my minds eye on the end of a long bonnet on my company Ford Zodiac in the '70s .

More that 60% have dIsappeared since 2004 ! Just think of that. In just 18 years!! A mere blink of a beetles eye in time .

When did you last see a fantastic dragon fly . A horse fly . A hover fly . No more cowpats for such creatures. No more wild flower meadows . A buttercup ? None around here. A dog daisy. An orchid. A harebell. I could go on — but sadly they have been washed away in the desire to glean maximum silage from acres and acres of grass. Hedgerows mown tight to the edge on the fields . Then the of big use pesticides such as neonicotinoids

And Thiamethoxam destroying so many insects.

One teaspoon of the hideous Thiamethoxam stuff. Will kill 1 millions bees !!

So horrid as to not bear thinking about . I so so despair as to what world we are making from all this greed to get more and more from our land and to feed a nation that grows ever more obese by the year . Figures show that the UK has over 60% as classed as obese !!

But . The sun is shining . I so hope our grand children and their children do make for a better life for all that live on this earth of ours.

I myself am running out of time and feel so useless .

Hey Ho

Ralph Warburton

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