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Saturday 13th Feb

8:12amGB on School problem
  • Some parents teach their children themselves which is more natural than sending them to be taught by others. If this were the general custom only children of parents who could not do this would need to be sent to a school.

Friday 12th Feb

10:17amMrs J.D. on School problem
  • Editor's comment: We do not make a practice of moderating chatbox enries once they have been released, but since we have now stopped any further posts on this topic it seems only reasonable to delete a provocative sentence to which we do not allow a response
    Audlem School is not a failing school. One has to understand the meanings behind OFSTED nomenclature: satisfactory means good and meeting all requirements, average means it falls in the centre band of all schools. So what is wrong with that? If the kids are happy and want to go to school then thatís a great achievement.

9:23amSad on School problem
  • Like Angry I too have always found the school to be a happy place and the fall-out from this blip should be short-lived. People have had a chance to air their feelings, which can't be too bad, but surely most parents would like a good education for their children in a secure friendly environment in the village where the children can forge long lasting friendships. I believe that Audlem St. James provides just this. The governing body appears to be fulfilling its obligations and will be supporting the staff to put into effect any recommendations that arise. It is difficult to see from the 'satisfactory' and 'average' comments on the report why there is all the gloom and doom. Get behind the school and support it, don't make a crisis out of a difficulty. Mr. and Mrs. please go into the school and discuss your worries with staff, make what we have better . Apologies for anything that appears to be impolite, it isn't intentional.

Thursday 11th Feb

11:54pmangry on School problem
  • I just feel that the fall out from this will ruin Audlem primary for years to come because future parents will not send their kids to a school with a bad reputation.

    I feel that this will destroy all the hard work that has been done to this fantastic school things like the breakfast club the after school club the tree house every time i have visited the school i have always had a sense of pride with happy faces and all the teachers are really nice R.I.P. Audlem school.

10:25pmTommy on School problem
  • To all the winging parents, just have the school shut down and bus all the kids to schools in Crewe or Market Drayton. Then maybe youíd have something to complain about!!

8:25pmfrustrated on School problem
  • Standard — check with Cheshire East. Read what you have written — where is the word 'investigation'? Well done though for using the wording of the original letter. The word 'matter' has been changed for 'report' on the
    website version — funny that.

8:17pmMr & Mrs on School problem
  • I'm grateful to the parents that complained about the school. We've had concerns but were too scared to create a fuss because of what people would say in the village. But that just meant that nothing changed at the school. We should have been braver so thanks to those parents for standing up to some of the leaders of our community.

7:04pmSad on School problem
  • Do you know 'parent' Old Tom. A bit of a harsh judgement perhaps but plainly some 'pushy' parents do exist, I suspect I tried to be one myself but it a fine line between being encouraging, keeping them under control to some extent and letting them find their feet. Not all of us get it right.

5:38pmOld Tom on School problem
  • Dear 'parent' , I feel sorry for your kids. Obviously you're the pushy type. I bet you were pretty avarage at school so push your own kids to the limit to make up for your own inadequacies. Give 'em a rest and the teachers at Audlem who seem to do a great job despite pushy parents!!

4:52pmstandards on School problem
  • Frustrated; you are wrong;"In addition to the above, Governors also received a related, but separate complaint, concerning the assessment of a child and the communication of the assessment information to the parents concerned. This matter is still being considered by Governors and until this is concluded, Mrs Nolan Burnitt will not be inschool." My point was not to do with what may have happened at the school, more that the website need to be careful printing an allegation as fact (albeit contained in a chatbox post).

    Editor's comment: You are so right that we have to be careful as well as trying to be balanced and unbiassed. We did consider not putting onto the website any chatbox entries about this item, but we decided that such an important issue should be aired however difficult some of the aspects of it are.

4:36pmmaggie on School problem
  • I am astonished at 'Angry's' assertion that teachers are being 'forced to falsify test results'. I can think of nothing more damaging to a childs future education — whether the falsification is up or down, the child has to live with these results for a very long time. No-one can be forced to do something like that if they really don't want to.

4:08pmparent on School problem
  • It is my understanding that this is not all about achievement in SATS etc, but about the fact that the children at the school were not given the opportunity to reach their full potential but the school was happy to accept national average as high as they could go.

    As a helpful parent and being part of an affluent community surely our children should be given the right to achieve their full potential and the encouragement to do so, not settle for second best?

3:33pmBuerton parent on School problem
  • What a surprise Buerton children are blamed for the problems at Audlem School! Ten children moved to Audlem from Buerton, our children were happy where they were but the Council gave us no choice, don't use us as scapegoats.

1:53pmfrustrated on School problem
  • Standards — the investigation had been completed when she was given 'gardening' leave. If you want confirmation then approach Cheshire East.

    Editor's comment: It is our understanding that the governors are still considering the report, and until this is concluded Mrs Nolan-Burnitt will not be in school. For the full statement, see yesterday's news item

1:11pmangry on School problem
  • I think that the closure of Beurton primary, all those extra kids in the classes is too much and the added pressure from over protective parents and the Government.

    I wouldn't do the job for all the tea in China! I feel sorry for any teacher who has to teach today's spoilt kids

12:40pmRicardo on School problem
  • This potential teaching problem is symptomatic of the age we live in. Most parents use School as a dumping ground for their kids. The majority of parents will not accept their kidís achievement levels and will blame anyone except themselves.

    Letís face it, some are bright, some average and others are basically not academically gifted! The pressures on teachers to produce silk purses out of sowsí ears are enormous.

    The criteria for a good school is now purely based on academia NOT a well rounded education with happy stress free kids. I could go on!

12:11pmStandards on School problem
  • I am staggered that the website will not publish vaguely critical comments about pub meals etc but WILL publish an unproven serious allegation of professional misconduct about an individual whilst the investigation is ongoing.

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