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Tuesday 23rd Feb

12:52pmCJB on Potholes
  • Well jedmaster65 I agree... the state of that repair, it would surprise me if it would last the day. Editor, have the fisherman on standby as I reckon he may be in with a chance.... better just be careful he does not get flattened by one of the lorries going past though!

11:49amjedimaster65 on Potholes
  • I noted the editor described the repair on Shropshire St. is with "rough" tarmac — that is certainly true, if not an understatement!
    When will these councils learn to do a proper repair? They always do it on the cheap with a surface little better than the hole. Maybe we should have a sweepstake on how long it will take before the new tarmac breaks up? I doubt it will last until the weekend. What a false economy.

11:03amOAP on Older People
  • Nice to think that someone thinks we are engaging!

11:01amAnnt on Website Management
  • If they don't get anything sent in they can't moderate it can they? As far as I can tell by trawling the chatbox archives there is only one topic excluded at the moment until an update on the situation is released. So chat away.

10:16amCanal Cat on Potholes
  • In the 'Fill that hole' news story, Was the photo of the lad fishing in the pothole taken outside the funeral directors ???

    Editor's comment: No, it was taken in Paraguay. We were going to use the Shropshire Street pothole but the rumour must have reached Cheshire East as they filled it with rough tarmac just before our news team, fisherman with rod and camera crew arrived.

9:41amGrumpy Dan on Website Management
  • I see that the Web Team have now moderated all Chat-Box contributions into oblivion!

    Editor's comment: No, we simply didn't receive any messages yesterday.

9:27amRoz on The Canal On TV?
  • Apparently Billy only 2 episodes remain. Check out............

Sunday 21st Feb

7:01pmKev_G on Even Gritters Do It...
  • I have seen that Fire Safety vid, it changed the way I drive! Teachers and pupils were in tears watching it and it was all local stuff, these drivers should be made to watch it as well as a fine.

    As for checks and action days — do they work when they are so visible? High vis jackets etc mean cars slow down whilst it is on, as was two Fridays ago, then drive without any care straight was two Fridays ago. It is a 30 yeah? So do 30 or less, simple. Eventually there will be a tragedy due to wreckless speeds through Audlem — I can't understand why it requires something so bad to make the law happen? It is a 30!

4:48pmKen Maple on Even Gritters Do It...
  • In response to Canal Cat. An action day is planned for the very near future. Such days are a tried and tested formula and have been successful in other parts of the Eastern division.

    Speeding, mobile phone use and seat belt offences are targetted, with offenders being given the choice of a fixed penalty notice or spending some time watching a hard hitting presentation by the fire service on road safety issues.

    Strangely some people actually choose the ticket.Incidentally, I do not recognise the account of a police officer being told that it was too dangerous to stand on the footpath in Green Lane. I have personally conducted speed checks at this location and lived to tell the tale.

3:27pmCanal Cat on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Greenlaner's account of the recent Police enforcement activites is rather worrying, — I wonder if they would care to enlighten us as to how they are going to tackle this serious issue in future?

    It strikes me that some traffic cops waiting at the three exits of our village could clean up on tickets issued that day if they had a purge on speeding, mobile phone use and general driving without due care and attention?

3:21pmJedimaster65 on Logo
  • KM, I would agree that many of the logo's you mention are meaningless, with the exception of Audi as the four rings represent the 4 elements of the German Auto union from the 1930's, but we are not a big corporate company here and surely if we want to promote a thriving village to outsiders who might like to visit and spend money and their time visiting the area, we need to have a more meaningful symbol.

    Most people who have commented have been very negative about this logo and I think one contributor suggested letting local children design a new logo — sounds like a great idea ?

1:21pmKM on Logo
  • On the subject of the logo — Jedimaster65 asks how the current logo encapsulates Audlem. I would counter by asking, why does it need to? Consider some of the most famous and instantly recognisable logos in history. Nike ,Audi, Mercedes, Adidas, Lacoste and so on. If you were to see these with fresh eyes and without knowledge of what they relate to then they would tell you precisely nothing about what they represent. Does this mean then that they have no value?
    If designers stuck to representing the subject in a literal and figurative manner then just imagine how those products would be represented. I agree that there was nothing wrong with the Buttermarket logo and that there was no need to change it but letís not get too hot under the collar about change. Without change we stagnate.

8:07amJedimaster65 on Logo
  • Well KM, I, along with many others who have commented on this, would ask you how exactly the current logo encapsulates Audlem ? It says nothing of the village and isn't even clear what it is supposed to be.There was nothing wrong with the earlier logo, a photo of the church and was change for changes sake.The Webteam have created a brilliant website but most commentators seem to agree that they have got this badly wrong. Come on Webteam, — As the Emperor said in Star Wars ; — "Do What Must Be Done" !

12:09amGreenLaner on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Good luck Chapel Ender, I eventually got the police to come and monitor the speeds down Green Lane and the officer had to be withdrawn by his superior because it was too dangerous to stand on the footpath! No action was however taken, I suppose it will be alright for one of us to be mown down!!!!!

Saturday 20th Feb

11:14pmgranny may on Chapel Production
  • Well done to everyone who is involved with Splash. It is a fantastic production once again.

6:20pmBilly Gibbons on The Canal On TV?
  • Just wondering if anyone out there has a copy of a TV programme called "The Flower of Gloster"? Made by Granada TV in 1967, it features mostly Canals but, the part that would interest me a little more, and maybe, some other people too, is that some of the "action" was filmed on our stretch of the Canal.
    I'm old enough to remember the series when it came out but was poor enough not to have a video recorder. I don't think we even had electricity! Anyway, anyone have a copy out there? Thanks, Billy. By the way, it IS Gloster rather than Gloucester....

2:18pmKM on Logo
  • How about giving all the armchair critics an opportunity to make a positive contribution by having a 'design a new logo' competition? Personally I rather like the existing one.

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