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Wednesday 28th Jul

6:31pmRoz on Church Bells
  • Ok Old Tom......calm down. So its a clockwork system, so the point about saving electricity is not valid.

    The point still remains that it can be stopped between 0.00 and 6.00 from chiming. Now put your feet up and have a cup of tea before you self implode!

4:14pmOld Tom on Church Bells
  • Roz; YES! This is a clockwork system for God's sake!

10:53amRoz on Church Bells
  • Just a quick point about the church bells. Is it really necessary for them to chime every 15 min between the hours of say 0.00 — 6.00?

    This is not a gripe about the church bells ringing at any other time as I believe they benefit the character of the village, but between the hours of midnight to 6am serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to keep residents of the square awake especially in summer when windows need to be open.

    Again I am not anti church bells! I like them. I just do not see the point between midnight and 6am. Could it also save electricity?

Tuesday 27th Jul

8:55amSonia on Nursery Care
  • Thanks everyone for the more sensible suggestions about nursery care. A few suggestions there I hadn't heard about so I'll be giving it a try.

    wittoner and fred1066 — I assume you're having a laugh at my expense, which is fine. I'm a grown up girl.

6:36amshane thomson on Asbestos
  • Thank you to everyone for the helpful information.

Monday 26th Jul

2:53pmRambler on Asbestos
  • Do what we do, chuck it in a ditch somewhere! That's where all our sandwich wrappers and drink cans go!

Sunday 25th Jul

7:27pmdiggerjones on Asbestos
  • Pyms Lane, Crewe 215818. Double wrap them in plastic.

6:51pmwittoner on Asbestos
  • Shane you can take it to the council recycle plant in Whitchurch, pretty sure they have a skip for asbestos.

3:10pmShane thomson on Asbestos
  • Does anyone know where I can take 9 corrugated asbestos sheets to be disposed of safely?

Saturday 24th Jul

4:10pmCareless Driver on Funny Old World
  • Disabled parking spaces should be for disabled drivers only — but only if they display the blue badge the right way up. Showing the badge upside-down is stupidity, not disability, and they should be fined for stupidity just like anyone else. Disability does not put you above the law!

    I'd have more sympathy if the blue badge was not so abused. I use my mother-in-law's blue badge all the time (she doesn't even have a car) and so do most families who have a disabled member.

    A report in May this year showed that 4,340 blue badge disabled parking permits belonged to holders who are, in fact, deceased..

12:11pmsj on Funny Old World
  • I agree with you Billy, it is selfish to park in disabled spaces. Someone I know has difficulty with the space at the Combermere where this happens frequently and causes a real problem for people with mobility problems. I do appreciate that sometimes there does appear to be a disproportionate number of designated spaces but certainly not in this case.

Friday 23rd Jul

8:08pmBilly Gibbons on Funny Old World
  • Judging by the fantastic response subjects such as Fireworks, Hosepipe ban and Restaurant has/had recieved and the poor response my subject, Disabled Parking, has recieved, I take it that it's ok for someone who is able bodied to park their vehicle in a space (in this instance, in Audlem Car Park) that is designated for a Disabled driver or someone who has the relevant badge. I can't believe hardly anyone (G'oS excluded) has replied. It must be me then...maybe because I live in a time warp, the law has changed and it's ok now to do the above.
    Funny Old World you say? Your not kidding!

12:53pmMM on Hankelow Restaurant
  • I was in there recently and it was packed with diners. Friendly service, terrific food — a treat to have such as good Indian on the doorstep. I hope it succeeds this time, it certainly deserves to.

11:11amOld Tom on Teenage party
  • I'm pleased to note that Chris Cottrell is attempting to rectify the party problem at the Hall. At least she is not as defeatist as Annt, who now apparently needs Dario G to speak on her behalf!

7:26ambinwars on Bin Stickers
  • Don't be fooled. This is Cheshire East setting things up for "pay as you throw". It was trialed in Crewe and Nantwich two years ago so they have all the equipment in place. When the political climate is right you will have to pay to get rid of all the waste packaging fobbed off on you by supermarkets.
    Councils can claim it is not "snooping" — they are just weighing the bins for a more efficient service, aren't they?

Thursday 22nd Jul

10:19pmeric cantona on Loud Fireworks
  • Wittoner: which world beating team do you support then?

9:33pmtomm on Hankelow Restaurant
  • Wonderful, keep up the good work. at last we got a best restaurant. I would recommend, to those who have not visited yet, to do so. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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