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Wednesday 24th Feb

4:01pmJohn on Only W****** Do It
  • I’ve got a wonderful idea! Let’s turn the village into a police state! Yeah that’ll be good! Then everyone can report everyone else for minor misdemeanours.

1:59pm57lawnman on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Why do the village not set up a speedwatch group? Have volunteers trained by the police and we could help in trying to cut down on all the speeding going on through Audlem? Could the parish council have a look at this and ask for volunteers. I for one would put my name down.

1:29pmmontymoose on Potholes
  • I doubt 'E.J swithernly' will accept 'Parish Councillor's' invitation to help the village by joining the parish council.

    People on this chatbox love to complain, but can rarely argue their opinions effectively, and tend to slope off into the shadows as soon as someone challenges their views, or suggests something they could actually do to help.

1:18pmAnnT on Website Management
  • Maybe the team think that they have put enough work into the search engine which most people can work. When they can spare the time from other tasks such as making a living, having a bit of a life and doing all the other tasks that supporting and developing what I think is a super village website then any hints you can put their way will no doubt be considered. I do not need help to trawl, just an expression, though I agree that it takes time, and thought.

1:13pmAnnT on Potholes
  • I really must reply to canal cat. The sad fatality may have speeded up the improvement of the ambulance situation but the parish council, and in particular Mike Hill, and Bob Cartwright from Audlem Online had been working on the problem for a long time, if we even had representatives of the ambulance service (?) here in the public hall for a meeting they would have found it difficult.

    It is possible that you gave this meeting your support, and also filled in the questionnaire. The two local MPs have, I understand, also given their help and support.The parish councillor has only 1000 characters like the rest of us to convey his/her message but council business is not secret and information can be had from minutes and indeed councillors unless the matter is still in hand. So attend a meeting and find out what goes on.

    Must confess I haven't done that either. I'll calm down now. Sorry if I have been too forthright.

10:23amFrankboy on Chatbox
  • Photos at church. I would have thought the fire brigade helmets may be able to more closely fix the date

10:01amRhoda Head on Website Management
  • Annt writes of "trawling the chatbox archives". If the search application were set up as it might be it would do the trawling for her.

9:23amCanal Cat on Potholes
  • From reading today's news story, it sounds like I am not the only one ringing the council, which is reasuring. I notice however, that parish councillor makes no reference to what he and his colleagues have done about this, despite this being the subject of his post? And it took a sad fatality for something to finally be done about the poor ambulance service here, as I fear may be the case with the village speeding problem and pot holes.

Tuesday 23rd Feb

10:52pmParish Councillor on Potholes
  • E J Swithernly, it's a shame you can't appreciate the voluntary efforts put in by Audlem's Parish Councillors on behalf of the community. Our meetings are not “talking shops” as you suggest.

    Serious issues are discussed to be followed through with the relevant authorities, such as Cheshire East or the North West Ambulance Service. See the Chairman's Reports, or the Parish Newsletters, to find out what the Parish Council has achieved recently.

    On the home page follow the links from the blue section headed “Your Parish Council” to find them. Do you know that this website is sponsored by the Parish Council and that a Parish Councillor is a member of the four-person webteam?

    This Councillor helped set up the website in 2005 and is a very active member of the team running the site. Finally, I hope you have applied for the vacant post of Parish Councillor. It could be your opportunity to show us what we should be doing.

6:31pmLF on Even Gritters Do It...
  • Good luck chapel ender you have my support too! Can I suggest to the police constable that road speeds are checked at peak times like weekdays between 7am — 9.30am and 4.30pm — 7pm. Not on a Saturday evening at 8pm when the roads have gone quiet; this will give an idea of how awful it is to live along these stretches of roads when cars are speeding up and down them and overtaking at the most inappropriate points, making it so dangerous to reverse out of your driveway!
    Does someone have to be killed by a speeding motorist for something to happen? Can I also say that they may well be sticking to the 60mph limit, but is this really an appropriate speed for this stretch of road?

4:05pmE.J Swithernly on Potholes
  • ...and there was I thinking that the potholes had the full support of the Parish Councillors in order to help as a traffic calming device?

    If the councillors were effective and half as proactive as the web contributors then Cheshire East would have had to sort the problem out.

    Anyway, the parish council is just a talking shop and a good night out for the lads- oh yes! and ladies!?

12:52pmCJB on Potholes
  • Well jedmaster65 I agree... the state of that repair, it would surprise me if it would last the day. Editor, have the fisherman on standby as I reckon he may be in with a chance.... better just be careful he does not get flattened by one of the lorries going past though!

11:49amjedimaster65 on Potholes
  • I noted the editor described the repair on Shropshire St. is with "rough" tarmac — that is certainly true, if not an understatement!
    When will these councils learn to do a proper repair? They always do it on the cheap with a surface little better than the hole. Maybe we should have a sweepstake on how long it will take before the new tarmac breaks up? I doubt it will last until the weekend. What a false economy.

11:03amOAP on Older People
  • Nice to think that someone thinks we are engaging!

11:01amAnnt on Website Management
  • If they don't get anything sent in they can't moderate it can they? As far as I can tell by trawling the chatbox archives there is only one topic excluded at the moment until an update on the situation is released. So chat away.

10:16amCanal Cat on Potholes
  • In the 'Fill that hole' news story, Was the photo of the lad fishing in the pothole taken outside the funeral directors ???

    Editor's comment: No, it was taken in Paraguay. We were going to use the Shropshire Street pothole but the rumour must have reached Cheshire East as they filled it with rough tarmac just before our news team, fisherman with rod and camera crew arrived.

9:41amGrumpy Dan on Website Management
  • I see that the Web Team have now moderated all Chat-Box contributions into oblivion!

    Editor's comment: No, we simply didn't receive any messages yesterday.

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