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Saturday 17th Jul

1:51pmcbloor history soc on Audlem History
  • I have only just started visiting chatbox and didn't realise there would be history enquiries on it, sorry. No one has replied about the Shore family — I know Irene at Chapel End and Winnie Almond was a Shore but I am sure other people know more than I do. There are quite a lot in the phone book. Do you count people spelled Shaw?

1:16pmngg on Teenage party
  • After another drunken 'teenage' party at the Scout hall ended in arguments on the street, fights and the police being called, wouldn't it be a good idea if the owners of the Scout hall and the organisers of the party took some responsibility for the behaviour of the attendees?

9:31amGB on Website
  • For information I am not currently asking for 28 Stafford Street to be demolished but only for part of the garden to be taken.

8:17amAnnt on Freestuff
  • We have a surplus though old-fashioned three piece suite. Oak framed with arms big enough to put plate and mugs on. Free to anyone.

Friday 16th Jul

5:28pmAngela on Missing Cat
  • Thank you so much for printing the note about our missing cat. Good news — he has turned up safe and well albeit very hungry.

5:06pmthinj on Buzzards
  • I haven't had any close encounters with a buzzard yet, but it sounds pretty alarming. What is the common factor for those experiencing these attacks ("dive-bombing", "strafing", whatever the correct term is for a buzzard-strike)? Are you all over six feet in height, or wearing a red hat or just carrying an open can of buzzard food?

2:26pmPete on Buzzards
  • Has anything more been seen of the rogue buzzard? I have had two encounters in the last two weeks, in the same place as ChrisJ.

1:05pmEgerton on Audlem History
  • I am keen to trace any family connections with Suttons of Audlem and environs during the 18th and 19th centuries. Particularly Edward (labourer on the Comberemere Estate) and Betty who lived in Dodcott cum Wilkesley, Lightwood Green and Newhall. They were also resident at Stairs which has now disappeared from the map. I think it could have been a row of cottages along Lodmore lane — demolished and replaced with more recent housing. Can anyone help?

    Editor's comment: If you have information, please let Audlem Online know and we will pass it on to 'Egerton'.

12:18pmgerryw on A525-A529 road signs
  • It would be a step forward if the green signs were removed from all roads leading to or through Audlem. Why are they still there ? The roads A525 and 529 have been deregulated. I see that in most cases the original Black and White signs are still in place so I assume only a small number of these would be needed.

11:07amAnnt on Website
  • I can see what you are trying to say GB but can you not see that people, and I would obviously be one affected by your proposals, are not so conscious of the common good as to have their homes torn down so that lorries can pass at least one of the village bottlenecks.

8:26amAngela on Missing Cat
  • My twin daughters' cat went missing yesterday just before the stormy weather set in. We live in the Churchfields area and wondered if he may have become inadvertantly trapped in a garage or shed. We would be very grateful if people living in the area could please check to see if this is the case. He is all black and has a gold collar and he has been micro-chipped. Any information would be gratefully received by the distraught 10 year olds ! Thank you.

Thursday 15th Jul

6:33pmGB on Website
  • Most local government websites are pretty stodgy but is excellent and has an informative page on Weight Limits. Their copyright policy prevents me quoting from it but what they say supports my contention that a physical solution to a traffic problem is better than the legalistic ones which are being pursued here in Audlem.

Wednesday 14th Jul

8:40pmOld Tom on Audlem Antics
  • It's the right thing to do!

4:53pmserialshopper on Petals & Pearls (Woore)
  • Could someone provide me with Amanda's number as I seem to have mislaid it. Thanks.

2:51pmItchy Feet on Audlem Antics
  • You are so right Old Tom, taking things literally.

2:30pmCask on Beer Festival
  • How good is this news! I cannot wait, I only hope they ensure the 30 cask ales are in good supply as they will go quickly. I am looking forward to two lazy days on the ale — well done.

2:17pmOld Tom on Audlem Antics
  • Itchy Feet, well if we had a podiatry service that problem could be looked into. But, hey, don't chemists sell some sort to powder to sort this out?.

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