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Monday 15th Mar

6:14pmSaddo on A525
  • Simple answer jedimaste65 — the cost. Back in the 1970s the proposed route was from Paddock Lane to the Weaver bridge, but that was far too expensive so the scheme was ditched.

3:56pmGB on A525
  • A525 reproaches the "good burghers" of audlem with turning down a bypass but the fact is we were never offered a bypass. I have written about this common misconception but cannot provide a reference as the post was one of those that got removed.

3:14pmJedimaster65 on A525
  • By-pass? What a good idea! What is stopping us lobbying for a by-pass again?What are the requirements to request one?
    It could run from Corbrook to Coole Lane and on the other side, from Buerton to Coole Lane? Sounds like a plan. Any reason we can't have that then?

7:30amA525 on A525
  • What has been said to indicate that people are not aware that de-priming is only the first vital step in encouraging those vehicles which are unsuited to our village roads to seek alternative routes.
    Steps can now be considered to be a little more active to achieve that aim. Drivers who do come through Audlem without stopping would hardly seem to be doing much for local services.
    Yes, we should make it easier for drivers to come through when necessary without them mounting pavements and generally causing mayhem. That applies to the local tractor traffic as well.
    What a pity the good burghers were against a by-pass all those years ago.
    I don't think pride comes into it but no doubt any new ideas on your site will be looked at with interest. Must see if whole swathes of the village are to be demolished to help with traffic flow.

Sunday 14th Mar

9:04pmGB on A525
  • "Much more will need to be done and the Traffic & Transport working group on the 2010 Audlem Parish Plan will be pulling ideas together as de-priming a road does not result in an instant reduction in traffic. De-priming is, however, the vital first step that has to be taken before other action can be taken."
    So it is accepted that, to use a mountaineering metaphor, de-priming is a false summit. There are two actual peaks ahead and they are distinct. One is to encourage drivers of vehicles for which the road is unsuitable to take other routes where they have the choice, and the other is to make things easier for drivers who do actually come through Audlem since they are not our enemies but may often be providing a local service.
    I hope the group will not be too proud to read what I have written on these matters on my website: www.Geobea.Btinternet.Co.Uk.

5:32pmswan on Wollemi Pine
  • I have recently purchased a Wollemi pine from
    This tree is one of the rarest trees in the world and I want to spread the word about its plight and hope that Audlem villagers will buy one and in doing so safeguard its future.
    There are less than 100 mature specimens left in one canyon not far from Sydney, Australia. It can be planted as a specimen or in a large pot. Mine has survived the winter and to have a tree which has been around for 200million years, words can't describe it.
    It looks like a cross between a Palm and a Monkey Puzzle, to which it is related, and bark that looks like bubbling chocolate — so go on, do your bit for conservation.

8:26amJam on Elm Trees
  • Swan, I think the point I was trying to make is that they are not suitable for hedgerows as they are non-native specimen trees. But I agree they do look fantastic in an estate setting (which again is another type of managed environment).

Saturday 13th Mar

6:36pmswan on Elm Trees
  • Jam thank you for your support but more non-native trees are planted in this country than native trees and the English elm is not native either. They are all clones from Italy or Spain and for Prince Charles to plant them on his estate, I think that is approval enough.

    I miss seeing the elms and if these are the only ones that can survive then surely these must be favoured. I'm sure government approval has to be granted for them to be imported in the first place? We have got to start thinking outside the box.

10:53amAnnt on Short-ARS
  • I think that getting fit enough to do the walks is actually up to you Oscar, certainly I haven't gone on the main one today because I am not yet fit enough.

9:06amJam on Elm Trees
  • Swan, I commend your efforts to re-introduce the elm, however I am not sure that they are suited to our hedgerows. Farmers who plant hedgerows under stewardship schemes are required to use indiginous species and obiously planted an imported species from the USA does not meet this requirement.

    That said they are well suited as specimen trees for gardens, arborete, parks and estates so it would be lovely to see more insitu (despite the fact that having then transported here from the USA probably takes more carbon that they will ever ameliorate). If anyone is interested in planting one there is one sole uk supplier called Knoll Gardens, based in Wimborne. 1m plants will be available during winter/spring 2011.

8:51amOscar Wilde on Short-ARS
  • I hoped your society would help me to get fit and resume my former active life.

Friday 12th Mar

2:20pmswan on Elm Trees
  • I would like to speak to the local farmers of Audlem. When considering planting a hedgerow tree, plant an elm. You might think this a waste of money but a new Dutch Elm resistant strain is now on the market — Princeton Elm or Ulmus Americana Princeton.
    This tree has the classic shape of Ulmus Procera, the English elm. Prince Charles has planted many at his Highgrove estate and it would be fantastic to see elms back in the landscape like in Constable's time.
    These trees provide many birds and insects with shelter or food and I think it would be crazy not to plant such an important tree. I would love to read anyone's thoughts, positive or negative. Elms are as much a part of this country as oaks and ash.

Thursday 11th Mar

11:56pmAnnt on Short-ARS
  • Probably you would be too dead slow Oscar and unfit after Reading jail.

9:48amOscar Wilde on Short-ARS
  • Will there be an Audlem Ramblers Society expedition that I can join?

9:04amsj on For Sale And Wanted
  • Is there any news on providing a ' classified' section on the site? I'm sure people would find it useful. Thanks for all your hard work.

Wednesday 10th Mar

9:33pmGourmet on Over-sixties
  • Many over-sixties already meet at the old priest-house cafe. No doubt grandad and his group would be equally welcome.

10:40amGrandad on Website Management
  • Isn't there anything better to vote on than the Audlem toilets? How about providing a facility for an over sixties coffee club once a week, would anybody be interested?

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