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Friday 30th Apr

7:24pmCanal Cat on 2010 General Election
  • So, where are our political candidates then? I haven't seen any in Audlem, not even a canvasser or party activist. What's going on?Politicians keep moaning about the number of people voting going down, and want us to go the the effort of voting for them, so they could at least make an effort and try to canvass support here in Audlem! Based on current form, they don't deserve our support for this election, even if that means their duck-houses falling into disrepair.

    Editor's comment: Audlem Online met Stephen O'Brien in Audlem to pose the questions published on Monday and, we understand, he has been here at least twice in the past few weeks. Speaking personally, leaflets from three candidates have arrived at home and all four candidates have responded to our request for answers about local issues.

7:02pmRhoda Head on Speed Watch
  • Critics of speed watch only condemn its methods, not its aims. Cameras at well-chosen points would catch all speeders and kerb-mounters without anyone having to move a finger and without the hazard of confrontation.

6:48pmworm on Election Time
  • Never mind. All those who snipe and moan about the Speedwatch, I'm sure will do something of the same all of next week and beyond, about the General Election!

4:04pmWittoner on Speed Watch
  • Now wibble, would I?

2:58pmKev_G on J.d
  • Can't believe the web team actually put that on j.D. What a load of one sided bile you froth. Speeding is speeding, don't do it and get over it. I can't see how any other view point on it is rational...Or can we debate all laws and do as we want. You are a very selfish person j.D.Isnt it time we all stopped the cyber war now? People need to get out more and talk. I am always available.

    Editor's comment: We've allowed all the comments on this issue except one that's been getting too personal about a member of the Speedwatch team. Is it time we all moved on to something else, as suggested in a number of recent posts?

2:06pmmeddleman on Speed Watch
  • I too am finding this discussion tedious as I think we have covered all the ground and there is no way we can bridge the gap. I am still stunned that such a gap exists.
    J.D's comment on speedwatch 'getting' us for minor misdemeanours sums it up. I assume then that jd regards speeding and driving whilst using a mobile phone as 'minor'. He/she has probably been doing this all their lives so nothing will convince him/her otherwise until the unexpected happens and s/he is involved in an accident. Then it will possibly become a major issue.
    I think it boils down to lacking the imagination to see the possible consequences of your actions. That's probably genetic. Good driving does require being on your best behaviour at all times because errors can be very dangerous to others.

12:49pmWibble on Speed Watch
  • Wittoner — congratulations on spotting my topical reference to Mr Brown's gaff. The fact that it appeared in inverted commas was a bit of a giveaway though. I can't imagine where you get the idea that anyone not sharing my opinion has no right to one themselves. Human discourse is a wonderful thing and I'm only too pleased to hear the opinions of others and to argue their merits. I'm sorry that you feel watched and spied upon but I don't share your insecurity. Are you perhaps just being provocative just for the fun of it?

11:37amworm on Speed Watch
  • Well well wittoner, nothing like a stab and a smile eh?
    Whilst I may agree about the car parking issue.........Perhaps you should take up the cause about that one?
    However the other side of the issue is the speed to which people enter and leave the village, before ever getting to the coop etc. Do you actual want a death to prove the point? I don't.
    The people who give their time to do this speedwatch are not doing it to be 'very self important' as you put it, but to stop idiots that think it's ok to come through a village fast. It's a deterrent, a warning so listern and stop sniping.

9:34amJ.D on Speedwatch Group
  • Give a man / woman a uniform and they become full of self importance. Give them the chance of a speed gun and they become megalomaniacal, self righteous and too full of their own importance, intolerant / dismissive of the views of others and pretty offensive in their condemnation of alternative view points. Safety is important but the bigoted views of the vocal minority vigilante group on this web-site are getting just a bit too much! To all potential visitors to the village, be on your guard, the traffic cops / vigilantes may get you for one of many minor misdemeanours, so when visiting the village be on your best behaviour ! They are watching you!

9:20amCanalCat on Speed Watch
  • I saw the speedwatch already in action in the village on Tuesday lunchtime. I think it's long overdue, maybe now I can walk to the shops / pubs without feeling I have to cross the Oulton Park race track!
    I hope the group also report all the drivers who are using mobile phones, as there was a near collision like this outside the coop last Saturday afternoon.

9:10amJedimaster65 on Speed Watch
  • A bit bored by all this tit-for tat, but to answer wittoner's question. I have seen cars, lorries and even a tractor have to mount the pavement due to them arriving in the centre of the village at well over the speed limit, only to find the road too narrow for them to get through (between Tollgate Drive and Moorsfield Ave, and also on bend approaching post office) — this is exactly how someone is going to be killed or seriously injured. I hate the bad parking around the coop area, but I wonder how fast you would like to drive through there without the width restriction?

8:47ampj on Speed Watch
  • Wittoner, are you saying that there is no need for a 30mph speed limit in the village because it is impossible to get above that speed? Do you actually know where the speed limit starts and finishes on each road in and out of Audlem?

2:20amWittoner on Speed Watch
  • Jedi, if you have actually seen a vehicle be able to pass through this village at all without a five minute delay due to illegally parked cars, even legally parked cars, which in most people's opinion present a far greater risk to public safety than speeding, which is pretty damn near impossible, then I would back your argument. Just where are all these deaths going to occur, certainly nowhere near the coop or post office, still you need your very self important role to fulfill so enjoy!

Thursday 29th Apr

9:54pmRory Cannon on Speed Watch
  • The point-scoring has got a bit tedious. When shall we see the show on the road?

8:55pmKev_G on Speed Watch
  • Pj, why bother asking? It is laughable to read the silly views of the minority (whom I believe to be the same poster), the argument seems to be "how dare you look after public safety by checking drivers are keeping to a law limit" — nothing other than stupid. I am happy to be a member of the csw team, I hope we educate drivers to be careful and safe.

5:44pmpj on Speed Watch
  • Wittoner I am trying to get my head round your argument. At the present we don't have a law requiring a person to walk with a red flag in front of vehicles although it would be a nice little job for someone. However we do have a law that says motorists have to stick to speed limits and in the village this is 30mph. Can you tell us whether you would like to see this speed limit scrapped or whether you just wish to be able to break this particular law without being prosecuted. If neither of these then what is it that you wish?

4:42pmDangler Green Thum on Allotments
  • What would be the pay-back duration/ 100years?

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