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Cheryl Cooper on Shroppie Fly

8th December 2022 @ 4:31pm

After a long walk in the cold sunshine with our dog it was lovely to be able to call into the Shroppie Fly for a 'delectable' hot chocolate. We had a very warm friendly welcome and after hearing about their plans for fresh home cooked food served from 14th December we will definitely call in next week for lunch. Good luck for the future.

Andy Laughton on Walking Football – - Audlem

7th December 2022 @ 6:40am

Hi Roy

Friday morning at 9.45 on the playing field.

Terry Aston on Walking Football – - Audlem

6th December 2022 @ 11:39pm

It's Fridays 9:45 on the village playing field next to the car park

Roy Mills on Walking Football – - Audlem

6th December 2022 @ 3:59pm

Where and when does the walking football take place

andy laughton on Walking Football – - Audlem

6th December 2022 @ 12:47pm

I can confirm that Terry has a propensity for scoring own goals.

I can also confirm the whole session is great fun with a bonus of being a little fitter afterwards.

Bob McClintock on The Pasture

6th December 2022 @ 9:21am

Good picture Chris ,remember the field well before it was in the hands of the weed lovers Ah well,suppose that's progress.

David Holton on Handyman recommendation

6th December 2022 @ 8:03am

Just moved into the village and could do with a handyman to do a variety of jobs in the house and garden. Can anyone recommend someone local?

Many thanks.

Terry Aston on Walking Football – - Audlem

5th December 2022 @ 7:47pm

Just to add to Friday's news item, I was a bit of a latecomer to the walking football. Despite my advancing years and dearth of skill the whole bunch have been very welcoming and friendly – they're also quite tolerant of my propensity for own goals. Alex does a great job of making sure everyone is involved and is very encouraging to those of us (mainly me) with limited ability. A subgroup has also been formed to field a team for the Tuesday night Combermere quiz where we have had some success occasionally.
I'd encourage anyone wavering over whether to join in to have a go – you've nothing to lose, it's great fun.

Mike Ager on Shroppie Fly

3rd December 2022 @ 1:28pm

Just a quick note to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have welcomed us to Audlem and been in n to support us over the last few days.

Mike and Dale

Geraint Davies on Village Christmas trees

2nd December 2022 @ 4:18pm

This message is a bit belated maybe, but i just want to thank all thse volunteers who gave their time to fix all the Christmas trees in the village. Lit up after dark, the big tree in the square is beautiful and magnificent – the best ever! Better by far than Downing Street or Trafalgar Square!!

Billy Gibbons on Green Lane Lights

2nd December 2022 @ 9:48am

It's not the bridge Colin, its the piece of road/embankment a few yards before the bridge on the left if you come from the Village. I haven't had a look at it (not that that would do any good of course) but from the car I can't see what the problem is although there must be one. I think it's a similar issue they have at the Adderley Lights. Lets hope it's not similar time-wise although it could well be..... ;-(

Colin Cliffe on Green Lane Lights

2nd December 2022 @ 12:54am

I think you might have to get used to them Billy as they could be around for a very long time. The question is, how much of the taxpayers' money is the council going to plunder on the unnecessary traffic lights on the green lane bridge whilst it waits for funding in 2023/24? Wybunbury bridge has functioned perfectly well for 50 years plus by giving one side right of way, which keeps the traffic moving nicely and all it would need is 2 signs, that I could knock up in 30 minutes for about £20, job done.

Billy Gibbons on Green Lane Lights

1st December 2022 @ 3:44pm

No, not the Christmas variety...the other ones.

If anyone is as fed up with them as I am, and there must be a few residents in Green Lane who are, I have recieved this;

'Work to repair the collapsed section of highway embankment along Green Lane is anticipated to be funded for delivery early in the 2023/24 financial year'.

There you have it. Not rumour or conjecture, just the facts. ;-)

Steve Elliott on Shroppie Fly

30th November 2022 @ 9:44pm

Wonderful News!! We went to the Shroppie tonight – such a warm friendly welcome from the new team, Mike and Dale. Good beer, excellent choice of wines and a great atmosphere. It's been a long time since we enjoyed being there! We'll be back Very Soon.

Nigel Mottershead on Shroppie Fly

30th November 2022 @ 7:56pm

Great news from Mike and Dale. The best of luck to them in the Fly.

Chris Greaves on Shroppie Fly

30th November 2022 @ 3:34pm

Great to see the Shroppie Fly opened again today without any particular hoops to jump through. Decent selection of real ales including Shroppie Gold at £3.60. Hope Mike and Dale make a great success of it

Emma Talbot on Sixth Form bus service to Brine Leas

30th November 2022 @ 5:59am

Currently looking at Colleges & considering Brine Leas Sixth Form. Could anyone who's child currently attends give me more information on the bus times from Audlem? Thank you

Maureen Roberts on Village Christmas trees

28th November 2022 @ 8:30pm

Well said Stewart, at least the growing many who won't be able to afford to power their homes this winter will be able to look fondly out there windows whilst huddled round some candles in a Dickensian manner.

Bob McClintock on Toilets

27th November 2022 @ 9:12am

Big thanks to Peter and Saracen nice to have the toilets back in action . Perhaps if the C C T V was working properly the vandals may well have been identified . Any kind hearted person in the village good at F O C repair job on this equipment please .

Kim Jessup on Leather Restorer

25th November 2022 @ 4:28pm

Thank you Colin for the suggestion.

Billy Gibbons on Hankelow Shop

25th November 2022 @ 1:12pm

Many thanks for your reply Audrey. Also for the added information. Much appreciated. Regarding the cheese; I think I'll have to stop for a while because 2 nights ago I dreampt I was eating a huge Marshmallow and when I woke up, my pillow was gone.

I'm here all week. I thank you.

Actually, I'm not here ALL week as for some of it I shall be in Leighton having a Dunelm Value Memory Foam Contour Firm-Support Pillow removed.

Kate Tilling on Pau&Ride bikes

25th November 2022 @ 8:21am

Just wanted to say, I went to Pau&Ride bikes yesterday to buy some gloves for my daughter – and the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, talked me through pros and cons of various options, and I ended up with a lovely pair of gloves within my budget. So I really just wanted to highly recommend them.
I'm an ex Audlem resident visiting my parents, and loving doing my Christmas shopping here!

Audrey King on Hankelow Shop

25th November 2022 @ 7:48am

Message for Billy Gibbons, to let you know you were quite right, Hankelow did have another shop, it was between the White Lion and the garage, but was also the Post office before Mrs Timmis took it over. It was run by Joyce Hassall, and she was my Mum. So carry on eating the cheese Billy.

Emma Morris on Concern for Kids

24th November 2022 @ 3:52pm

Hi, with regards to the 2 uneducated and slanderous posts on here regarding the coaches and planned fun matches at Audlem saints – to clarify.....all coaches are fully trained to FA high standards and have to undertake safeguarding training prior to giving up their own time to volunteer with our wonderful children week in week out.
The suggestion that the coaches would ever put our children at any risk is laughable and total lies.
The coaches all give up their own time and in some cases money to help provide a valued and fun football coaching services to over 70 children week in week out. These planned fun games are just that – fun and they are designed to integrate children of all ages into their groups and have some festive fun with their supporting adults.
I would ask if anyone has any concerns they raise it with the club instead of ranting on here in a slanderous and divisive manner – this helps no one – certainly not our children who love the Saturday morning kick about with dedicated and passionate coaches!

Billy Gibbons on Manchester Evening News

24th November 2022 @ 11:46am

Manchester Evening News; I have to dispute the word 'little'. It was in the *1850's when I was growing up here, but now? I noticed also a reference to Salford. That's not the only connection we have with Manchester though (apart from Judy's shop of course) It's rather reminiscent of Manchester when it gets gridlocked when people push their way through the traffic even when it's not their right of way or park where they shouldn't causing the centre to look a bit like Ancoats when they're throwing a street party to celebrate somone taxing thier car.

*I said 1850's as that's how old I feel (and probably look) at the moment.

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