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Helen Hulme on Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – Hankelow

30th June 2022 @ 12:34pm

With regards to the above meeting, I would like to state the correct facts.
The entrance at Corbrook is an existing gateway that has been expanded to accommodate large agricultural machinery and HGV's to both the farm and crushing business.
The concrete crushing business has been in existence since 2003 and has not expanded or changed in all those years.
The crusher permit licence has recently been renewed by Cheshire East Council and is irrelevant to the planning application.
The land has not been heavily built up apart from the construction of the driveway to alleviate traffic from Hall lane. The ground on either side of the track is now sown with maize.
Since installing the driveway there has been no excess water coming from the land. We have evidence to prove that the water is running from Hankelow and Audlem as the gullies have not been emptied – this is a council issue.
The permission for an agricultural building is to provide storage for agricultural machinery, sprays and fertiliser and is not for the crushing business.
If anyone wishes to speak to Adrian or myself, please do get in touch rather than listening to hearsay and rumours.

Cynthia Murray on Death of Betty Hodgkison

30th June 2022 @ 8:51am

Sadly Betty Hodgkison who's family originate from Bridge Street, Wybunbury, has passed away aged 87 years.
Her remaining family tells me that Betty spent a lot of time visiting friends and possibly family? in Audlem
Betty's funeral will be held at St John's Church, Shavington on Wednesday 6th July 2022 at 10:30am
Donations if desired will be given to The Donkey Sanctuary and IRIS Vision Crewe.
Do you remember Betty? or are you possibly a relative?
Any enquiries to Cynthia at Oxley's Funeral Services. tel: 01270 812331

Stephen de la Cour on Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – Hankelow

29th June 2022 @ 7:41pm

There will be a very short notice exceptional Parish Council meeting in Hankelow tomorrow evening to discuss a very contentious planning application.

This concerns a new (fairly large) access off the A529 (near the Corbrook dip in the road that floods), to facilitate HGV and agricultural movements to serve an expanded concrete crushing plant and expanded agricultural buildings. The land is also now very heavily built up on using the reprocessed crushed material.

Cheshire East have already served an Enforcement Notice and ordered the landowner to return the land to its original condition, however the landowner is appealing against this.

Liz Perrin on White Lion @ Knighton

29th June 2022 @ 12:36pm


Does anyone know what's happened to the White Lion @ Knighton? It was a gorgeous pub with delicious food. Such a shame it's closed.

Celia Bloor on Kettle lane

29th June 2022 @ 7:07am

There was work in kettle lane yesterday but it was not closed. I am hoping that might be 'it'? If kettle lane closed at same time as Green lane many residents will be unable to go any where except South.

Geraldine Leighton on Cello lessons

28th June 2022 @ 4:18pm

Hi Rachel,
I'm a cello teacher here in Audlem. Although I don't have much spare time available for teaching, I might be able to help you, as I like teaching adult beginners!.
Please post your request on 'Wanted' in Buy/Sell on Audlem onlne. That way I can reply to you personally with my contact details and we can find a way talk through the possibilities.

Ursula Western on Care

27th June 2022 @ 6:36am

Hi I'm looking for someone to help care for old people in audlem part time if your interested please email me at

Sheila Harrison on Carey Buckley

26th June 2022 @ 5:54pm

Wayne Farrington
Sorry to read that Carey Buckley has died, I grew up next door to the Buckley's in Mill Lane,they were lovely neighbours

Thinking of you & all the Family

Sheila Harrison nee Tapley

Ursula Western on Care

26th June 2022 @ 4:19pm

Hi I'm looking for Someone part time to help with looking after old people if untreated contact me by email

Wayne Farrington on Carey Buckley

25th June 2022 @ 10:56pm

Hello folks
Sorry to report the death of Carey Buckley, once council lengthman of Audlem. His dedication gave Audlem its first well kept village award.
RIP uncle, Carey Buckley.

marcia ellinson on i need a plumber

25th June 2022 @ 9:15pm

thank you. my plumber sorted it was a blocked valve .tough when your repairs people are one man company and go on holiday .its all good x

Adam Faulkner on Gardening

24th June 2022 @ 2:30pm

Hi im looking for garden work within the audlem village please call 07807853413 fence painting lawn cutting etc thanks

Sharon Parker on Email address docs surgery

23rd June 2022 @ 10:40pm

Does anyone know the email address for the doctor surgery please

Kev baker on Cleaning services

23rd June 2022 @ 9:25pm

We are looking for someone to help with general housekeeping / cleaning for one day per week
Please contact via email or mob 07852999330

Chris Lewis on The power of AOL

23rd June 2022 @ 4:54pm

Lost on Wednesday nightin vicinity of the car park a pair of house keys ,one Yale and one a golden colour plus a tag. If found pl.ease leave at Judy'sor contact me direct 07661288733
I am sure ther power olf AOL will result in me being re-united with them
Chris Lewis

Eric Leeson on The power of AOL

22nd June 2022 @ 9:22am

The power of AOL Lost/Found.
Big thanks to Kevin for finding and the return of the Wooden Mouse on Wheels (car mouse) to Max our 18 month old grandson. Max is delighted and so is car mouse.

andrew cliffe on thelifeandtimesofaudlem

21st June 2022 @ 11:05pm

Photographs often serve as a visual memory bank. They also help connect the past to our present and future.

As you may or may not know my previous site past&presentaudlem was hacked and corrupted so had to be deleted.
The site was a popular site with 3000 + "friends"

I enjoyed the previous site, the recalled memories – oral reminisces – photographs.

I have created a new site entitled thelifeandtimesofaudlem – Fortunately I had scanned & saved some of the photographs from pastandpresentaudlem.
History can be enjoyable and interesting but can be gone & forgotten in a second.

I want everyone to be involved – child or adult, to experience the history of Audlem.

After all we all contribute to it. – If we don't share our own personal history, Audlem will be the poorer.

I however don't want the site to be a place for individuals to promote their wares or opinions of world affairs, etc. There are plenty of other places for that kind of stuff. This is a place for the history & the life and times of audlem.

Please share your Audlem photographs, your adventures, your reminisces, your memories, and I hope you all enjoy & make this a successful project.

Terry Aston on MND Fundraiser

21st June 2022 @ 8:58pm

Just a brief note to let everyone know that the carers from Surecare hit both the mileage target and revised funding target today. Thanks to everyone for your kind donations – you will be helping someone in need. If you haven't had the chance to donate yet they will keep the page open for a couple of weeks yet. There's some updates and photos from today on the page, but I'll write up a news item for AOL shortly.

Mark Lambie on Cows on Monks Lane

21st June 2022 @ 8:57pm

Who's cows are loose on Minks Lane?

marcia ellinson on i need a plumber

21st June 2022 @ 11:13am

hi can anyone recomend a local plumber as my usual plumber is on holiday thank you marcia ps i live near centre audlem

Terry Aston on Carers' Fundraiser for MND – Please Support

21st June 2022 @ 8:36am

Today's the day
Follow the girls here

Still plenty of time to donate if you haven't had the chance yet – see the link in my previous post

ken lee on Thank you

20th June 2022 @ 5:00pm

Just to say thanks to the kind person who went that 'extra mile' to turn round and give me a lift back to the village on my walk back from Hankelow Fete.

Peter Morgan on Parish Council finances

20th June 2022 @ 2:53pm

Can we please have an update on the current situation in respect of our Parish Council finances, which I understand, from my attendance at the last PC meeting, is still uncertain due to the absence of all bank records which had not, at that stage, been handed over.

Kevin Errington on The power of AOL

20th June 2022 @ 10:05am

Through the power of AOL, the lost mouse with wheels has been reunited with his rightful owner Max.
Let no toy feel abandoned or alone.
Through AOL and beyond!!! �€

Rachel Lambie on Cello lessons

18th June 2022 @ 3:59pm

Hi, could anyone recommend a cello tutor for a complete beginner? We can travel a little, but someone who would be willing to come to our house (Audlem) would be ideal! Thank you.

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