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Terry Healey on Cemetery

10th August 2022 @ 4:48pm

Hi, I have been advised that my Grandparents are buried in Audlem cemetery and would like to visit the grave.
Who would be the best person to advise me please ?

Lynette hopkins on Olive & Geoff

10th August 2022 @ 9:36am

I am totally flabbergasted that a couple like Geoff and Olive who have dedicated so much of of their time ( freely ) and hard work , have been treated so shabbily !! It's a wonder anyone does anything freely any more . Who ever is responsible for causing them all this upset should be ASHAMED !

Wes Lechley on Town hall

10th August 2022 @ 9:27am

Have to agree with Bob Fousert.
What's going on with the village institutions of late? People like Olive and Geoff are the backbone of the community and need encouragement.

Dressing Rooms on Doggy do!!

9th August 2022 @ 8:30pm

We are painting our shop this week due to all the unsightly dog wee marks on the shop, we all want to keep the village looking clean and fresh so, would all those dog lovers out there get their dogs to wee up against other areas and not against the wall and door of the shop
We would really appreciate your efforts on this, we have around 10/day stains that we have to wash off
Much appreciated and a massive thank you

Peter Silvester on The Lord Combermere

9th August 2022 @ 6:48pm

We find at Audlem Mill that Sunday is usually the busiest day of the week for our shop, so of course we are open. We are regularly asked every Sunday where people can buy a coffee and cake, or lunch, and of late, they have been telling us that all catering establishments in Audlem have been closed. As just about all Audlem retail businesses rely heavily on tourism, it seems a great pity that many are closed on one of the days that they are most needed.

Sharon Parker on Town hall

8th August 2022 @ 9:43pm

Regarding the comment of Geoff and olive retiring from caretakers of the hall I believe they were sacked not retired ,Such a shame

bob fousert on Town hall

8th August 2022 @ 3:16pm

Olive, if this is the case, it's very sad and brings shame on the Town Hall Committee! It seems that loyalty, dedication and selfless good service over many years counts for nothing. This beggars the question, why would anyone want to volunteer their help in the future?

Carol Bell on Lord Combermere

8th August 2022 @ 2:26pm

Hi all

Is the Lord Combermere re-opening? We popped into Audlem yesterday (we live on the outskirts) to walk down to the cafe at Overwater. On our way back we popped into the Co-op and were discussing how much was now closed in the village with the addition of Sunday closures as well. Shroppie, Lord Combermere,Eleventh Hour and on a Sunday Tearoom at No.11, Lindens. I understand it may be due to lack of footfall but seems such a shame

Olive on Town hall

8th August 2022 @ 10:47am

I would just like to say we did not Retire from the Town Hall we were pushed out sacked

john wainwright on Vandalism

8th August 2022 @ 5:59am

I wouldn't be too concerned about the raucous behaviour of a few of the village lads Geoff. If their over exuberant antics only follow a Crewe Alex victory I think your fence will be standing for a good number of years.

Geoff Seddon on Town Hall Caretaker

7th August 2022 @ 8:05pm

As a former member of the Public Hall Committee, I must endorse the thanks for Olive and Geoff for their hard work over the last two decades. Without their dedicated contributions I'm sure that the Public Hall would be struggling to survive. They are the unsung heroes of Audlem, having given their time for free. Enjoy your retirement from the day-to-day running of the Hall. You will be hard to follow.

Chris Whalley on Roofer/Tiler

7th August 2022 @ 9:32am

Anthony Jess 07913 533859

martyn mmeasures on Town Hall Caretaker

7th August 2022 @ 8:51am

How about the freedom of the Village award for Geoff and Olive Sretch ?
If anybody deserves it they do. List of voluntary work is endless. I believe that the award is at the discretion of the Parish Council . Come on Councillors have a vote on it.

Nigel Mottershead on Roofer/Tiler

7th August 2022 @ 7:23am

Hi Michael,
I can thoroughly recommend Anthony Jess.
He is very experienced especially with old materials and techniques and likes things done properly. He is based in Shavington. His mobile number is 07913 533 859
Nice bloke too and interesting to talk to.
Hope you get sorted out.

Jeff Price on Vandalism

6th August 2022 @ 6:01pm

A small group of lads (two or three) came down the alleyway by the side of The Scout Hut today (Saturday) at around 5.30 singing loudly songs supporting Crewe Alex. I assume they had been to the game against Harrogate.As a former Crewe Alex season ticket holder for twenty years, I have no problem with that but they also chose to hit/kick the fence at the back of my property. The fence has suffered several bouts of vandalism recently and I assume these lads are to blame. I would appeal to their parents to warn them against such behaviour. Several years ago I caught,through the use of cameras, a similar miscreant who was arrested , taken to Nantwich Police Station and interviewed under caution with his parents. I hope the same fate will not befall these lads.

Brian Bugeja on Roofer/Tiler

6th August 2022 @ 1:39pm

Can someone please share the contact details for Anthony Jess?

Jeff Price on Hose pipe ban v water features

6th August 2022 @ 11:07am

Mike: It's cheaper to impose hosepipe bans than fix leaks or invest in water storage facilities as it is cheaper to dump raw sewage in rivers rather than dispose of it safely and hygienically. Of course, you lose customer goodwill but water companies don't care about that. Profit is all.

Nigel Mottershead on wood burning stove installer

6th August 2022 @ 6:31am

Hi Nessa,
We can thoroughly recommend Martin of Haycocks Chimney Sweeps. He installed our wood burner and looks after the chimney too.
Lovely family firm and Martin knows what he is talking about.
His numbers are:
01948 820006 and mobile 07966 175658
Hope you get sorted.

Ian Reynolds on wood burning stove installer

5th August 2022 @ 9:44pm

Nessa on wood burning stove installer

5th August 2022 @ 5:01pm

Can anyone recommend a local wood burning stove installer?

Lisa Trumper on Cleaner

5th August 2022 @ 6:30am

If your looking for help with cleaning your home then I could possibly help you..Whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly I would be willing to accommodate.. I'm local to Audlem friendly and trustworthy.. Please give me a call on 07794141859..

Simon on Wifi

4th August 2022 @ 8:27pm

Hi Terry
Thanks for the reply my number is 07983521782 if yo want to txt me and can have a chat .
Think it will be where we are

Bill Biggar on Hedge trimming and tree surgeon wanted.

4th August 2022 @ 7:58pm

Could anyone recommend someone for either or both of the above jobs. Hedges need trimming asap. S. Buerton.

Mike Hancock on Hose pipe ban v water features

4th August 2022 @ 6:05pm

With hose pipe bans imminent, am I the only one unsurprised by United Utilities sluggish response to the Green Lane water feature which after several days is now cutting up the road?

Brian Bugeja on Search feature in Chatbox

4th August 2022 @ 5:59pm

The filter feature in the chatbox used to be handy. Any chance of bringing it back?

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