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Peter Kay on Adderley Footpath Achievement

3rd January 2022 @ 9:43pm

A path diversion seemed the obvious way to solve the Pool Farm problem and a pretty one was informally agreed. However it required a substantial bridge over a stream and funding could not be found for this.

Terry Aston on Storming Norman update

3rd January 2022 @ 6:03pm

Colin, you haven't tripped in one of the Paddock Lane potholes and banged your head by any chance?

Peter Kay on Walking

3rd January 2022 @ 4:40pm

In addition to ARS there is also the Market Drayton branch of the Ramblers Association. It has a member from Pipegate and us in Audlem. There are walks every Sunday and Tuesday. If you are on my ARS walk on Saturday you can ask for more information or contact me directly. 01270 811650

Kim jessup on Roofing company

3rd January 2022 @ 4:18pm

I totally agree. Anthony Jess has helped us with a couple of emergencies this last year and he in now the man we contact when there is a roofing issue. Thank you to mr mottishead for his original recommendation.

Chris Tipper on Walking

3rd January 2022 @ 3:18pm

Hi Louise,

There is also a running group in the village. We meet on Saturday mornings at 8:30.

Drop an email to for more details.


Ann Tilling on Adderley Footpath Achievement

3rd January 2022 @ 2:01pm

I can see the point that the footpath is close to habitation. our eldest's rural retreat has two footpaths through it close by the house , one indeed where a walker is about four feet from the kitchen window . They cannot ask for this to be re-routed as this is where it crosses over a deep stream ravine. Could the Adderley one be slightly diverted? It might be a reasonable compromise. Not knowing the layout I have no idea if it would be a possibility. A mass walk might be tactless.

Colin Cliffe on Storming Norman update

3rd January 2022 @ 1:17pm

Well, well, well water relief, its tug a boat 2 years but the grid loch may finally be broken as Cheshire East finally pledges to pull their dam finger out. Rod Moore (wearing a navy suit) a councilor from Crew said today 'weir pleased to announce weaver finally agreed on a workflow plan to complete dee necessary repairs, our buoys will be working in the spring and as a result, we hope the problem will soon be water under the bridge'. Asked about the supposed lac of finances, Rodders said 'by pooling our resources we have dug deep and fountain thousand pounds to pour into the project. Upon hearing the news Norman who has been looking into the drain for over 12 months overflowed with emotion saying 'finally we have flushed them out, to date all the authorities have ever done is muddied the waters and I suspected a cover-up was taking place '. So has the tide finally turned in this ongoing saga and can we now finally wave goodbye to the Swanbach pond, I won't go into it too deeply other than to say we shall have to wait and sea.

Peter Kay on Adderley Footpath Achievement

3rd January 2022 @ 9:45am

Thanks for the praise but Lucy McFarlane who was a member of Shropshire's Rights of Way team, did a lot of the hard work.
I like the idea of a group walk but I have worries about the reactions of the Smale family at Pool Farm. The path goes very close to inhabited buildings. One lady living there sees the isolation as protection from upset for her son. I think they are all taken aback by the intrusion into their privacy. So a group walk needs to be carefully managed and take place not too soon. The Smales have a few weeks to seek a review from the High Court but this could only be on a point of law and could be very expensive. I don't see them going down this route.

Steve Elliott on Walking

3rd January 2022 @ 9:06am

Hi Louise.

Audlem has a very active walking group that caters for all levels of walkers – from Snowdon to the Shropshire Union canal!!

If you'd like to contact us on, we can provide you with more details.

Louise Whalley on Walking

2nd January 2022 @ 6:19pm

Hello, I'm looking to do some walking in the Shropshire area, as I'm fairly new to Woore and wondered if there are any groups or anything like that please. I've looked at walking around Church Stretton, as it's somewhere that I haven't been to previously.
Best wishes

Louise Whalley on Zumba

2nd January 2022 @ 6:10pm

Hello Everybody and Happy New Year to you all. Would anybody know if there are any zumba classes on in the Audlem/Woore area please. I'm fairly new to Woore and keen to have a go at zumba.
Best Wishe

Colin Cliffe on Roofing company

2nd January 2022 @ 5:52pm

I agree with Nigel 100%, Anthony Jess is a top roofer in all aspects, I would never use anyone else.

Nigel Mottershead on Roofing company

2nd January 2022 @ 5:26pm

Hi Christine,
We have always used Anthony Jess from Shavington.
Very good work and reliable and reasonable charges.
His number is: 07913 533859
Best wishes,

Andrew on Roofing company

2nd January 2022 @ 5:13pm

Try Emertons of Nantwich 01270 625141

Been very pleased with them over the years do a quality job.

Celia Bloor on Storming Norman

2nd January 2022 @ 4:25pm

Laughed out loud at Colin's contribution! Can't you tell he's a pantomime writer? Should send it to Cheshire East.

Christine Towers on Roofing company

2nd January 2022 @ 3:38pm

Can anyone recommend a reliable roofing company, my flat roofed garage has developed a leak
Thanks Christine Towers

Terry Aston on Adderley Footpath Achievement

2nd January 2022 @ 12:14pm

It's really good to see this. I've been a keen user of the public footpaths over the years and could never understand why these seemed to end abruptly. Well done Peter.
The paths also seem to be showing on OSM already – I wonder how long OS will take to update?

Terry Aston on Storming Norman

2nd January 2022 @ 12:11pm

Colin, you didn't happen to get a pun thesaurus for Xmas did you?

Colin Cliffe on Storming Norman

2nd January 2022 @ 10:52am

I was reluctant to wade into this issue any further re Normans argie bargey with the authorities at Swanbach but I believe that the council are now knee-deep in correspondence after being flooded with complaints and can no longer duck the issue. Having previously claimed that their coffers were drained and they couldn't a ford to attend to the problem it is now believed that they will splash the cash and about March time a specialist company from Leek will come and look into the problem, on reflection I ponder river this could have been done sooner. They say that the repairs are to be streamed online, I'm going to take a punt and say it's much more likely that the council will take an early bath and pull the plug on this ferry contentious project, I don't know why I think that, I just have this titanic sinking feeling,,,,,, or am I going around the bend?

Steve Elliott on Adderley Footpath Achievement

2nd January 2022 @ 9:19am

Well done Peter – this success required a lot of effort and tenacity. I really like Geraint's suggestion of a group walk to celebrate the result!!!

Chris Tipper on Christmas Tree Collection

2nd January 2022 @ 8:29am


Are the scouts planning a Christmas Tree collection this year?


Geraint Davies on Williams of Audlem

1st January 2022 @ 8:21pm

What a super, interesting article by Judy on the history of the shop from its origins 160 years ago. Congratulations Judy on the anniversary of the founding of Williams' wonderful village amenity.

Celia Bloor on Adderley Footpath Achievement

1st January 2022 @ 5:04pm

I would also like to thank Peter for his tenacity in finding the evidence and pursuing the case to a successful conclusion. It used to be a lovely circular walk from Bagley lane and back along the canal.

Judith Evans on Sweet & Sour

1st January 2022 @ 9:42am

To whoever is responsible for taking the goody bag of sweets that I left out for our grey bin collectors (on Shropshire Street) – you are the garbage of life. I feel sad that your parents did such a rubbish job of bringing you up Shame on you.

Geraint Davies on Adderley Footpath Achievement

1st January 2022 @ 8:55am

Many congratulations to Peter Kay in achieving the official recognition of the Adderley footpath after so many years of effort. As one who was a member of the Ramblers 'Association for many years, I salute the incredible patience and perseverance that he has dedicated to this project over so many years. To celebrate this achievement, do you think a 'mass' rally in the Spring of all the local Ramblers Associations along the length of the path past Pool House would be a good way to celebrate it?

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