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5:55pmDeltic on Doris Damage
  • Pleased to hear someone else has reported the flooding into Cox Bank, but don't hold your breath!, I reported same with photo on 2nd Feb & of course the roads department have failed totally to respond. I have also pointed out that just emptying the drain is not the answer they need to unblock it/ add a new soakaway but bet they don't!.

  • Very funny. Keep them coming!

11:25amDen C on Local Plan Consultation
  • Everyone should realise that the consultation is part of the legal process that determines what sites are used for what purpose. People are invariably surprised that the new housing or warehousing development that they are opposing has permission granted. The reason is the sites in question have already been allocated for those purposes. It's worth going through the plans and statements with a fine tooth comb and make sure you aren't surprised a few years later. As it's a legal process, objections even one day late will not be considered and no objection may well mean a site is allocated for something you won't want.

Sunday 26th Feb

6:01pmBanks on Doris Damage
  • Billcarper — thanks for suggestion. Just logged into website and submitted report.

3:48pmBillcarper on Doris Damage
  • Can't beat using this website facility:

2:14pmFarmer Giles on Free Range Eggs
  • 'Free Range Eggs — £2.50/dozen' sez the sign on me farm gate
    So this urban educated type drives up in his Audi and sez 'Have you actually got any of those eggs my good man?'
    'Aye' sez I 'do you want some?'
    'Well yes' he replies' but I've just come from Sainsburys, and theirs are only £1.90/dozen'
    'Well then, why didn't you buy some there then?' asks I.
    He replies 'well they didn't have any in stock today'
    So I sez 'well young man, when I 'aven't got none, mine's only £1.90'

8:29amBanks on Doris Damage
  • A comment to the Audlem Parish Council. It is true that Cheshire East website has a great website that allows one to raise / track concerns. The question is whether anyone on the other side is doing anything about.

    I have raised a concern a few weeks ago about a flooding of the road that leads into Cox Bank, Audlem. It not possible to walk into or through Cox Bank without appropriate shoes / boots. Road is still flooding — drain remains blocked. Makes me wonder what I am paying my taxes for.

8:24amBanks on Education Budget Cuts
  • Ref. Audlem Website Article — 'Are our children worth LESS' — good initiative for a 27th February, Monday 10 a.m. protest in Nantwich.

    There is also an online petition on the subject:

    Is there any chance of adding a reference to the petition on the article please?

    I only got to know about the protest this morning, thanks to Audlem Website. It may be hard for many parents to change tomorrow's work schedule at short notice.

Saturday 25th Feb

  • FARMER GILES on wages.

    So enjoyed the story — think I have read before — but this so exact. I could hear him speaking!
    Made me laugh so much. Any more?

Tuesday 21st Feb

4:24pmDel on Help needed
  • Paul Hardern does lots of gardening in Audlem — mainly lawnmowing tel 812136 or 07776 123187

Monday 20th Feb

9:55amBee on Help needed
  • Gardener needed to help maintain a large garden with mainly lawns and shrubs.
    If able to help please contact me on 01630655289.

Saturday 18th Feb

2:33pmsnott good enough on Crewe visit
  • Myself and my daughter unavoidably had to visit crewe Saturday morning where it appears is the hub for a new sport of pavement oysters! This clearly is an international event! The main aim is to release the contents of your throat nasal passage etc and present it in a nice sticky mess in front of you to admire........

Friday 17th Feb

12:48pmYerr-hah! on High standard of borough's highways maintenance strategy?
  • Blimey! They want to take a ride round the village!

    The roads are an absolute joke; potholes, grid tops sunken, no white lines, lack of parking.........and what do we get; more houses! No investment as per usual.

10:54amGeraint on High standard of borough's highways maintenance strategy?
  • I was tickled pink on starting to read thie Highways account today and thought that the Audlem Online team had written another brilliant spoof to fool us all. Then it began to dawn on me that it wasn't April 1st and that it wasn't amusing irony, but a genuine article!
    Let the assessors try cycling the strip of Cheshire Road from the church to the entrance to the car park and see if they still feel the same.

8:31amDen C on High standard of borough's highways maintenance strategy?
  • I hit a pothole a few days ago near Corbrook which broke my suspension which then resulted in damage to my power steering and air conditioning systems.

7:56amAgainst the grain on High standard of borough's highways maintenance strategy?
  • I'm sure there are plenty of other folks who nearly spat out their tea upon reading this earlier?
    The only explanation I can supply for the shocking state of our roads must be that this "strategy" has never been implemented. The Romans were well aware of the need for good drainage of surface water but it seems CE's highways "engineers" are lacking a little.

Thursday 16th Feb

6:14pmmeddleman on BL Headteacher on Anwyl
  • A very illuminating contribution from Andrew Cliffe. It just confirms many people's opinion that developers have no interest at all in the communities upon which they build. They take huge profits and contribute nothing in return.

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