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4:40pmHarryboy on Not guilty?
  • i cannot prove it was canned fish but neither can the government prove its claims.
    The Skripals are still held incommunicardo. If Julia were back in Russia and her father in some neutral country they would be able to speak freely and we might learn something.

Wednesday 20th Jun

5:12pmDel on Not guilty?
  • I think your idea of tinned fish or meat is total rubbish Harryboy.Any money spent that convinces Putin that he can't always do as he wants is money well spent.Some of the best brains in the country analysed the drugs used but perhaps someone from Princes should have been consulted.

2:24pmPeter Morgan on Lake District Holiday Let
  • Salford cottage is available for rent and judging by the last two local couples who have resided there, its a veritable little love nest, but without the cameras. tel. 811575 before it goes global.

2:21pmPeter Morgan on BEM for Ralph
  • Well done Ralph, well deserved. Some time overdue though. Now if only you had been a third rate pop star... Still, fingers crossed, there's bound to be another edition of Love Island coming along soon and we know that you are always up for a challenge!

Tuesday 19th Jun

9:46amHarryboy on Not guilty?
  • Over 7.5 million have been spent on the Skripal poisoning investigation with little or no apparent result. It is possible there is no guilty party. It may be that Julia brought some dodgy home-canned fish or meat over from Russia, she and her father ate it together ate it together and that is what made them ill.

Sunday 17th Jun

7:59pmCathers on Lake District Holiday Let
  • I'd like to offer fellow residents of Audlem and surrounds a special intro offer to the holiday let I am managing in the Lake District. The Apartment at Belmont is a new holiday let located in the lovely village of Arnside, Cumbria. Finished to a very high standard, it's in an ideal spot for walkers and families, who'll enjoy adventures from the beach to the hills.
    Introductory offer (before advertising on official holiday websites like homeandaway) as follows: W/E break in June, July or August: 3 nights £325; W/Day break in June, July or August: 4 nights £400; Week break in June, July or August: 7 nights £575. Terms: Bookings must be made by Sun 24 June and paid in full. Refunds will be given if 14 days' notice given. Contact

5:15pmcelia b on Hankelow fete
  • Well done to the organisers, a traditional event and great to see the next generations coming along. People came from far and wide! Hope all the stalls did well.

Saturday 16th Jun

6:01pmpj on Audlem Apostrophe
  • Seamus, When a boater pays for a cruising license then these are the facilities they get as they cruise around the canals and rivers.
    If you really would like to empty a chemical toilet, but don't have a cruising license, I am more than happy to let you in to the 'bucket and chuckit' room with my special key. There is nothing physical to stop you emptying your rubbish into the big bins, just do it after dark when no one is looking and as for the modest toilet, well, the public ones by the car park are really much nicer.
    By the way, my cruising license is around £800 this year. But I wouldn't expect you to contribute

4:54pmDTD on Audlem Apostrophe
  • Perhaps this is an indication of the number of boaters the CRT expects this year — one!

2:51pmShuggie on Anyone have access to an ECU reader?
  • Hi Den

    OBDII is correct — it needs to have a VAG connector (Audi/VW) — if yours fits can you call me on 811049?

8:45amSeamus on Audlem Apostrophe
  • Well how very nice for this VIB ( Very Imortant Boater ) but what about the plebs. Don't they have any facilities afforded to them or is this just another example of unequel Britain today.

6:25amclarybelle on Music Festival number 18
  • Just thought I'd add a comment on this, mostly to say thanks to the organisers for organising such a great weekend. We live behind the co op so we can hear all the music all the time. No complaints here! It is after all, only four days of the year! We wish there could be more than one a year. Thanks very much for all your hard work. Looking forward to the next one!

Friday 15th Jun

4:42pmHarryboy on Phone technique
  • Another poster put the phone down on "a voice that was Asian" then relented and took the call when it came again. The best response to an unexpected call from an unfamiliar source is "Send me a letter."
    Incidentally there is nothing wrong with an Asian voice. You have to take people as you find them.

Thursday 14th Jun

6:22pmKingbur on New Village Map
  • As Judy said, the new map by the canal doesn't contain much information for tourists, but the large diorama maps by the Shroppie Fly and at the car park entrance do have details of all the shops — or at least, the shops as they were when the signs were put up around eight years ago. I wonder if the PC would like to fund updated versions?

4:00pmBat in Belfrey on New Village Map
  • Come, come, Stoneyman — play fair. Billy may be old but not quite that old. Also the chariots would be much too fast for him to handle.

2:19pmbob-bee2000 on New Village Map
  • Why, one would ask, are the village pubs alone classed as "important features"?

10:54amSoutherner on New Village Map
  • It's very pretty but it's not terribly informative.

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