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9:42amStepanian on Cheshire Devo
  • No Den I didn't vote for this. Why is it we regularly see Timpson involving himself in numerous issues and highlighting causes when we never hear of our own elected East Cheshire member striving to protect our own area? If there are too many 'personal connections' then might I suggest she has an unbiased approach by 'leading' elsewhere? At least she can then tick ALL her required boxes. Michael's comment is the usual self glorification.

8:12amDen C on Cheshire Devo
  • So now we know why Cheshire East hasn't bothered to operate proper planning policies. In reality they are more interested in impressing the Westminster establishment than looking after its own residents. It's been operating a planning free for all and all out expansionism. Did anyone vote for any of this?


11:16pmAnnT on new layout
  • It may take some people a little while to get used to but on the phone it is tons better. I think that occasionally, just occasionally, you should bring yourself to consider the bigger picture and not slate every new thing they do. They being the tech team.
    You don't have to praise the efforts put in but a more considered response might encourage them. To have hours and hours of effort trying to improve things for many users rubbished in such a way is dispiriting, certainly to me.

8:25pmcritic on new layout
  • To Webteam: Please do not keep changing the decor and moving the furniture round. If it is intended to be helpful to users I do not think it is.

    Editor's comment: Apologies if you find the new layout unhelpful. We've tried hard to make the site easier to use by adding a simple menubar and making pages display better on mobile devices. Our statistics show that almost half the people accessing AudlemOnline do so on a smartphone or tablet. With this in mind, we thought it important to move towards a more mobile friendly design.

10:08amSiteUser on Windows 10 & Privacy
  • I mentioned in my Weds post that privacy issues were causing concerns in some circles in the new Windows 10.
    I happened upon this article which amplifies the issues and what to do to lock down your system

9:26amBilly Gibbons on Skype appeal
  • Hello. I've been asked by a TV producer to have a Skype chat with them for a new TV show. However; with my phone being Bakelite, it's just not going to happen. Is there anyone out there who would point their phone at me for about 20 minutes here at my house sometime in the next week so I can have a chat with the very nice TV people and also show them my house please. I'm sure the editor here will give you my contact details if you ask them.
    Thanks in advance, Billy.

Thursday 27th Aug

7:51amSiteUser on Windows 10 Server Problems with Outlook - correction
  • Erratum
    In my original post there was a mistake in the command
    It should read "SFC /scannow" with a space BEFORE and not after the "/"
    These things don't work if they're not typed exactly!
    Good job there was a query from bobbee2000 as I would not have spotted it otherwise. Dunce's corner for me...... (again)

7:45amSiteUser on Windows 10 Server Problems with Outlook
  • Many ways to run a command prompt – important thing is for this to work it has to be "elevated" aka "run with administrator priviliges".
    Can't really do the detail in Chatbox, but there is an excellent tutorial at–elevated–command–prompt–open–windows–10–a.html
    Simplest way is 1st shown, i.e. press & hold the "windows" key & then the "x" key. From pop–up menu click "Command Prompt (Admin)" Click"yes"in the next screen. In the black window that appears where the cursor is blinking type "SFC /scannow" (exactly with no quotes and a space before the /). Hit the enter or return button and let it do its stuff. This command fixes corrupt files. Message me thro AOL if you want me to pop in

Wednesday 26th Aug

7:21pmbob-bee2000 on Windows 10 Server Problems with Outlook
  • SiteUser, re your message quote "You run a command called "sfc/ scannow" from an elevated command prompt." can we have that in English please for those of us who are technophobes?
    Many thanks.

10:21amSiteUser on Windows 10 Server Problems with Outlook
  • I submitted a news item a few months ago about the "free Windows 10 upgrade" and potential pitfalls. I did a test upgrade to see what happened. Some programs and hardware won't work on two of my machines, although it generally went OK.
    However a common problem is emerging for those using Outlook, part of the Microsoft Office suite (n.b. this is not the web based "" that replaced hotmail). There is an issue with sending a new e–mail and you get a server error reported. It's an easy fix if you know what you're doing, or ask someone who does. You run a command called "sfc/ scannow" from an elevated command prompt.
    Privacy issue are also raising concerns, you may wish to review settings.

Tuesday 25th Aug

7:16pmKingbur on BBC Weather
  • The BBC has announced that it is ending its 90 year old contract with the Met Office for providing weather forecasts, and is seeking tenders. This presents a great opportunity for Audlem to put in a bid, using the Audlem Weather Stone, which featured here in December 2009. This could be very beneficial financially for Audlem, especially if we too can provide forecasts for the next 90 years!

6:28pmBanks on new layout
  • I like the enhanced colours in the website. Well done team :).

2:02pmAnnT on Berni
  • Like Ken I too have been following news of Berni in Houston. I do hope to hear better news soon but it is plainly a harrowing time for all the family.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

12:18pmsandy on new layout
  • Hear, hear Joe the printer. I very rarely post on here but wish to applaud the work of the Audlem Online team. The new website is impressive and must have involved a lot of work. The detractors should consider this and at least give the team a chance to resolve any teething issues before posting criticism within hours of its appearance. I am sure that most villages would be very grateful for a website like ours.

11:15amJoe the printer on new layout
  • Well done chaps, the website look clean and fresh, it must have taken ages to do. It must be slightly off putting getting complaints about something that is free and takes your valuable time, time for folk to refresh their browsers

10:22amMargaret Roberts on new layout
  • I like it!

9:38amDawn on Beer festival
  • Hi – could anyone tell me if there will be a camping field for the beer festival? This is my first visit to the beer festival, but I've been to the music festival twice before.
    Many thanks.

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