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2:32pmSeamus on Roof repair
  • Hi
    I have a leaking roof but can't see where the water's getting in.Does anyone know a roofer who will do a small job like this please.

1:44pmSid on Bales of straw
  • The Macs. Thank you

5:18amNigel_Y on Audlem 30mph Limit
  • I noticed when I drove into Audlem from the Nantwich direction that the 30 speed limit sign has been removed from the right hand side. Does anyone know when it will be replaced, my understanding of the rules are that as it stands the 30 limit is not enforceable whilst only one sign is present.


11:17amSandylaner on Usa
  • @Editors — can we please put an end to this forum being used as a political soapbox? Everybody is entitled to their own interpretation of the events unfolding in the USA, but it serves no purpose to spout opinion here on what will clearly be a divided topic. The comments re: "Brexit Bonus" on another thread exemplify the situation perfectly.

Saturday 19th Aug

11:03amchelper on Usa
  • Another mistake in the USA. Removal of the statues is triumphalist and provocative. Let the heirs of the Civil War victors celebrate their victory and let the heirs of the defeated celebrate their leaders. Then there is something for everybody.

8:33amcelia b on New to the area
  • If you prefer peace and quiet try 'the silent gardener' who prefers hand tools and no chemicals. pruning and hedges etc a speciality.

Friday 18th Aug

11:52amStevie B on New to the area
  • We are new to the area and wonder if anyone could recommend a gardener and also a personal trainer

9:14amJoe the printer on Leyla cat
  • isn't it great to hear good news for a change... glad your cat returned

Thursday 17th Aug

12:15pmThe Macs on Bales of straw
  • Hi Sid. The big farm opposite Dagfields sells really nice straw in small and large bales.
    Guys name is Barry and his number is 01270841333

8:00amchelper on Leyla cat
  • To IJ: It is not unknown for cats to go walkabout. Hope Leyla comes back soon.

Wednesday 16th Aug

8:15pmPoliticsMann on Brexit Bonus
  • Much alike 'Nuf-Said', I too have converted to the other side of the argument over the EU. Since the vote, we have seen war break out all over Europe in the prospect of leaving the Common Foreign and Security Policy headed by Federica Mogherini (ever heard of her?) Also, the benevolent EU officials have welcomed the democratic wish of the people, not threatened us with '£100 billion' which we will have to pay to leave, which makes the original vote led by those damn Leave politicians all the more bitter to accept.
    Can AudlemOnline act as bastions of the public more generally by not descending into the arguments of the referendum? Certainly critique, but don't pretend to have the authoritative stance; it is unbecoming of the country we should be striving for.

    Editor's comment: Ed: We think this topic has run its course.We have no wish to revisit the referendum debate and believe it is now time to move on.
    We will therefore not be publishing more items on this subject in the near furure

7:38pmJoshi on Brexit Bonus
  • And when I had to return in 2008 to the Board of my Company following a co Director being taken ill with a severe stroke. I had to stand very firm with a Company that was one of our main suppliers from France who wanted to put the £ and the Euro on par. After a struggle I won at 1.05

4:15pmNuf-Said on Brexit Bonus
  • 2 And whilst you might rejoice in the employment stats (rather than inflation of course), most employers are actually complaining of a labour shortage caused in no small part by Brexit, post referendum hostility to foreign workers and the fact that their wages in relative terms have dropped because of the decline in the £. That's why the NHS has struggled to recruit anything like enough nurses this year compared to last. I've seen reports of a number of companies moving to mainland Europe since the skills they require are in short supply and skilled European workers will no longer come to Brexit Britain. As we head for "hard Brexit" watch the trickle become a flood of job transfers.
    Still, at least we'll have that £350 million for the NHS

4:13pmNuf-Said on Brexit Bonus
  • 1 Choose those dates because that's actually when I last bought Euros. Equally you could have chosen 31st August 2007 when the rate was 1.47 (you know just before the financial crash when actually the lowest it dropped was 1.02 — not 1.00 as you state — then recovered quickly). The best way of looking at it is the long term graph on rather than cherry picking dates convenient to your argument where you can see that for most of 2015 the rate was between 1.30 and 1.40 and then took a nose dive early in 2016 when Cameron announced the referendum.
    Analysts attribute the rise in the FTSE to the effect of currency devaluation, since companies trade in $ their profits look better. And priced in $ the FTSE looks a whole lot worse.

1:16pmJohnbbank on Brexit Bonus
  • That was an interesting date you chose. One year before Brexit the £ was indeed at an all time high against the €. If you had used the day before the Brexit referendum the value was €1.25/£. If you used the 2008 value then £1 = €1. Today we now have the lowest unemployment figures since 1975, the stock market holding firm above 7000 and record exports. The country would benefit from a more positive attitude to that being demonstrated by some.

9:59amNuf-Said on Brexit Bonus
  • I must stand corrected on my previous opposition to Brexit expressed on these pages, I have seen the light. One year before the referendum in July 2015 I received an exchange rate of €/£ 1.44. Just over a year after the referendum I've just got 1.09. What a massive bonus and a big thanks to those enlightened Brexiteers. Those eurocrats must be shaking with fear at our new found strength.

8:39amSid on Bales of straw
  • Any advice as to where I may be able to purchase a couple of bales of straw.
    Many Thanks

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