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10:41pmAngus McCoatup on Audlem Cycle Club Road Races
  • I'm writing this as a keen leisure cyclist myself who spends many hours each week on the local roads. Could the club please remind riders that there are rules for cyclists in the Highway Code. Unfortunately these are blatantly ignored by many cyclists, including quite a few I witnessed on the last event, especially riding 3 abreast on a bend causing danger. Sadly some cyclists are possessed with a self righteousness whereby they believe they are entitled to do whatever they like and the motorist is always to blame. Cycling today I passed one cyclist going fast whilst on his mobile, I mean – why on earth? Whilst motoring standards are poor, cycling is much worse in my observations and causes unnecessary hostility and danger

Sunday 28th Jun

10:44pmcritic on Free wifi
  • Free wifi on buses is all very well but how about community–funded free wifi for Audlem centre? Some places are doing it.

9:56amPennyfarthing on Pet Sitter
  • Hi, we have done pet sitting for friends and relatives, if you would like to call and discuss your requirements we may be able to help you out.Call 812153

Saturday 27th Jun

10:30pmAnnT on New Vic Theatre
  • If you like history there is a real treat on at the New Vic in Newcastle until the end of July.
    The theatre has commissioned four plays from different angles about the Staffordshire Hoard. Last night's fare consisted of two plays, one about the finding and recovery of the hoard, and the other an idea of how it might have come to be. I thought it quite sad that having put so much effort into plays about a local event not many people were there. Those who were seemed, like me, to have really enjoyed it. Apart from the historic angle there was humour and an insight into one possibility of the origins of the hoard.
    The acting and effects were tremendous and two lovely singers graced the second play.

1:24pmAnnT on Our MP
  • I'm so glad that I decided to stay in the village and attend the informal meeting with our new MP.
    Plainly she can't solve all our problems but seemed willing to facilitate meetings and the like.
    A very pleasant introduction, though my red flag is still in the background.

10:38amAnnT on Midnight Walk
  • I would like to send my best wishes to Janice Spibey, and all the other participants , who are talking part in tonight's walk to raise money for St. Luke's Hospice.
    What a splendid record you have Janice for fund raising this way.

9:28amSarahT on Pet Sitter
  • Can any recommend a pet sitting service? I've tried the 2 on direct but no response.

Friday 26th Jun

4:44pmAnnT on Chivalry
  • I would like to thank Dave for helping me with my five bags of shopping on Thursday. What a gent.
    Thanks again.

Thursday 25th Jun

10:22pmSteveE on Lock 15
  • Thanks Bill. His name is Richard Parry. I've sent him copies of the last 2 articles on Lock 15 – be interesting to see if there is any response!

9:02pmBillcarper on Lock 15
  • Just in case this might be useful, it's the contact details for the CEO of the CRT: & River Trust

8:45pmBillcarper on Lock 15
  • Might be worth putting some postings on their FaceBook page? (

5:49pmSusieJ on Lock 15
  • I'm surprised that the CRT seems loathe to communicate directly with Lock 15 gardeners........

    I understood that using herbicides next to waterways required Environment Agency permission...has this changed?

    Cutting wildflower areas before the plants have seeded will not promote biodiversity...late Summer is the time to do this and these 'corridors' along the canal are so important.

    I'm sure that the volunteers are working very hard but surely a little more collaborative working between CRT , volunteers and the wider Audlem community would be a win–win for all?

8:50amMoomoo on Lock 15
  • SHAME on the CRT...... something that looks lovely and harms no one and increases wild life.
    Having dealt with the CRT from a business angle, with their fees and bureaucracy, it doesn't surprise me in the struggle of getting them to agree over a patch of grass !

Wednesday 24th Jun

6:18pmpj on Austerity
  • 1 Sternness or severity of manner or attitude
    1.1 Plainness and simplicity in appearance:
    1.2 (usually austerities) A feature of an austere way of life:
    2 Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure:
    Oxford English Dictionary
    I think that the austerity the politicians have been telling Geoff Farr about is number 2 on the above list
    Geoff's memories are surely more to do with number 1.2 on the above list.
    Are we not confusing poverty and a lack of modern technology with 'austerity' as an economic measure.
    And of course poverty and modern technology is all relevant to the age we live in.
    None of this is either cynical or ironic

3:30pmSusieJ on Austerity
  • There's a lot of irony about at the moment Mr. McCoatup....must be the weather........and I concur with the rest of your post...well said.

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