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6:51pmbob-bee2000 on PCSO Nick Jarvis
  • Only four caught speeding? The reason is probably because so many other drivers flash their headlights to warn about the speed enforcement. How are we ever going to get on top of this problem if people continue to be so misguided by helping speeders to avoid being caught?

2:01pmchelper on Flags in the Village
  • Where is the Parish Council in all this? Has street decoration in Audlem been privatized?

Thursday 19th Oct

5:10pmLily the pink on Flags in the Village
  • Seamus — the last person to use the patronising comment of " calm down dear " to a woman in public was David Cameron & look what happened to him , he sure got his comeuppance !

4:25pmJoe the printer on Flags in the Village
  • I have been looking hard for snowflakes in the village... not a one, plenty of raindrops though

3:46pmbob-bee2000 on Flags in the Village
  • Den C, just want to ask how you knew the Dutch people were going back to Holland (North or South?) and not to some other part of the Netherlands?

3:42pmSeamus on Flags in the Village
  • Den
    Next time someone asks why the flags are there,just tell them it's because it's not time for the trees yet, and then leave them ponder on that one.

11:32amDen C on Flags in the Village
  • Please everyone, lighten up. My comment was a joke, think Faulty Towers, It just amused me to think of those nice Dutch people going back to Holland and telling their friends about the fascist people in Audlem. I only thought about saying it but didn't. The flags are great, it's just that strangers might be forgiven for thinking they'd arrived at a BNP rally. They did after all ask about all those Union flags.

    The Dutch couple were great by the way, they regret Brexit, they were on their regular canal holiday in Britain. You might think they had plenty of canals at home.

11:12amSeamus on Flags in the Village
  • Lily, I am not questioning your right or anyone else's right to national pride.
    I do marvel though how you and others managed to weave Ralph's efforts,university,socialism , Johnson,patriotism, fascism ( socialism and fascism--amazing ! ) etc.. into such a simple question about the misuse of the English language and the sycophantic rush to embrace all thing American including their strangulation of our language.
    I still have to ask ;what does "snowflake Liberal Elite" mean in English please.
    Oh, and to paraphrase the late Mr.Winner "calm down dear it's only a question "

9:09amsticks on Flags in the Village
  • Better take mine down ,it's got a black Swan on it๐Ÿ˜

Wednesday 18th Oct

8:39pmLily the pink on Flags in the Village
  • It's so easy to scorn love of ones country and be "so right on ".......I suppose that's the results of a liberal university education, able to quote at the drop of a hat , but I would prefer to appreciate the efforts of the community spirit in people who so massively support Audlem and all its inhabitants from flowers to flags.

6:26pmmeddleman on Flags in the Village
  • There are, of course, some of us more sceptical liberal snowflakes who would tend to side with the eminent Samuel Johnson's assertion in 1775 that " Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ", especially as it has been used so often throughout history to distort the truth and mask atrocity. This has been amply illustrated recently by prominent politicians from both sides of the Atlantic whose actions and words would lead many to agree with Johnson.

6:10pmLily the pink on Flags in the Village
  • Seamus — we have a right to be proud of our national flag , why are any signs of national pride frowned on by socialists ( not an Americanism ) just plain English.I for one am so fed up of people in our country constantly denigrating our country and anything to do with national pride even considered fascist by one of the commentators on chat box because we enjoy & appreciate RW's efforts with the flags.Do people never consider the hurt they might cause by spiteful comments on here about community spirited actions.

3:38pmSeamus on Flags in the Village
  • If you want to get all "puffed up " about national pride can you please use the national language instead of some pale imitation of Americanised pidgin English.
    What on earth is "snowflake Liberal Elite " and why do we have capital letters on liberal elite ?

10:58amJohnbbank on Flags in the Village
  • There's a bloke just down the road from my house in Spain that proudly flies the Flag of Wales in his front garden. Once his neighbours figure out he's not a Game of Thrones fan they'll probably burn his house down.

9:52amNomad on Flags in the Village
  • Absolutely right, Lily the pink. There can't be another country in the world where the displaying of one's national flag is now discouraged and frowned upon and patriotism mis-labelled whether in jest (as in this case) or not. I left Audlem some time ago but felt so proud to drive back through the flags recently. Proudly stand up to the snowflake Liberal Elite takeover!

7:21amLily the pink on Flags in the Village
  • Why the snideness over the flags ? Must be an outbreak of snowflakes in the village that have a problem with patriotism......

Tuesday 17th Oct

6:28pmDen C on Flags in the Village
  • I was talking to a Dutch visiting couple in the village recently. They asked what all the Union Flags all over the village were about. I was tempted to say with a very straight face that the village was the last outpost of Nationalist Fascism, I didn't though. I liked the idea that if I had, they'd have gone back to Holland with stories about the extreme right in rural Britain.

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