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1:55pmsticks on Mend our mum video
  • Yes Mend our Mum is Global. I showed my work mates the video in Perth WA. All were very impressed. Really fantastic effort from the Village Good Luck to Berni and family.
    Donation sent.

11:36amBillcarper on Big pothole hazard leaving Hankelow on A529
  • Just wondered whether you have reported this on: ? It worked well for me recently.


9:23pmCanal Cat on Big pothole hazard leaving Hankelow on A529
  • For those who may not be aware, there is a particularly nasty pothole opening up on the A529 as you exit Hankelow towards Nantwich, in the dip just past the Golf Course. The hole is where the water / ice has been pooling in the dip and is a real serious danger to traffic, especially cycles and motorbikes (because the hole is right on the nearside of the road on the Nantwich bound side of road). Unless someone has beaten me to it, I will be contacting Cheshire East Highways about it ASAP, but everyone needs to take extra care in the meantime, we don't want anyone hurt at Xmas. Thanks.

5:20pmPenelopepitstop on cooker repair person needed.
  • Does anyone have an honest & reliable contact of someone that could repair an integrated electric Candy oven? I think it just needs a new element, so not a big job.Thanks.

1:35pmcelia b on Highways planning verdict
  • So who can appeal against East Cheshire's decision FOR the health field road development? How would it be funded?

Thursday 18th Dec

2:31pmMontyMoose on Plumber Required
  • Rick Youle (07974 697494) is brilliant, I've not found anything he can't do yet. Not technically a plumber, or at least, not just a plumber. He's never failed to amaze us on what he can do. Work is always beautifully finished.

1:52pm57Lawnman on Broadband
  • Just done a speed test 14mbps download/ 1.06 mbps upload/ 20ms ping very happy with that down and off Whitchurch Road.

1:52pmbob-bee2000 on Broadband
  • For those of you who will soon be receiving super fast broadband, please be thankfull for any improvement in service. Down here in the 'outback' of Longhill Lane, we will be lucky to see any improvement in our steam driven system within the next decade!

11:25amJohnbbank on Broadband
  • My son in law, who lives on Green Lane, has today ordered BT infinity who have said speeds will be up to 72mbps but are more likely to be 56mbps considering distance from cabinet. He gets it on 16th Jan so I'll get his feedback and report back.

    Editor's comment: AudlemOnline had a visit from webteam colleagues in Tarvin. They now have speeds of 35mbps plus and say it's fantastic.

9:56amcritic on Broadband
  • Content expands to fill capacity. However much broadband you had it would soon fill up with pointless graphics and unwanted pictures.

9:41amMilton Freeback on Plumber Required
  • Can anyone recommend a decent plumber to fit a shower? The business contacts for plumbers seem quite limited - thanks in advance.

9:25amNone-of-the-above on Cheshire East pay by results??
  • Just seen the following link on Nantwich News
    How on earth can Cheshire East justify this £30K pay rise, particularly as R4 said that local authority budgets have been cut by 37% since 2010.
    Apparently this new job will join another 4 jobs in Cheshire East all earning over £100K.
    Nice to know our money is being spent wisely!

9:11amAnnT on Broadband
  • As with many things the glass is either half full or half empty. I tend to go with the latter. Unless I am really down when it is empty.

7:20amAgainst the grain on Broadband
  • Wow, so we have Super Fast Broadband! The forecast speeds of 5-15Mbps are no better than we had a year ago (they are certainly better than that which we are getting now though). When this was first brought up a few years ago we were asked to sign up for BT Infinity which offers speeds of 38Mbps for the same price as the current dismal offer. There is no chance of even streaming anything content rich such as HDTV with hat we are now being offered. Have we been short changed?

Wednesday 17th Dec

9:50amWebteam on MP's letter
  • We thank Den C for the two further comments sent on this thread, which we announced earlier we were closing.
    Perhaps a personal letter to the MP is the best way to deal with any issue you may have with his letter.

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