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10:52amcritic on telecare
  • Nice to know that telecare is to be free but what is it?

Sunday 26th Jul

10:51amMum on Motorcycle racing
  • I have just read the article and found it really interesting. Great to think there is so much enthusiasm for the sport locally. Motorcycles racing can be dangerous, but for those that love it, it is an exhilarating sport. It is a shame it doesn't get the recognition it so well deserves.

7:55amcelia b on Motorcycle racing
  • Interesting as the story was, out of 5riders named 2 died. Hardly an advertisement for the sport

Thursday 23rd Jul

3:29pmNone-of-the-above on Planning message to local MP
  • What a brilliant letter to our local MP. It was succint and to the point. Well done whoever wrote the letter. I couldn't have put the points better myself :–)

    Let us hope we get a better response than we had with Stephen O'Brian and our local councillor last time which seemed to amount to the fact that neither of them could do anything.

    This particular plot of land was submitted to CEC when they called for land owners to nominate suitable plots of land for development. At this point it was deemed the least suitable plot of all around Audlem and put in category C. However it was suggested the plot would support 283 houses which seems totally outrageous given the current size of the village.

Tuesday 21st Jul

8:21pmgoing underground on Car Driving Telephonist
  • I have now apparently "become so aggressive" as well as "having a bee in my bonnet"......... but there is nothing personally directed at me?

    Many years ago we a road rage incident in the works van at Clapham Junction, a nice Police officer said to us, "Don't get involved, you have no idea how this people could react, they could stab you or anything, I don't want to have to visit your family and tell them you have been killed, there are lots of nutters out there".

    This is my last post on this subject.

    You carry on using your camera my dear friend.

2:24pmgoing underground on Car Driving Telephonist
  • Dear A thought, like I said........."I think is it quite sad that when someone enters into a conversation on AOL that another blogger has to make personal remarks and unfounded accusations".

    Thanks for proving my point.

2:22pmmeddleman on Car Driving Telephonist
  • Ah, police officers, yes I remember them. They used to monitor traffic you know. I think it was called a deterrent. I think a small majority voted to get rid of them. Could you remind me what they look like?

1:46pmEHF on Car Driving Telephonist
  • I am completely with you on this Angus, it really annoys me that there's never a police officer around to see these drivers! My frustration is one of our local agricultural contractors and their drivers who not only use their mobile phones whilst in control of these huge and powerful machines, but one actually passed my house in a convoy of tractors on Woore Road with his phone sideways on and with a hand on each side watching something on its screen!

1:13pmA Thought on Car Driving Telephonist
  • Reading Mr Underground's contribution puts me in mind of that Shakespearian line "Methinks he doth protesteth too much"

12:28pmAngus McCoatup on Car Driving Telephonist
  • Hmmm. Interesting that you should suddenly become so aggressive – I was questioning the blog you were quoting – not you and there's nothing personal directed to you in my posts, unless you're the blogger yourself that you're directing to.
    I do question however why you are so persistent in trying to put people off using these devices rather than the behaviour of those I was criticising. Some people do like to think they should be able to phone as much as they like whilst driving, but research shows it's actually shows it slows your responses by 46%. They're the "nutters" you should be directing you're ire towards.
    If a regulation says cathode ray tube then it can't be applied to anything else – I used to enforce the law (and deal with the bereaved)

11:41amgoing underground on Car Driving Telephonist
  • AM
    1) I have said from the start I am not sure if the blog or Regs are still valid / correct.
    2) It is a Camera and does not matter if it is CRT or LCD.
    3) My name is David Pudney and I do not "have a bee in my bonnet, nor have I ever been caught out by one, or trying to put people off, nor do I have dubious motivation".

    I was only trying to make the point that if you submitted the footage to the Police, then your driving would have to perfect or you could end up being prosecuted yourself. I was trying to help.
    I think is it quite sad that when someone enters into a conversation on AOL that another blogger has to make personal remarks and unfounded accusations.

    I wouldn't use one. Too many nutters out there!

8:52amautumn mist on bus times
  • I have not seen the new timetable, but I think what has happened is that 15.58 will not run on non–school days, as it is the return of the school bus. We do not have a good bus service and it's not getting better.

8:45amAngus McCoatup on Car Driving Telephonist
  • The purpose of the post was to try to alert the minority of bad drivers that they are being increasingly filmed to encourage them to behave and not put other people's lives at risk – fear of detection is the most effective deterrent. Sadly a reply to a post I made a few months ago showed the police are really not interested, unless there's an accident. I was pleased though to see an idiot who posted his own reckless behaviour on youtube prosecuted
    GU – In response to your specific question as to the positon of my camera – I actually have one rearward facing too. There's no need to look at screens as they have wide angle lenses and capture the lot. The blog you're quoting is very misleading, and I suspect with dubious motivation.

8:28amAngus McCoatup on Car Driving Telephonist
  • I think the police would struggle to prosecute over simply having one of these as they are by definition NOT a CRT – they are LCD, so the regulation cannot be applied to them. Its intention is actually to stop people watching films etc whilst driving (for which there have been prosecutions), and it is not restricted to devices attached just to the windscreen – anything the driver can see.
    The other issue is the obstruction of the field of view and the positioning of anything on the screen, including stickers etc and is governed by different requirements, which are quite sensible and should be complied with. I'm not aware of anyone being prosecuted for using these devices per se – just cases where the driver themselves misbehaved.

Monday 20th Jul

8:20pmgoing underground on Car Driving Telephonist
  • Sorry everyone the link will not work via AOL...... just Google 'SUCTION MOUNTED CAR CAMERAS' and look for one on the page.

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