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7:42pmcelia b on B&B Help
  • Look under 'directories' then 'businesses' the last category is places to stay. Little Heath Farm is B&B within walking dist of centre. Also camping in the field off Market Drayton road during special events

Tuesday 25th Apr

9:37amHairy Hobbit on B&B Help
  • Does anyone know of a B&B or somewhere our friends could stay in Audlem for a night over the Festival weekend?

Sunday 23rd Apr

8:57amFriesland. on A529 Road Closure
  • Does anyone have any idea when they are planning to complete the roadworks by resurfacing Audlem centre, particularly near the Co-op? We were led to believe this was going to happen, yet the boards and equipment have disappeared. I'm presently doing the garden and have a few lovely herbaceous plants I'm willing to contribute to the potholes if this isn't likely to happen.

8:52amRisley on Audlem's Got Talent!
  • I would love to support local traders, as I try to do with the shops, but always end up feeling frustrated when they don't even bother to phone back! That's why I now prefer to look further afield. Traders create their own reputations and especially when they suddenly vanish to do other jobs rather than finish one at a time to create customer satisfaction. This is the experience we have had this past couple of years.

8:40amBilly Gibbons on Gotcha!
  • Nice one bob-bee! Dash Cam's are great, aren't they? When you tell people some of the suicidal/illegal things people do in their cars and they look at you as though your exaggerating, it's great to show them the actual footage. Can't argue with that! The trouble is; double white lines, double yellow lines, not using a mobile phone whilst driving and speed limits don't apply to a lot of people.

7:00amBilly Gibbons on Find cousins
  • Graham MAY have a car to sell?...whenever DIDN'T he have a car to sell. Haha. Tell him to be careful..I currently have 5 so the tables may be turned! Anyway; I saw Frankie yesterday and he told me to say 'Hello' and his address is 19 Churchfields, Audlem. He, as well as myself, have many happy memories, some of which we shared yesterday. Hope your all well.
    Paul. (Billy)

6:46amangryofaudlem on Audlem's Got Talent!
  • Whilst I would encourage and applaud people to source local tradesmen, may I also encourage people to seek more than one opinion. At least one person on that list has a very bad reputation for taking money off people and never coming back to finish (or even start) the job. Several people on the same street where he used to live, for a fact — and there are others besides in the village. Please be careful.

Saturday 22nd Apr

8:16pmbob-bee2000 on Gotcha!
  • To the woman with the bleached blonde hair who overtook and raced passed me on double white lines at well in excess of the 30 mph limit, in her 56 Reg dark grey Citroen C3 in Hankelow at 08.15 this morning and then spent the next five miles up the backside of another vehicle, continually braking — SMILE, I've got you on dash cam!

6:48pmThe Macs on Audlem's Got Talent!
  • Would love to get your recommendations please for our local lot. Would far rather go local than not for any upcoming work. :D
    Perhaps the AudlemOnline team could pass on my email for further details. Thanks

12:38pmAlan from Salford on Find cousins
  • Hi Billy
    I told our Graham that I had been speaking to you, he said he would join this chat line as he wanted to speak to you. If he cant sign up on here I will send his details. Be careful he may have a car to sell, lol.
    Good luck with your gig.


Friday 21st Apr

8:44pmbicbic on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • Grandad Drooler, take a look at Cheshire east planning application17/1643N and it will show you exactly where the builder plans to route the water. Yes are right the water may well arrive a couple of hours earlier but now concentrated at the same time and the same place — exactly the point raised.

    Making sure I don't 'harp on' about the water you will also see that the majority of houses planned are now 4/5 bedroom and they butt right up against the bridleway!

7:53pmDen C on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • "Dave R" is correct. The increased hard surface are will accelerate run off and increase the flow after rainfall. Sure the same volume of water will eventually flow into the rivers but it will be delayed by perching in the groundwater system. Basic hydrology.

5:49pmGrandad Dooler on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • Poor excuses, the water will always end up in the brook as it is the lowest point, water tends not to run uphill. It may get there a couple of hours earlier, no big deal. I am against the development but harping on about a roof water is not going to help the cause, the builders will probably use soak away systems for the run off water anyway which as some have said will seep away into the brook a little slower. So still await a sensible reply.

1:20pmsticks on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • To Grandad dooler
    The development 26 homes,all the rainwater from the property's plus the rainwater from the roads is directed to road sumps and then the water is then directed to the brook at Salford.This would all be extra water to the brook at Salford as normally it would leach away naturally.
    All this plus the dangerous situation this development will create at the junction of Hillary drive and Heathfield rd
    The developers address is in Audlem obviously it's all about making a Quid and no care for the the Village.

12:26pmDave R on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • Grandad Dooler. Presently the rain falling on this area will soak away quickly through the sand, which makes up the ground around there and into the groundwater, dissipating over a large area. The development will catch the water (gutters, road drains etc), over this same area, feed into a big pipe and then direct into a small area ie the brook. Big into small don't go! If I lived in the low lying houses near the brook I'd want this water fed somewhere else not onto a stream that is already liable to flooding. ps I don't know where!

7:40amGrandad Dooler on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • The same amount of rain fall on an area whether there are houses on it or not. The
    foul water goes into the sewer so how does it increase the village flood risk? Explain someone. Maybe my dementia is setting in!

7:26amDen C on Proposed drainage form Heathfield rd development
  • Flooding doesn't seem to figure in planning decisions it would appear. All of the area's drainage flow into the River Weaver. There's already reasonably sizeable area of Nantwich which is at risk of flooding, around Welsh Row for example according to Environment Agency flood mapping. I've seen the Weaver in Nantwich very close to flooding already a number of times over the last decade. All the developments around Nantwich and Audlem and other areas can only increase the flood risk.

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