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9:48amDen C on Buerton - Speed Limit?
  • Don't delude yourselves that our glorious Council are doing this for the benefit of the residents, a reduced speed limit opens up the village for development.

9:25amsandy on Audlem Online Etiquette
  • I've posted a couple of replies on Chatbox to information requests. Presumably if a poster has asked a question, they will check for a reply. I would then have expected a simple acknowledgement that someone has gone to the trouble of finding a telephone number, logging in and posting an answer. I know that at least one of the numbers has proved to be helpful. A simple "thanks" would be nice.

    I have also posted an item of furniture under "free to good home." A couple of viewers came and I told them that I would completely understand if they did not wish to take the item, but I would appreciate a quick call, email or text. Again, no response.

    This is disheartening and I'm not sure if I shall make the effort again to try to be helpful.

9:06amcelia b on The Archive section
  • There has been a problem with the Archive section and the photos would not open up, if you found this, please try again as it should be fixed now. Thanks

8:41amNigelMachin on Buerton - Speed Limit?
  • Interesting – about 5 years ago we contacted the council/MP etc to see if we could get a speed reduction around the Long Hill Lane junction with Woore Road (Chapel End). We were told that unless someone was killed or badly injured then there is no chance. So this sounds like good news – daily we see so many near misses.


6:26pmmike s on Buerton - Speed Limit?
  • Cheshire East have allocated funding to carry out this work in this financial year (before the end of March 2016)
    The plan is to provide a 30 mph limit through Burleydam and a 40mph limit through Buerton. Final details are still to be confirmed

7:52amSandylaner on Buerton - Speed Limit?
  • I seem to recall that a speed limit was being considered on the A525 from Audlem right through to Buerton.

    Does anybody have any update on this please?

Sunday 4th Oct

6:43pmcelia b on thanks
  • to those who struggled to the buttermarket on Saturday laden with carrier bags of apples. (Wheelbarrows are a thought!). Everyone seemed delighted to watch the juicing process and take away their own juice from their own apples. If anyone has a lot of apples that might be wasted they can ask one of ADAPT's members to visit them with the equipment in the next month or so–the apples can be chopped and frozen until then.

Saturday 3rd Oct

11:04pmRoy H on Congratulations Tom Hassall!
  • I couldn't agree with canal cat more. Knowing Tom it was indeed an honour well deserved. As I write this I am looking at my late father's medals, he was in the Special Operations Executive, but I only discovered what his war was all about a few years ago when I visited the Imperial War Museum archives. He never spoke about it when he was alive. Just wish I'd known earlier then I could have told him how proud and grateful I am.

Friday 2nd Oct

5:43pmCanal Cat on Congratulations Tom Hassall!
  • What a nice story to read about the honour for Tom Hassall: If ever an honour was better deserved, I cannot think of it. Each and every one of us should reflect on what terrible risks and sacrifices Tom and his many thoudands of colleagues made for our freedom so we might enjoy the life of liberty we all have today! The experiences he went through do not even bear thinking about. I take my hat off to you sir! Thankyou so much! It is DEEPLY appreciated.

5:38pmCanal Cat on Success for N'hood Plan
  • Totally agree with None–of–the–above's comments: Heather and the PC deserve our warm congratulations for their perseverence and tenacity. What the hell are Cheshire East for? They cannot even seem to decide what their own policy is? And where was our invisible local Councilor (who oversees planning matters) in all this I wonder? This Local authority seem utterly incompetent on planning!

Thursday 1st Oct

6:41pmNone-of-the-above on Success for N'hood Plan
  • Well done Heather.
    It is great that we have the Parish council and the Neighbourhood Plan to back us up.
    Cheshire East are about as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to planning matters.
    Why on earth would their planners recommend acceptance when they already have our village plan on the table?
    Maybe we ought to have a poll on the website to declare UDI from Cheshire East as they seem to have very little to offer.

11:21americ cantona on Conveyancing Solicitor in the village?
  • Contact Martyn Measures 01270 624225 who is happy to see clients in the village or at Hibberts LLP Solicitors in Nantwich. Full contact and info on firms website
    Top rated in The Times and Sunday Times list of Conveyancing "Vouched For " Solicitors AND UK Legal 500.

8:59amsandy on Moles
  • I would recommend Gary Emery 07845 614889. He is very pleasant and very efficient.

8:09amDdub on Moles
  • Dear AOL having clearly enjoyed a lovely summer elsewhere my resident mole (s) has returned once more.

    Having well and truly lost the battle last year I am looking for anyone who can catch the little blighter(s) before he sets to work on my garden

    If anyone can suggest someone who can come out AAP I would be grateful. Thanks

Wednesday 30th Sep

8:01pmLes Cargot on Conveyancing Solicitor in the village?
  • Hi Julian,

    I do believe that Martin Measures is a conveyancing solicitor but I don't have any contact numbers for him other than that of his office, The Bridge Inn at Shropshire Street.

5:40pmTechMedia - Julian on Conveyancing Solicitor in the village?
  • Hi, Is there a conveyancing solicitor in the village?

1:00pmMrs Bouquet on Roadside hedges.
  • Could I please put in a request that owners of hedges spilling over onto the pavements to give them a trim. Both my daughter and a visiting cousin have to use a wheelchair and I am forced either to walk in the road which is, of course, dangerous or run the risk of them being scratched by holly/thorns or stung by nettles. It can also in places get pretty difficult for the able bodied.

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