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6:06pmColonel Blimp on Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law kidnap
  • I wish to reassure Audlemers, contrary to any accusations that Mrs Blimp may make, that at no stage have I said that if the same fate as Bernie befell me that I would pay the kidnappers £10,000 to keep her mother.
    The most I could afford is £100

10:08amSeamus on Hit and Run
  • Against The Grain; things must change--charging for treatment of alcohol related injuries for example? Not easy but we must keep an open mind and question everything if we are to improve this nation.
    In that regard please Google something like UN/UK/HUMAN RIGHTS/ AUSTERITY. You'll find that on the 29 June 2016 the United Nations concluded the UK government has been in breach of Human Rights due to its austerity programme over the last 6 years and is "extremely concerned" about the increasing inequality in the UK.
    It goes on to highlight no less than 27 areas that brought it to that conclusion.
    You won't find this reported in our mainstream press. Why not? Well perhaps that's just something else we need to be open-minded and ask questions about.

10:08amSoftail on Hit and Run
  • I dont propose to get into prolonged correspondance on this subject particularly with CHC who I would respectfully suggest has missed my point regarding Ambulance response times and which has been indirectly supported by Against The Grain and Meddleman.

    The service is vastly under resourced for the demands put on it, all I am saying is that if people took more responsibility for their own actions instead of expecting other people to sort them out the Ambulance service might have a chance in providing the service and response time people such as CHC expect.

7:25amAgainst the grain on Hit and Run
  • Meddleman and Seamus, I happen to know that waiting time limits have not been abandoned. The department was full of people with alcohol related injuries. One hysterical woman with a small graze on her lower lip having fallen over, one shaven headed chap with a small cut on his nose and a police officer cuffed to each hand who was shouting about it being his best arrest ever and the list goes on.The drain on resources from about 50% of those present is at the root of the problem and needs to change.

Tuesday 26th Jul

10:35pmSeamus on Hit and Run
  • Thank goodness Norman Huntbach is OK. Nevertheless though I do agree someone should be looking at the response times of the ambulance service. If CHC wants to kick it off I have heard of one chap who should be able to help him in his enquiries. He is known as Gideon (aka George) Osborne. His last known address was 11 Downing Street in London. I don't know where he is now but I imagine the family that has just moved into his old place would probably know where you could get hold of him. If you do track him down would you mind asking him why Cheshire East can't maintain our roads properly when you've sorted out the ambulance problem please? When you've done those two I'll give you a new list.
    All the best.

9:23pmmeddleman on Hit and Run
  • I too hope that Mr.Huntbach makes a speedy recovery. As for the Ambulance Service, like many areas of the NHS it is under extreme pressure. Indeed there is talk that Hunt wishes to cut it further.The Government has just abandoned A&E waiting time targets for hospitals so even if you get to hospital promptly,you are in for a long wait. But then patients are lucky at present for in a few years' time when they get to A&E, by bus, car or taxi, if present levels of recruitment of doctors into A&E specialties continue (and they show no sign of improving, quite the opposite), they will be treated by the cleaner and a junior doctor from Outer Mongolia. Ironically, of course, those with private health insurance will suffer the same fate. But don't moan; most of Audlem voted for this.

7:55pmAgainst the grain on Hit and Run
  • CHC, the ambulance service was under pressure on Sunday night due to a lack of serviceable vehicles and a spike in demand for the service along with a large demand for A&E services causing a queue of ambulances at A&E which we saw as we arrived at the hospital. Mine was not a high priority RED case as there was no threat to life.

6:57pmCHC on Hit and Run
  • The whole point is that these highly trained professionals were unable to provide a service to an incident that surely must have been classified as a serious emergency. Perhaps the Parish Coucil could raise this issue with the Ambulance Service in order to reassure residents.

6:32pmcelia b on Hit and Run
  • Again wishing Norman all the best-is the number of hits this story has reached a record?

11:56amSoftail on Hit and Run
  • With reference to CHC comments I also hope that Mr Huntbach makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Regarding the slow response time from the Ambulance Service this wouldnt be a problem if people only knew how to use this valuable and precious service properly. They are not a taxi service, they are not there to administer aspirin because somebody has a headache and can't be bothered to go to the chemist and they are not there to pick up drunks from the gutter who expect someone else to be responsible for their actions and so on and so forth.

    These are highly trained, highly skilled dedicated professionals who are at their best attending to incidents such as Mr Huntbach and not being constantly called out to time wasters.

    Use the service properly and the response time would be better.

Monday 25th Jul

5:38pmCHC on Hit and Run
  • I do hope that that Mr Huntbach makes a speedy recovery and I also hope that there is an immediate investigation into the slow response time from the ambulance service. The residents of Audlem do need to be confident that the emergency services can respond appropriately to any incident.

Sunday 24th Jul

6:35pmDavid Moyes on Great TV Sport but.....
  • Surely if Bob wanted to see better adverts he should have gone to Specsavers?

    Editor's comment: Now they are good ads!

Saturday 23rd Jul

8:50amKLS on burglar alert
  • The police were informed of all 3 incidents (4 if you count the suspects' car found in the hedge) and are working hard to piece the information together along with Staffordshire police who have added other information to the case.

Friday 22nd Jul

9:33amDave Siddorns on burglar alert
  • After recently attending a police meeting as a parish councillor who liaises with the police on behalf of the Parish Council, I would like to point out that, the police say it is vital that all incidents are reported directly to the police. This enables them to use all information gathered to help detection.
    AOL does a good job publicising these incidents but the police do not regularly read AOL and potentially important information may be over looked if not reported directly using the 101 number or 999 in a direct emergency.

Thursday 21st Jul

9:56pmKAC 87 on Audlem railway on film
  • Just watched the YouTube link and it was great to see the halts at Coole Pilot and Cox Bank as well as Audlem and Nantwich stations. Marvellous. Thanks.

6:44pmKLS on Burglaries - 20th July
  • Please be advised of a spate of burglaries in the Audlem, Coxbank and Woodhouse lane (towards Norton in hales) areas last night. Cars, a quad bike, a laptop, banking items, cash, pushbikes, tractors and other vehicles were all either taken or tampered with. Please be vigilant with your properties, we wouldn't want anyone else to fall victim!

3:55pmDenise on PO loss
  • Wouldn't it be great if a post office was to be installed inside the co does pretty much everything anyway. I'm sure there is a re-fit of the store soon as it has re-branded. Maybe a good time to put it in.

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