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7:32amcelia b on Gardener request/CRT


10:32pmIanT on CRT email.
  • You tend to end up with the "Contact us" page for CRT:

    A lot of boaters say you have more luck using twitter.

2:48pmMacAdam on Hornets
  • Just wondered if anyone else has had sightings of hornets this summer? They have been in my garden for the last few months but one flew into the house last night with the sound of a small light aircraft (It was at least 1.5 inches long) and terrified the dog. Having looked it up on the internet it would appear to be quite rare this far north. Could it be because of the hot summer we have had?

1:45pmStepanian on CRT email.
  • Could anyone please tell me the email address to our local CRT please? Also, any gardener's details would be greatly appreciated.

Monday 20th Aug

2:22pmDel on Green Lane Field
  • It seems a very long time since the vendor accepted Audlem P.C.'s offer. Has the sale now been completed or are the solicitors working at their customary pedestrian pace? I t's not as though there is a chain as is often the case with home buying. It's surely a straight forward sale.

Saturday 18th Aug

2:16pmG. Leighton on Post office
  • I think it is confusing for visitors, (who might well be interested in using the post office) , to see the old post office sign up on an empty shop.
    Could this sign be removed and may be another sort of sign at that end of the village, and may be also near the canal bridge indicating where the new post office is?

7:55amBilly Gibbons on Famous Audlemite
  • Why do you think that Del? (Apart from the horrendous jumper the subject is wearing, give anyone nightmares that would...even me.....that's if I own a jumper, which I don't. Of course, the artist could have given it me to wear for the sitting though. That's if I actually sat for the painting obviously)

7:08amcelia b on Post office
  • Some people do not realise that you can get cash using your card at the Post office and also pay in cheques thus saving a trip to a bank in a nearby town. Also foreign currency at good rates and vehicle excise duty. Every visit counts for their income. USE IT OR LOSE IT as they say.

Friday 17th Aug

8:55amDel on Famous Audlemite
  • I think the artist must have been suffering from nightmares !

Thursday 16th Aug

4:18pmBillington on Handyperson needed
  • I have seen your advert for a handy person I am a time served joiner and plasterer and my step father is a pluming and heating engineer for gas, lpg and oil. If we can be of any help to you please email or phone on 07974717690.thank you

8:26amBilly Gibbons on Famous Audlemite
  • Cat lover; It can't be me...I don't own a jumper like that......come to think of it...I don't even own a jumper! Must add that to my bucket list. So thats a bucket and a jumper on my list so far. ;-)

Wednesday 15th Aug

10:18pmCat lover on Famous Audlemite
  • I thought it was Billy Gibbons

2:47pmJoe the printer on Famous Audlemite
  • I thought it was Johnny Cash... but I guess he ain't from around these parts

Micky on Handyperson needed
  • Hi, I am a qualified joiner, plasterer with over 20years experience working in the building profession. If you are still looking for help please contact me via my number 07535772063 be pleased to help. Russell Billington.

12:54pmMicky on Good LPG boiler service engineer
  • I am a qualified service engineer with 45years experience. Please email me if you still need a boiler service. Or call on 07974717690 regards Mike

8:06amBilly Gibbons on Famous Audlemite
  • "Famous Audlemite" you say? looks nothing like Ralph! ;-)

Tuesday 14th Aug

8:58pmJackie on Missing cat
  • Midnight is now back home safe and well, thank you to everyone who helped me, and for your kind messages

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