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8:49amBuster on Brazen at the Shroppie
  • Do I detect a sense of irony at this news item?

    Editor's comment: No irony intended. A member of the webteam thoroughly enjoyed this band at the Nantwich Jazz & Blues Festival.

7:43amDavid Moyes on Buy/Sell
  • All this talk of free drinks is very nice.
    I'm an any time, any place, anywhere (but Manchester) type of guy, so for me a Martinez, sorry I mean Martini, please

Tuesday 22nd Apr

11:07pmKen Woodchef on Audlem Railway Station
  • Thanks DaveM. Looking further into the demise of the fine old building, I ventured onto the archive section of this site where all was revealed. Such a shame to demolish a heritage building in favour of a new development.
    Kingbur Mill and The Shroppie Fly are prime examples of what can be achieved by recycling original structures and taking full advantage of their architectural worth. Can you imagine the potential interest that would have been gained by retaining the old Station House and a short section of track? It might just have added to the intrigue that already exists amongst the many visitors to this lovely village of ours.

8:09pmBuster on Buy/Sell
  • On hearing the disturbing news about Mr Moyes' departure we were initially saddened to realise that the adventures of Mr Bean were now finally over. Still, a bottle of Cuvée De Summerbee is on ice whilst awaiting of the appointment of the next poor soul. Meanwhile, the flocks of faithful Utd fans remain staunchly in favour of Bitter, very, very, bitter!

4:38pmKen Woodchef on BBC Home Swap
  • Thanks for the offer of your place with vacant possession Dave, but I fear that if I were to accept and you came to Audlem in my place, you would either be stoned in The Square by the many disgruntled and disUnited fans, or stoned in one of the pubs by the increasingly grateful amongst the others who would drown you with their incessant offer of free ale!
    Sad as it is to see an honest man lose his job, but I must offer my own appreciation for the enjoyment that you have brought to so many, during your short tenure at The Theatre of Screams. Ferguson has an awful lot of explaining to do, it would appear.

2:38pmAnnT on Buy/Sell
  • Sir Alex was astute enough to realise that 'his' team were just starting a downward path and fobbed the job off on a Scot who can look tortured at the best of times. Feel sorry for the public humiliation though the pay off might ease the pain. Hope they don't try to tempt Martinez, but he has too much integrity one hopes.

1:56pmHugh Jarse on Buy/Sell
  • Sorry mummy..........

1:26pmKingkenny on Buy/Sell
  • I really think all these disparaging remarks about Mr Moyes are out of place here. The poor man has just lost his job. We were so distraught we had to open a bottle to calm our nerves, Pol Roger blanc de blancs 2002 for those interested. I mean, what choice did we have? We finished the Dom Perignon five weeks ago.

12:15pmDaveM on Audlem Railway Station
  • All down to the maths of a developer. Audlem station & yard now has 8 properties: Heywoods Ridge. I would have preferred to live in the old station, but hey ho. Just have to make do with a chunk of a plate layers hut and assorted coal, ballast & ironworks when gardening. And of course, the ghostly rattle of trains passing over the back lawn.

11:37amDavid Moyes on BBC Home Swap
  • I'm looking for a new home, Ken. I can offer you vacant possession of a nice gaff in Manchester.

11:32amEileen Dover on Buy/Sell
  • I hope you're happy Jarse. That poor man is now jobless and probably destitute. And probably consigned to living on the street begging too. All because of your hurtful remarks getting back to those Americans I fancy. Shame on you young man.

8:01amKen Woodchef on BBC Home Swap
  • Following yesterday's news item inviting people to apply for the forthcoming BBC programme Home Swap, I have tendered my name with an accompanying request that the co-participant is David Gladman.

    I would truly love to enjoy his cosy accommodation with its unspoilt views across green pastureland. He, in turn, could spend a couple of weeks here at Audlem, in the hope that he would discover its unique qualities and realise that there's more to life than wealth creation. Somehow, I don't think that the cordial invitation would be accepted for fear of his well being if ever he frequented one of our local Inns.

Monday 21st Apr

5:25pmBilly Gibbons on so..the nicer weather...
  • So...the nicer weather means you can drive faster and overtake on bends....? Good Luck!

10:22amKen Woodchef on signs
  • Come on Abo525, not that old chestnut again? How on earth will a simple "Give Way" sign help when two vehicles approaching in the opposite direction meet on the blind bend near the Post Office. The most appropriate new sign would be for Andrew to place a Snugbury's ice cream board outside of his premises, in order to take advantage of all the ensuing traffic jams in Stafford Street.

10:12amHugh Jarse on Buy/Sell
  • Meddleman, how dare you say those disparaging things about my team, Manchester United Nil. I have supported them ever since they started winning trophies and take great exception to your witticism!

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