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9:06pmsward on Cycle Rack
  • Use of the "cycle rack" for its nominal purpose failed to be popular. Now it is used to display notices and advertisements. I would like to see the Church resume custodianship of the area where it stands. Then it could be used for the Church's own notices and the wooden notice board above which detracts from the view of the Church could be done away with.

8:16pmjnjh on church bells
  • Every Thursday evening with out fail the church bells wake my 1yr old son up. Can they not stop at a certain time? Why do they need to go on for so long?

3:23pmSandylaner on White Heron
  • Claire's second photograph in the "Today's News" section clears up the mystery completely. It's clear to anybody with the requisite ornothological background that the miniscule white blob in the middle of the picture is, of course, a Little Egret.

9:29amClaire on White Heron
  • Thank you editor, that is exactly what it is. I knew that this was the right place to ask.

    Editor's comment: News story now on AudlemOnline with a photo of a Little Egret.

9:17amClaire on White Heron
  • This morning I have spotted what I believe to be a pure white heron in the brook that runs across Green Lane. Has anyone else seen it? Or could it be some other bird? It is very striking.

    Editor's comment: It is likely to be a Little Egret. They first arrived in Britain about 25 - 30 years ago and have spread northwards. One was spotted on a large pond about four miles from Audlem a week ago so an arrival in Audlem was very likely.

Wednesday 4th Mar

7:06pmdiggerjones on Septic Tank Soakaway Problem
  • I could have a look for you Bryan. Give me a ring on 07967 884585. Dylan Jones

6:16pmBilly Gibbons on Radio Stoke Quiz
  • I put 'Saturday morning at 9pm' in my original post regarding the Saturday Live Radio show on BBC Radio 4. I meant 9am.

11:05ammach one on buttermarket
  • The Buttermarket is owned and controlled by Audlem Parish Council.The Market Rights & Buttermarket were purchased from the previous owner Mr Hassall for £ 5! I have a copy of the deed of transfer.

9:54amBryan on Septic Tank Soakaway Problem
  • Does anyone know of a reputable local company who can deal with a Septic Tank Soakaway problem. Thanks

9:06amLynne on Cycle Rack
  • Confused about installing a cycle rack outside the church. There is already one there!

8:46amSandylaner on Ralph Warburton
  • Here's wishing you well Ralph - I'm constantly amazed by the dedication and energy you invest in so many aspects of Audlem life.

Tuesday 3rd Mar

10:03pmJudy Evans on Car park fines at Gresty Road
  • For anyone receiving a parking "fine" that they think is unfair/unjust, check out a web site called PePiPoo - lots of good help & guidance on challenging these charges. Generally speaking the advice is no longer to ignore private parking fines, as used to be the case a couple of years ago - however, following a Court case this year, hopefully this advice may be set to change again.

    Editor's comment: On an earlier Chatbox and news story, I said I had appealed against the £100 charge following parking at Gresty Rd where I paid the correct amount but, because a machine that was faulty, I could not complete the car reg number correctly. I was informed today that the appeal had been successful and the charge dropped.

9:19pmAudlem Lass' brother on Ralph Warburton
  • Ralph Warburton = legend

1:52pmBryan Clydesdale on Drain cleaner
  • Does anyone have any information on a good reliable drain clearer for a blocked drain pipe to septic tank?

12:59pmBrokenSpring on Cheshire East Planning and the High Court
  • No Mr Woodchef, you are again wrong, never worked in Local Government, but I have extensive experience of working with those who do. But I do suspect your bile is probably related to not getting what you want in your unspecified dealings.
    Take a look at what happens to those at the bottom end who do stand up. The NHS is full of victimised whistleblowers, nurses who spoke out at Stafford were victimised (whist senior administrators got on with massaging figure to meet political targets) - Hillsborough only yesterday revealed how coppers at the sharp end were bullied into changing their accounts.
    You'll clearly believe what you want, it's another neat trick the politicians pull manipulating half-baked opinion to blame the paid staff for their own failure.

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