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11:59amMilton Freeback on Indian Stone Flooring
  • Does anybody know who can renovate, clean and treat internal indian stone flooring please? Struggling to find a reputable contact — thanks.

11:00amYerr-hah! on Reporting street lights
  • If only logging the fault actually made a difference! The lights out on the Woore road have been out for I dont know how long despite numerous reports of the fault.

    I suppose we cant expect anything else; I mean, look at the roads.

10:43ammeddleman on Health and Care Heroes
  • Not sure it's true but I heard that these Health and Care Heroes Awards have now been reduced from ten to two owing to extreme staff shortages. Perhaps time would be better spent restoring nurse training bursaries to alleviate the 23% fall in training applications after Hunt's abolition. Nurse vacancies in this country are now approaching 40000. Thought could also be given to giving NHS workers a real terms pay rise to lower acute shortages in many areas. Money could also be spent improving working conditions in A&E and GP practices where it is increasingly difficult to recruit new doctors and training posts are unfilled. What's next? The Parliamentary award for the person rough-sleeping within a mile of Parliament who can survive for longest on the streets? Smoke and mirrors.

Friday 16th Feb

9:20amDen C on Lorries in Audlem
  • Audlem does have a problem with heavy traffic it's at the junction of two A class roads and some traffic is inevitable particularly on the M53. What is a little more mysterious is the increased traffic on the A529 which oshould have virtually no heavy traffic. The increase might be due to the M6 roadworks between J16 and 19. I recently followed some Irish HGV's from the A55, N Wales, obviously from the Irish Ferry landing at Holyhead. At Chester the trucks took the A51 rather than the M56 and went all the way through Alpraham, Nantwich bypass and the A500 to what I assume was going to be J16 of the M6. With extra traffic like that we'll all suffer.

Thursday 15th Feb

7:27amDJJ on Window cleaners.
  • Hi I use Dazzle Windows, they live in the village and are very friendly and professional. Their number is 07743478959

Wednesday 14th Feb

9:18pmStepanian on Window cleaners.
  • Sorry, it's probably been asked on many occasions but can anyone please suggest a reliable window cleaner?

6:19pmthe optomist on starling murmurations
  • For those interested the starling murmurations that can sometimes be seen on the outskirts of audlem roost every night in trees just behind dagfields craft centre and they have been doing for quite some time now, the rear car park behind the arcade id the best vantage spot

9:24amgolfer72 on Oil Boiler Service
  • Call Shropshire Gas on 01952259019. They are very good at servicing oil fired boilers. They have seviced ours for years.

Tuesday 13th Feb

5:15pmcanal lover on Oil Boiler Service
  • Hi, Thanks for your response. We have a Mistral boiler, so looking for someone who is familiar with this make.

5:05pmgoing underground on Oil Boiler Service
  • If its a Worcester Bosch boiler then Worcester Bosch.
    They charge around £130.

    If it is a Worcester Bosch boiler then let me know as I have some more info for you.

9:08amcanal lover on Oil Boiler Service
  • Hi, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a heating engineer who could service our oil fired boiler, Many Thanks

Monday 12th Feb

12:12pmbob-bee2000 on Internet
  • Mike S, ditto here in Longhill Lane. We have had fibre optic cable hanging on the telegraph pole outside of our house for about six months now. Just starting to wonder if Openreach has forgotten all about it. Sometimes I feel like I can walk my message to its recipient quicker than via broadband.

8:24ammike s on Internet
  • I too am a Buerton resident and have BT partial fibre broadband (fibre from Audlem exchange to cabinet 3 at Paddock lane and copper to Buerton). My download speed is a maximum of 3.8 Mbs, upload is 1.7 Mbs.
    You will notice that there are coils of fibre cables on the majority of the telegraph poles from Paddock Lane to Buerton awaiting for Openreach to connect underground.They are slowly working their way to Buerton connecting them. I know this because my broadband and telephone were recently down for 2 days due to a fault caused by Openreach pulling fibre cables through the cable ducts, according to the Openreach engineer who fixed my line.
    Unfortunately there does not seem to be a timeframe for this.

Sunday 11th Feb

9:00pmSiteUser on Internet
  • Roz.
    Have you tried turning off your modem/router for a minute. This will reset your connection and also clear an issue with the router itself. I'm on cabinet 3 at the bottom of Paddock Lane which I believe also serves Buerton for superfast. I normally get about 26mbs, but this can suddenly drop to the sort of speeds you are quoting. Restarting my router always gets it back up to speed.
    I'd be interested if this cures it for you.

2:06pmRoz on Internet
  • Just done a internet speed test on and the result was a download speed of 0.6 mbs ! I know this Buerton and it's Sunday afternoon but this absolutely terrible considering we have "superfast fibre" broadband. Really is the only thing letting this beautiful village down. Is there anyway we can get BT Openreach to upgrade the exchange? Streaming TV is a total nightmare.

11:26amcelia b on maths questions from Saturday
  • Come on let us have a full explanation! got the 2nd one right, 3rd didn't look very interesting. Just putting a numerical answer is not much help-I published a book of Physics questions with full working shown and it spawned the same in Chem and Biol and is still popular many years later.

Saturday 10th Feb

9:07amKingbur on Adderley potholes
  • I drove to Market Drayton yesterday afternoon, to find that work was going on at the Adderley Potholes, which have been filled in with tarmac. Not a great job, as the road is still rather bumpy, but a big improvement. Let's hope that there might be a better repair in the not too distant future.

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