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7:00pmBat in Belfrey on Remembering July 1966
  • Many thanks, will await the early morning sun as the light is beginning to fade up here in the belfry. Got some hanging around to do before then, like I said not being able to find it was driving me bats.

9:56amDaveM on Remembering July 1966
  • Seek & ye shall find, Bat. You'll need to magnify the pic as much as you can. Look on the pump furthest away, just below the window that has the meter dial in it, just to the left of the hose. Not easy to spot: took me ages to trip over it!

6:28amBat in Belfrey on Remembering July 1966
  • I am beginning to think the saying 'blind as a bat ' is very true -- please can someone point me in the direction of the 4/11d on the pumps. If I don't find it soon I will go battier than I am already.

6:13amBat in Belfrey on AudlemFC
  • I would have thought local small football clubs all have to hire or rent their pitches so why should Audlem be any different. Surely if ever the field becomes locally owned they should pay the going rate for it's use and upkeep. All other local sporting activities seem to be self supporting.

Monday 29th Aug

10:48pmBilly Gibbons on Remembering July 1966
  • As I say; I think it's Frank Allman. It's definitely not Trevor Williams although, as a young lad, he did work there. Can anyone see any writing on the side of the Van? ie; 'Moseley's of Audlem' specifically.

9:26pmcelia b on Remembering July 1966
  • I am reliably informed that the man at the pump is none of the regulars but the 'man from the ministry' who called every now and then to check the accuracy of the pumps. The white coat is the give away. Moseleys workers wore brown!

9:23pmcelia b on AudlemFC
  • Which other clubs have to pay for their pitch? The hire of one of the halls is much less.

6:07pmcosmo on AudlemFC
  • The other sporting clubs of the village are not constantly moaning about their seasonal running costs or seeking publicity for others to subsidise their chosen pastime so why should the football team receive any preferential treatment in this respect ?

10:35amAnnT on AudlemFC
  • Good idea Celia and maybe Ralph could submit an application to the PC in PC approved format and then there would be no cause for refusal.

7:37amcelia b on AudlemFC
  • Glad to read about the good game on Sunday. Why don't we have a donations tin in Williams' to support them? I would put in the odd £5 to keep up Audlem's reputation.

Sunday 28th Aug

1:03pmDaveM on Remembering July 1966
  • Thanks for all the responses & reminiscences. ID of pump attendant seems to be a bit of a puzzle, but way before my time in Audlem, so I can add nothing. It looks like the beer advertised on gable wall is indeed Wilderspools from Warrington (which became Greenalls in the 70's). The name would fit with what is visible behind the pumps, and the small image on the wall. I can remember Greenalls being sold in the Lord C in 2000 when I moved here. As to the Ford Anglia van, registration looks like 3694 LV (but could be 3696 or LW) if that rings any bells.

Saturday 27th Aug

6:52pmNicky on Remembering July 1966
  • An update on this after discussing with my brother, Steve, who worked at Moseley's at weekends and school/Uni holidays from 1967 — 1974, Steve doesn't think it looks like Nigel Hendley or Frank Allman but there was another pump attendant called Trevor Williams. Our Dad, Tom, worked at Moseley's from about 1974.

11:46amDen C on White Lion, time gentlemen please!
  • "Lady" seems to have commented before, Tuesday 16th August, thus:

    "The meeting was attended by at least 60 people most of them hankelow residents what a joke why didn't they support the pub when open then. There problem is they don't want houses on the land face facts the pubs Tryed and Tryed over the years and just not been support enough but they all come out of the wood work to object to planning permission"

9:41amLady on White Lion, time gentlemen please!
  • I wasn't saying there was not a meeting as there was but what was the out come of it the village commituty wanting to buy it to stop it being build on

9:28amAJ on Casual Driving Work
  • Hello

    I'm looking for a reliable, responsible and mature individual to undertake some casual driving work, probaly around 3 or 4 times a month, most likely to be at weekends (Friday / Saturday / Sunday evenings).

    The ideal person is likely to be retired, have a full and clean driving licence, and be comfortable and experienced in driving a large automatic vehicle. Likely working hours will be between 19.00 and midnight (ish...!)

    Pay (cash) will be at the rate of £8 per hour, calculated pro-rata if necessary.

    Please contact me via for more details.

8:13amNicky on Remembering July 1966
  • The photo is definitely not of Tom Sedgewick, although my Dad, Tom, did work at Moseley's in the late 1960's and the 1970's it isn't him serving in the photo. Lovely to see the old picture and it brought back the memory of the light brown overcoats Dad always wore at work and the fact that after many years serving petrol in the village he could no longer smell petrol!

8:11amAnnT on White Lion, time gentlemen please!
  • I believe Lady that you have answered your own question. If the meeting fell through then it would be hard to report it.
    The web team do try to go to important meetings and were at the original meeting. They rely on reports sent in for meetings they have no prior knowledge of or were unable to attend.

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