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6:38pmChris Lewis on Austerity
  • Geoff Farr brought home many happy memories in his travels down memory lane. I was a just pre–war baby and recognise so much of his comments.
    During the war my father rode 25 miles to the station by bike, caught the train if it was running (we lived in bomb alley) and returned home the same way. Then in Summer with double summer time was either out with the Homeguard or helping with the harvest or hay making as we lived in a small flat over an implement shed. Great for me and my sister as the nearest school was 4 miles away across the fields and we were home educated until we were 7. After that it was a 4 mile walk to and from school daily. But a great way to self teach the rhythm of the country side from one season to the next. Something impossible to teach.

5:34pmMargaret Roberts on Austerity
  • Geoff you need to do a bit more research instead of just watching/listening/reading sensational (and frequently inaccurate) reports re the benefits system. You mention your pension. This is the single biggest user of monies in the benefits budget. I was disappointed that you told the story about the mother who 'complained' that the hospital bed was uncomfortable. It was not a complaint merely a comment she just didn't relish an uncomfortable night on a children's ward worrying about her son – who would? It was not meant to be used as propaganda to make a political point. Luckily my grandson was home the following day and is now well and happy. Finally because we 'had it hard ' doesn't mean that life is any less difficult today – just different.

2:23pmStepanian on Austerity
  • Thanks for that Cosmo! I wasn't making myself clear and presume you know what I was really meaning! Your comments made me laugh...and would have done with my Grandfather too! Have to agree with Ann though, the media is constantly pushing in this 'must have' society..

2:20pmDen C on Live Debate
  • The problem that some of us have with our Tory candidate, Antoinette, illustrate the shortcomings of our party political and electoral system. We should really have primary elections to allow the electorate to choose the candidate we want rather than having one chosen for us.

12:27pmMontyMoose on Political Rubbish
  • Well said bob–bee2000!

12:21pmbob-bee2000 on Political Rubbish
  • I take it, Ken Woodchef, that Labour voters are not in any way influenced by issues of social status. The truth of the matter is that too often, it is a case of the politics of envy peddled by champagne socialists such as Blair (multi millionaire) and now Miliband from his £2m house, people who have no more idea what it is to be working class than what you are accusing the Tories of. I was brought up in a council house on a mining estate, dad was a miner, shop steward and staunch Labour supporter, as was my mother who worked in the pot banks, so I do have some experience of what it is to be working class. However, it was in the Tory years that I had the most opportunity to get on in life rather than be stifled by socialism, so that is where, unashamedly, my loyalties will lie.

11:51amcosmo on Austerity
  • Crikey Stepanian.. Now you are talking hard times ! Feeding your pig on coal. I assume it was butchered and sold on the black market..

11:14amAnnT on Austerity
  • I enjoyed Geoff's trip down memory lane.
    I take a relatively neutral view on benefits but recent cuts have seemingly hit some people very hard. I hated receiving charity when I was a child and I bet my parents did too.
    If you need to borrow money, really need, loan firms charge very high rates of interest. On the other hand my bank used to offer me a reasonable rate loan often.
    Poverty is relative. My parents used to tell me of their childhoods and how much better off I was while still having to borrow money or go to the rag warehouse to get chips for supper.
    People feel poorer now partly due to advertising and television in my opinion. When I was young most of us were not well off and TV wasn't the 'must have' influence it is today.

10:54amAnnT on Austerity
  • Part II
    What I really feel strongly about is the criticism of low income families for say smoking. It is an addiction and hard to break when there is little else to do except watch TV which seems to display riches galore.
    Applying for benefits isn't easy at times, when my father had to take time off work to look after my mother, a state of affairs that lasted on and off for years, the NA (benefits) man suggested I should be kept off school to do this. Times have thankfully moved on.
    I do agree that Austerity is a strong term to those of us who grew up in the forties to sixties. I do believe that benefit cuts are creating real hardship now, maybe with TV's and mobile phones. I hate the adverts for payday type loans.
    Completely lost my thread so will shut up.

10:49amStepanian on Austerity
  • Well done right. I remember hearing of situations and experiences such as these from my Grandparents. One of these being that my Grandfather had to ride his bike home from Nottingham to Derby after work in the dark and smog after the war and giving a bucket of coal for one of their pigs. People that easily complain nowadays don't have enough to worry about – and certainly too much money.

10:40amRichard123x on Live Debate
  • I worry that should the voters of Eddisbury decide to sanction this candidature of the Tory party that on present evidence she just may struggle in the parliamentary environment to the detriment of the Eddisbury constituents. However should she be elected I'm confident that she would be well protected by the Tory establishment.

9:52amJM on broody hen
  • we've got a buff orpington who I think is going broody but need a few more days to be sure! 07483 229728

9:30amAnnT on Political Rubbish
  • Shock! Horror! Prospective MP requires other candidates statements to be verified by independent body! In triplicate we assume.
    At least GA was drawing his argument from published research. There are of course contradictory publications on this matter. Statistics, like politics, is not always the holder of the truth.

9:25amdisollusioned on Eagle Owl spotted
  • no doubt it will not be around too much longer now.

8:55amCanal Cat on Political Rubbish
  • Must agree with Ken. It is also amusing that Ms. Sandbach's latest version of events & garbled (polite way to put it) communications was "Independently verified by my local constituency association", – a contradiction if ever I heard one! She brags on Twitter about "Knocking on doors" though in our case this seemed more like "trips to shops for quick photo opps".
    She hasn't knocked on my door yet and could have spent a day at the weekend in Audlem, repairing her tarnished reputation, instead of hiding in Bunbury. Wonder if the Eddisbury Tory die hards are still convinced " she was the best candidate" to replace Stephen O'Brien, instead of the local lady?

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