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12:11pmsward on Wasp nest removal
  • Roadrunner seems unsure whether he has hornets or just common wasps. Either way no
    doubt he wants the nest removed because he is afraid of being stung. But apart from
    carnivores most creatures only strike in self defence. They are actually more civilised than us humans who start conflicts for no good reason.
    If a wasp lands on his arm I suggest he looks at it through a magnifying glass and has
    another think about destroying the nest.

9:06amCanal Cat on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • In my call to CE Highways Dept yesterday, I was told that Cheshire Police have attended the majority of accidents at Hatherton & they concluded that excess speed was the primary factor in nearly all of them. I seem to recall our own former Bobby, Ken Maple, saying the same here on Chatbox. Seems pretty clear, doesn't it? Drive appropriate to the road conditions and there is no danger there. Skids only 'happen' if the bends are taken too fast.
    Putting up signs will only be effective if drivers take notice and reduce their speed.


11:02pmRoadrunner on Wasp nest removal
  • We have a hornets' nest close to our front door - can anyone recommend a person/company who could destroy it at a reasonable price - or should I take a luckydip on Yell(owPages)

6:31pmAnnT on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • Must take a course in clearer English. What I meant was that this time of year is a bad time for accidents when there has bewen a lot of traffic and the roads have become greasy, followed by rain. Skids happen. I have been aware of the water seepage around there but having been told often that it is drivers who cause accidents extra care should be taken.
    How many times has it been said on Chatbox that it is the drivers not the camber, road conditions etc. that cause the accidents? Sufficient for me to take issue. Perhaps a warning sign will help after the gullies have been cleared. One does expect farm traffic in the country and I do know quite a bit about it.

1:24pmCanal Cat on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • It might be of interest to this morning's uninformed commentator and others in the area that there is currently an issue just prior to the accident blackspot that may have a bearing on today's incident. There is a blocked gulley drain that is causing water to pool and run down across the road at the start of the bend (doubtless made worse by the heavy rain this am).
    This issue has now been raised with Cheshire East Highways and they have promised to investigate urgently. In the meantime caution is recommended... Even more than usual.

12:14pmAgainst the grain on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • AnnT you don't seem to have any knowledge on farm traffic and field drains let alone the speed involved.
    The water comes from a combination of blocked gullies, leaking water mains and ground seepage. As for farm traffic, well I really don't know how other road users can cause an accident when they are not even present and no road contamination is present either. Grrr

10:17amAnnT on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • Thanks to our Hatherton bends crash statistics compiler. No doubt it will make the sad motorist involved feel better to know he/she is not alone. I imagine the causes to be the effect of wet weather after a long dry spell had made the road greasy, with much farm traffic added to the usual traffic along with the bad camber on that stretch and the leaks from presumably the field drains. All of this well documented but it only takes a careless moment to lose traction and few of us, well myself for one, think quickly enough to be able to steer into the spin, a counter intuitive thing to do, and there may well have been traffic coming the other way. This does not make the driver a moron or speedster as has been implied at other times.
    I have no knowledge about the speed involved.

10:00amnjh on buy/sell enquires
  • I have enquired about a few item's on here. But not had any replies, either there not getting my enquiry or just been ignorant and not replaying that item has sold?

9:28amBuster on pub quiz
  • Is that going to be the first question?

8:26amCanal Cat on Yet another crash at Hatherton bends...
  • This morning there has been another accident at Hatherton bends on A529, in the usual (Nantwich - bound) direction.

Monday 18th Aug

1:57pmPetitePeanut on pub quiz
  • Does anyone know of a Monday night pub quiz locally?

12:45pmMontyMoose on Audlem being abused by illegal parking
  • As a resident of Kingbur Place myself, I try not to get overly concerned about parking. Most people park safely and sensibly most of the time. I'm sure we've all parked somewhere silly once or twice when we're in a rush?

    Although it is right to highlight issues which are irritating to residents, I'm not sure if endless moaning actually achieves anything. Canal Cat: I applaud your commitment to fixing the great wrongs of the village, but taken in context everything isn't so bad.

    I suggest sitting outside the Shroppie and enjoying a few beers with friends. Soon the parking situation will seem pretty irrelevant. Let us not forget how pleasant and easy our lives are compared with so many in the world.

9:57amCanal Cat on Audlem being abused by illegal parking
  • So by the comments defending the selfish & inconsiderate who blight the village it sounds as though some Chatbox contributors might be the offenders themselves? If they don' t see a problem maybe they should ask residents in Kingbur place about the difficulties of accessing their properties when vehicles parking illegally on the double yellows block their entrance.
    The lines are there for a reason... Just because there is a shop there doesn't give anyone the right to park right outside it to the detriment of others, nor to choose which laws they think apply to them.

Sunday 17th Aug

9:39amDen C on Audlem being abused by illegal parking
  • I think I saw the same situation yesterday. I don't really think there's that much to worry about. The car parked the "wrong way" on yellow lines outside the chippy. It can't be the wrong way in daylight hours, there was space for vehicles to manoeuvre around. The car outside the fire station? I didn't see one, perhaps you mean cars parked on the yellow lines between the fire station access and the co-op bays? I don't see the problem. The one outside the toilets? I don't see a significant issue, certainly not for through traffic. There did appear to be an abnormal amount of traffic from the Whitchurch direction.
    The big issue is that Audlem is being abused by the council allowing the co-op to be developed without parking.

Saturday 16th Aug

12:01pmbit o' politics on Is the planning tide turning?
  • Another planning decision yesterday. Planning Inspector ruled again that Cheshire East have failed to demonstrate 5 years supply of housing so allowed the appeal by the developer. Will mean 250 houses in Haslington. These are now coming thick and fast all with the same result - nothing to do with Parliament being in recess and lots of voters being on holiday I'm sure.

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