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4:02pmBrokenSpring on Patriotism
  • Ken - followed google tip here are some findings - to which do you subscribe?
    Tolstoy found it stupid and immoral - the principle that will define the training of wholesale murderers: ".. for rulers is nothing else than a tool for acheiving their...goals".
    Kateb "a mistake twice over: a grave moral error and it's source is typically a state of mental confusion".
    Bierce contadicted Johnson's view to the effect it is the 1st refuge of scoundrels.
    Einstein "heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathesome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism..".
    Goldman "conceit, arrogance and egotism are the essentials of patriotism".
    "Willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons" Bertrand Russell.

3:37pmsward on Patriotism
  • Flying one national flag symbolises patriotism, flying a number symbolises jingoism. I would suggest that we fly one Union Jack at some suitable place, say the Town Hall, and store the rest or better auction them off for some good cause.

12:20pmKen Woodchef on Patriotism
  • Taffy, your comments have been noted and I've forwarded a message to the ASET team imploring them to remove the Union Jacks immediately, if not sooner and replace them with the Dragon bearing ensign to represent the country of your choice.
    Being of Irish descent I could also wish to see the tricolour flag displayed, especially on St. Paddy's day, but pedantry is a tedious trait best suited to those with too much time on their hands.
    With regard to the question; "What IS patriotism, exactly?" I'm sure that a journey on Google will help explain that quandary.
    My initial comment was regarding a post whereby the contributor appeared to object to the colourful pageant of 'British' flags that are so often on display in the village, how sad is that?

11:01amDen C on Planning "Legalities"
  • Planning really is a political issue with a thin veneer of legal respectability. Essentially there are few absolutes in the legal world of planning, any rule can more or less be overruled by other rules, you might as well ask how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
    In the end it's down to what government wants. Given that a lot of what we are saddled with now, ie too many people, were forced on us by lying governments and EU policies that were never properly debated, what chance do local planning policies stand.

Monday 21st Jul

9:41pmtaffy on Colonel Blimp
  • Seriously - the Union Jack representing England? The clue is in the title - Union!

9:20pmBrokenSpring on Colonel Blimp
  • I believe it was Samuel Johnson who coined the phrase way back in the 18th century "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."
    One of the original Blimp's famous lines was "Gad, Sir! Lord Bunk is right. The government is marching over the edge of an abyss, and the nation must march solidly behind them."
    So what IS patriotism, exactly? Why is it a good thing?

8:32pmSandylaner on Slow Broadband
  • I see BT have updated their website with the planned rollout of "Superfast" broadband for the Audlem exchange now scheduled for September 2014. As BT are keen to point out, this date "is an estimate only and is subject to change".
    Deep joy.

7:35pmBillcarper on Colonel Blimp
  • Fully agree with Ken Woodchef! Audlem residents should be very proud of their achievements and community activities. Keep flying the flags! If you aren't patriotic - find another country to live in.

7:02pmJonty on Colonel Blimp
  • Having read Ken wood chef and his remarks about the Union Flag being flown in the village and that people should be proud to English, I quite agree but the Union Flag symbolises England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (Northern). The flag of St George is the flag of England.

3:41pmnjh on lost baby toy
  • Somewhere in the village on Friday my baby's toys has fallen out of the pram, it was a new teddy with multicolored teething rings around it, on the side the name Izaak was written on. If anyone has seen or has this toy please could you email me at
    My son is missing his toy.

3:33pmKen Woodchef on Colonel Blimp
  • Reading a recent comment here on AOL regarding "the excessive display of Union Jacks" that Audlem proudly boasts throughout the summer season made me smile. Audlem and its inhabitants should be so proud of their efforts to enhance the village and all that is English. We have relatives that live in other parts of the country where the showing of such patriotism is banned rather than appreciating the efforts of those who have lived before us and gave their lives to preserve our valued way of life!

Sunday 20th Jul

5:25pmTechMedia - J. Harrison on Computer Checkup at your house from £35
  • If you have any worries about computer viruses I'm doing a summer promotion offering a 1hr call at your house or business to check everything is ok from £35.

    I'm working in Audlem village most days so calls can be booked to suit you.
    Checkup includes ensuring your antivirus is up to date and working properly, ensuring security updates are up to date to keep you safe and secure online.

    All other computer repairs, upgrades catered for, iPad repairs, laptop repairs too.
    I also provide help for those everyday tasks such as transferring photos from your camera, backups etc.

    Call or email me for a booking.
    Julian Harrison - TechMedia - 07759520738

2:42pmAnnT on Donna Louise Garden Party
  • I am once again impressed by the organisation and number of helpers at the Garden Party. May's death had obviously cast a large shadow over proceedings and then the weather did its worst. Those who did take their wares, cakes and the like must be commended and although some events had to be cancelled the entertainment, including a super local singer and two young dancers, was good.
    Thank you to all who worked so tirelessly, silly phrase that as I guess they were tired, with heavy hearts this year. Well done. It is easier to turn up and spend money but I suppose we are needed too.

2:35pmAnnT on Foul Smell Buerton
  • It smells in the daytime too, just not necessarily when officials are about.

12:25pmwen on Foul Smell Buerton
  • Catching up with the recent news, I am in full agreement with the comments on the foul smell in the Buerton area. Someone, somewhere should be made accountable for this as ChrisNettBob states... at this time of year you want to leave your windows ajar. I do hope that Environmental Health Watchdog becomes involved. WHY is it always done under the darkness of night? Must be illegal.

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