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1:40pmgussie on tool sharpener
10:26amSiteUser on Latest Ransomeware Outbreak
  • For those who may be at risk I have discovered that there is a relatively simple way to prevent infection of your Windows computer. It involves the creation of a single file on your hard drive. Details of how to do it are posted on the reliable website of bleeping computer ( or directly at this shortcut if the editor will permit it — There is even an automated "Batch File" which you can deploy (n.b. to use this you must run as "administrator" — download the batchfile file RIGHT click on it then choose "run as administrator"
    As ever the best protection is to keep regular system and data backups on a separate hard drive and disconnect the external drive when not in use to prevent it becoming encrypted

    Editor's comment: AudlemOnline is not recommending or endorsing this procedure, but we have no reason to reject it, either — Ed

12:26amAnnT on tool sharpener
  • I think that it would probably be too onerous to run a private messaging service but you could put up a chatbox with either your email or a statement that you would put tool sharpener in the wanted section of BuySell and then Gussie could make the enquiry.
    Just a suggestion.


6:23pmAndyP on tool sharpener
  • Gussie, I will contact you when I have worked out how to! There doesn't seem to be a private messaging feature on here.

6:19pmAndyP on tool sharpener
  • If you could remove the lawn mower blade from the mower, then I could sharpen it.

4:05pmgussie on tool sharpener
  • Hi — could you contact me through audlem online please? Pauine

10:25amWaysider on Party in the Park- Start and end times?
  • Here you go:
    4pm Gates open
    5.45 Dave Johnson — compere
    6.00 New Moon Fever
    7.45 80's Mania
    8.40 Dave Johnson — disco
    8.55 80's Mania
    10.00 Fireworks with aim to end by 10.30pm
    All timings are approximate/subject to change.

Monday 26th Jun

3:26pmcheshiremaleuk on Party in the Park- Start and end times?
  • Hi

    Does anyone know what time Party in the Park will end please- trying to sort a taxi.

    Also- I note the gates open at 4. What time does the Music actually start?



3:02pmJudy Evans on Events clash
  • Unfortunately a hard copy of the "village diary" is no longer being kept, since the end of 2016. However if anyone would like to take on the job, we would still be willing to keep it at our shop for all the village organisations to reference. Judy Williams Newsagents.

12:49pmAnnT on RSPB in Norfolk
  • Thanks for the suggestions, we have now worked out a timetable for our Norfolk holiday that seems to be exciting one of our two accompanying grandchildren.

12:47pmAnnT on Events clash
  • The organisers only need to inform the Online team and they will put it on the wall planner under the calendar tab where it can be seen by interested parties.
    I daresay this happened with a village diary as well.
    This is a village where lots happens and clashes are bound to occur even if organisers make the effort to look up the date on the website under calendar.

12:44pmSoftail on tool sharpener
  • AndyP, can you sharpen lawn mower blades as well?

Sunday 25th Jun

8:59pmWanderer on Painter & Decorator recommendation
1:30pmSuzieW on Events clash
  • Likewise — I'd like to go to both. I shall photocopy myself and report back to both of me as to the enjoyment of each event.

12:46pmSuzieW on Painter & Decorator recommendation
  • Can anyone recommend a painter please? This is for a small kitchen re-decorate.

Saturday 24th Jun

9:36pmAndyP on tool sharpener
  • I could do that for you

5:36pm10cc on Events clash
  • I noticed the clash and I would like to go to both.

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