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5:23pmBeechers on Lost keys
  • If anyone finds a large bunch of keys with a red postbox keyring on them please call 07917 018142, lost in the village about 4pm this afternoon somewhere between post office and lock 13.


9:00pmAgainst the grain on Village Playing Field
  • So it costs the football club 400 per annum to have the field and have it mown and marked out? I'd say that was pretty good value for money as it stands.

6:08pmAnnT on Thought of the day
  • I think today's thought is superb and everyone, particularly politicians, should heed it.

4:45pmcelia b on don't throw your apples away!
  • Thanks to the generosity of two families I now have several shelves of picked defect free apples which I hope will store through the winter. Then I have several bags of fallers which I can either stew and freeze or freeze as slices. If you have fallers which are bruised they can be turned into apple juice, ADAPT is planning an apple pressing session soon but if you are worried they will be going mouldy you can quarter them to check for grubs but leave peel, core, bruises etc and put in freezer then get out a day or two before the session.

11:06amDel on Village Playing Field
  • I wholeheatedly agree with RW that the playing fields are Audlems & should be run by the village.
    I do however, wonder what the token sum is. Cheshire Easts idea of a token sum may not align with Audlem P.C.'s although every effort should be made to ensure Audlem village acquires the playing field as it is an integral part of the village.We should not have to go cap in hand every time we wish to use this facility

Saturday 20th Sep

10:40pmPericles on Shocking news from Brine Leas.
  • Working on the assumption that teenagers are capable of learning for short periods of time without the direct presence of an adult.... Why is this a problem?

6:57pmG. Leighton on free solar panels
  • The news story today should really make people careful. Given the cost of solar panels, it is most unlikely you would actually be getting them free if you also receive the Feed in tarif. A few years back, there was a plan whereby a firm put panels on your roof, you received the electricty BUT you did not own the panels or get the Feed In Tarif - they did. It was also probable that there woild be difficulties if you sold the house, depending on the contract.
    It may these cold callers are using this type of scheme or it's a scam.

Friday 19th Sep

12:34pmDPC on UK united
  • I am delighted that a hearty yet thoroughly undemocratic process has resulted in a No vote from 55% of Scottish voter,s but what a pity that the one million plus Scot who live south of the border were excluded from the process by the slippery Salmon.
    Even worse is the fact that the majority of people who live in the Union were also excluded from having a say in our Joint Future.
    Worse still is the unfair Barnett agreement that has for years seen Scotland get over £1700 per head more public funding than the rest of Our Union.
    And now, worst of all are the desperate pledges of our enfeebled politicians to give even more to the people of Scotland without so much as a public discussion by the rest of us on the issue.

10:32amAnnT on Shocking news from Brine Leas.
  • The advert does not prove that the children are being taught by non qualified teachers. The advert is, as I read it , for cover for staff. Perhaps they prefer to have their own vetted and trained staff to cover for when the teacher is unable to be there that lesson. Of course before raising the shock horror factor you must have checked the facts.
    Difficult to believe that the teachers' unions would allow it.

9:28amcelia b on Shocking news from Brine Leas.
  • Don't forget it is to cover for ABSENT teachers. In the 'old' days other teachers were expected to cover for absent colleagues, as a Physics teacher I remember well my efforts at conducting a rounders game (didn't even know the rules!), taking French or Religious Education lessons etc. Normally work would be set by their 'proper' teacher for the supervisor to oversee.

9:22amBillcarper on Help needed to fell a tree.
  • We have a 30ft Silver Birch which needs to be cut down - sadly. I have ladders and an electric chainsaw but could do with fit person to help remove at least the top section. Happy to pay a reasonable charge. South Buerton.

Thursday 18th Sep

6:51pmHay baler on Shocking news from Brine Leas.
  • Children at Brine Leas will in future be taught by "cover supervisors" with no teacher training, educated to A level standard and paid £12k per year. The proof is in this advert. The successful applicant will be expected to manage and supervise classes to cover for absent teachers. Truly shocking. Apparently "a good sense of humour" is essential. Well I'm not laughing.

4:29pmBillcarper on Replacement Oil Storage tank
  • Thanks for the reply Joe. Regrettably, this is the company I have been trying (for the past 2 weeks & 3 telephone calls) to get to come and have a look! Not a very good impression I'm afraid. Thanks again - Bill

11:17am57Lawnman on Replacement Oil Storage tank
  • Hi We use D.A.Roberts of Grindley Brook Whitchurch? Very good service Mr Roberts came out one Sunday Morning when we had a leak.
    01948 662762
    Kind regard

9:40amSandylaner on Best supplier for Logs?
  • Can anybody please recommend a good supplier for a large quantity of logs?

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