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9:07americ cantona on Greek Night
  • Well done George! Brilliant food and we hope you repeat. The experience was enhanced by the usual friendly and courteous service from the Two Greek Goddesses Nettie and Dolly (aka Sharon)! It was like being served by the cast of Mam Mia!


9:27pmcelia b on ADAPT home made christmas
  • Thanks to all those who stopped by to chat and look at the ideas we were trying to share about food, decorations and presents which don't cost a fortune, I now have a robin brooch, a pinecone tree to decorate and one of those folded book christmas tree kits to try out! Don't know if you noticed the union flags used as table cloths? sward's comment was spot on. ADAPT can find a use for anything.

9:22pmcelia b on Greek Night
  • Beat me to it Kingbur. Calculated they put together over 700 containers of food! special favourites the taramasalata and the moussaka. We ate it all although we do not usually eat much in the evenings!

9:04pmKingbur on Greek Night
  • Very many thanks to George, Ali and colleagues at The Village Chippy — the meal for Saturday's Greek Night was absolutely superb, and offered something so different for Audlem. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and want to say thanks for all the hard work you put in. Looking forward to some kind of repeat in the future. Peter and Chris.

Friday 2nd Dec

12:54pmBaldy on Agricultural Vehicles
  • If you have lived in Audlem for a while, you should already know that there are no rules, when it comes to driving agricultural vehicles! You can go at any speed you want — particularly around corners. You can leave as much soil etc on the road as you like. You can use your mobile phone while driving. You can push your way through and you don't reverse or stop for anyone!

10:48amDen C on Handyman- a dying breed?
  • I should point out that electrical work should now be carried out by a qualified and certified electrician I'm afraid. Certainly anything in the way of outside work has to be certificated. I'm not necessarily advocating or supporting this but that's the Law. The problem is that some "handymen" are extremely good and do pretty much anything to a good standard and know their limits, many are not.

7:56amYoulebesorry on Agricultural Vehicles
  • Could any of our farming community shed light on the laws regarding the lights agricultural vehicles have to display. Last night as I was coming through the village a tractor pulling a trailer came past the parked cars towards the village centre. The tractor was ok but the trailer had no lights marking the edges of the trailer. One of the wheels on the trailer was mounted on the pavement, but any pedestrian walking along this pavement would of been flattened and would not have seen the trailer coming.

Thursday 1st Dec

9:03pmsward on flags
  • I thank NM and AnnT for their complimentary remarks but would not wish to be singled out. Regarding the Chatbox prohibition on posts over a certain length I do not think this is much of a problem but it could be solved simply by doing away with the prohibition.

5:02pmDPRP on Handyman- a dying breed?
  • I have a list of fiddly jobs that I can't get anyone interested in doing — repairing some recessed lights, fitting an external socket, fixing a dripping kitchen tap, sanding and oiling a wooden worktop etc Probably a day or two work for what used to be called a handyman.

    Any ideas?

    (before everyone suggests I do it myself there are two limiting factors; lack of skill and lack of spare time!)

2:02pmMrs Bouquet on flags
  • bo0bee2000 — I was curious about your statement re the Union Jack and did what lots of us do these days and here's what I found. The names Union Flag and Union Jack are interchangeable and there is considerable dispute that the name Union Jack applies only to naval usage. One of the advantages /problems of making statements which can be easily checked on 'tinternet'. I shall continue to call it the Union Jack as I have done for some 70 years now.

9:42amSeamus on flags
  • Dear Sward, and bob bee2000
    Yes do lets get our facts right.
    According to Cdr Bruce Nicolls OBE RN (Retd) of The Flag Institute in London
    " The 'Union Jack' was first introduced in 1606. It is often stated that the Union Flag should only be described as the Union Jack when flown in the bows of a warship, but this is a relatively recent idea. From early in its life the Admiralty itself frequently referred to the flag as the Union Jack, whatever its use, and in 1902 an Admiralty Circular announced that Their Lordships had decided that either name could be used officially. Such use was given Parliamentary approval in 1908."

    Move on now chaps I'm bored.

9:33amNigelMachin on The World According to.....
  • An even better idea: How about an Audlem website Agony Aunt (or even Uncle). "Ask Ann" comes to mind — residents could post questions to Aunty Ann and receive wisdom based replies. Or Uncle Sward?

7:35amsward on flags
  • So The Church flies the wrong flag and I give it the wrong name. You live and learn.

Wednesday 30th Nov

5:55pmAnnT on The World According to.....
  • I'll try but surely Sward is so succinct and precise that Chatbox is good for them.

    I have difficulty sticking to the point and not running over time.

1:55pmAngus McCoatup on Be careful out there.....
  • Well said Billy. As if to emphasise, driving to Market Drayton this morning between Swanbach and Adderley it is evident there may have been a fatality in the last few days. Fence/hedge breached and flowers adorning the side of the road. I don't know the circumstances, but this is the newly relaid surface. I'm regularly overtaken on the double white lines outside Adderley school driving at the speed limit.
    It's worse on the single track country lanes and not helped by some (not all) farmers who leave the road caked with mud. Signs are not a substitute for cleaning the road surface, which needs to be understood by whoever it is that regularly leaves Bagley Lane by the canal bridge in a lethal condition.

1:36pmNigelMachin on The World According to.....
  • An excellent website, one of which I visit everyday for updates. A suggestion for a new feature: Could you not include an Opinion Column for people to express their views on "everyday" events. For example AnnT or Sward who have a few about most things — these could take the form of a longer article other than we have in ChatBox. "The World according to Ann" or "Sward's Slant"

1:21pmbob-bee2000 on flags
  • Please. let's get our facts right. The Union Jack is flown from the jack staff at the stern of a Royal Navy ship. That which flies on the church and other land based flags are Union flags.

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