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10:08pmFat Paul on Rural Vandilism
  • The biggest problem facing the pedestrian is the overgrown hedges and verges which encroach on any pavement provision causing the user to detour in to the path of oncoming combines. I would suggest that each home owner takes as much care over their hedges roadside as the ones facing toward their gardens.

7:50pmKen Woodchef on Red Arrows
  • They must have thought that we'd completed the neighbourhood plan!

3:14pm57Lawnman on Red Arrows
  • Just seen the Red Arrows fly over the village 3.10pm.!

2:43pmAnnT on neighbourhood plan
  • I think that having a planning group to draw up a plan is recognition of government's determination to make life easier for developers to run roughshod over councils and a move to protect ourselves as best we can. I don't think joining the ostrich party is a great idea.
    Meanwhile on a depressing note all this is in a way fiddling while Rome burns as on my increasingly frequent darker days it is hard to see a good future for anybody with global warming, Putin and terrorism to name a few worries.

12:20pmCanal Cat on neighbourhood plan
  • Totally agree with Sward. There is no 'need' for development in this village, which struggles to cope with sewerage, parking medical care and school provision already.
    It is one thing to re-use brownfield sites like the development I live on, or the Muller plot next to Coop, but to build on green fields when there are so many more suitable other sites within 10 miles is criminal in such a small country. The Parish Council are going down the wrong path and may encourage the very thing they are trying to prevent...

10:10amsward on neighbourhood plan
  • If we submit a neighbourhood plan those above us will be able to say: "So you admit
    some development is needed." I fail to understand why we cannot just tell them: Our plan is No Plan.

7:54amAnnT on Thought of the day
  • Shame to restrict oneself to just one thought but today's is a real corker, not so much a thought as a statement of fact.

Friday 29th Aug

8:36pmDen C on Who owns Audlem playing field
  • Bob-bee2000 forgets that the council own him and all rest of us these days

10:09ambob-bee2000 on Who owns Audlem playing field
  • On a similar vein, can someone remind me who owns the Buttermarket and why are people such as ADAPT no longer allowed to use it? I thought that there was something in the village charter to the effect that it was for public use at certain times?

Thursday 28th Aug

8:21pmNigel_Y on Who owns Audlem playing field
  • There was an article on "Audlem Online" about a year ago suggesting that Cheshire East couldn't prove ownership of the playing fields. How is it that they are able to charge for it's use? Can I charge people to use the M6 if I brush up every now and then?

8:10pmMrsT on Mystery Coach Through Audlem
  • They are agency staff workers.

4:39pmHugh Jarse on Random Facebook Friend Requests
  • Not so much 'friend requests' but constant invites to the open mic nights at The Fly. I wouldn't mind but the only instrument I feel confident enough to play is a vintage Jew's Harp and Tess' favourite was the dinner bell whilst she was at school!

10:21amTechMedia - J. Harrison on Random Facebook Friend Requests
  • Anyone else getting random Facebook friend requests?

    Ordinarily I'd put this down to your standard internet spam etc but these do seem to be targeted to Audlem residents and the profiles of the request have information linking the person to Audlem.

    I'd like to think that these are genuine people wanting to befriend the welcoming Audlem folk but I suspect this is unlikely to be the case.
    It smells a whole lot like a ID phishing scam to me.

8:24amSandylaner on Mystery Coach Through Audlem
  • Hmmmm
    7.00 - 7.30 in the morning. A lot of men in a bus wearing high vis jackets. This is just a stab in the dark, but you don't think maybe they're on their way to work do you?
    Crazy, I know. Just a weird hunch....

Wednesday 27th Aug

9:11pmKen Woodchef on Towpath Task Force
  • Completely agree with Gatman regarding the splendid work carried out by the team of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to create what must be one of the best kept stretches of the popular British canal system. Dek and his team deserve praise and appreciation for their efforts in making Audlem proud of its canal and flight of locks. Well done!

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