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8:54amcosmo on Hatherton Bends
  • Not really sure if the driving of a few individuals on the rural A529 in Hatherton requires so much discussion. It is a route between a sleepy Cheshire village and its nearest market town and not a great deal different than many other roads throughout the UK. Not exactly the North Yungas Road.


10:15pmMoomoo on Another example of...
  • I had a similar experience to Billy today too: Also a young lady who seemed to think doing her hair & taking selfies of herself driving on the road in Nantwich was ok!
    I am not a slow driver but always try to keep within the speed limits, but tonight on the famous road I had a girl driving so close to me, I couldn't even see her cars front grille! These type of drivers are probably the next future Hatherton bend accident candidates! It's really hard to be sympathetic, except for their possible victims!

9:58pmOwen2 on Another example of...
  • Please give the name and reg' to Cheshire Police ( or I'll happily do it). Thank goodness no one was pulling out of Corbrook. It would have been a total disaster — & she will do it again.

5:44pmAnnT on g&t
  • I'd love a g&t but would question why there is some sort of slur over the birthplace of the people involved in the work on the plan.
    The majority, i.e. more than half, of the actions undertaken in the village may well be non indigenous in the form of born elsewhere. Does one have to be born and bred in Audlem and district to work for and have a say in committees, planning and the myriad of activities.
    Perhaps g&t would like to only have people back into the village who were born here.
    I may have misunderstood either g&t or critic but anyway people like myself have only a few more years cluttering the place up. Am I to be denied my place in the cemetery?

5:32pmAnnT on Neighbourhood Plan
  • I hope those using the referendum process will read the plan and realise that it is not against growth but a means hopefully of having a say in said growth.

4:39pmcelia b on Neighbourhood Plan
  • I hope other examiners of neighbourhood plans will read the comments re Gladman-repetitive, erroneous, costing money etc. I don't suppose they can be fined for time wasting or at least ignored?

4:12pmBilly Gibbons on Another example of...
  • ..suicidal driving today at 9.25am , coming out of the Village, towards Corbrook, followed by a girl in a white **** **** who decided to overtake me opposite Hillside Vets, she's on the wrong side of the road (obviously) on the brow of a hill AND on a bend! She get's on the correct side of the road at the top of the hill just in time (approaching was a 4x4) Because I went down Second Dig Lane and she went down First Dig Lane, she ended up behind me again. From Stapeley traffic lights to Cheerbrook Rd Roundabout she was applying her make up! If you think you're the parents of this girl, get in touch with me and I'll give you the make & model of the car and you can maybe talk some sense into her before she kills herself or someone else.

3:29pmbob-bee2000 on Hatherton Bends- an alternative theory
  • I think, without realising it Glyn Davies hit the nail right on the head when he referred to the "young man" who had rolled his car!
    However, to continue the thread of an alternative theory, one possible reason for the collisions happening in the same spot is that by travelling "at speed" through a combination of alternative left and right bends it sets the car into a rocking motion which the driver then tries to correct by either braking or suddenly taking their foot off the accelerator, resulting in a lack of wheel traction and hence the repeated incidence of 'parking' on the same strip of banking.

3:03pmspot you on Hatherton Bends
  • Canal cat my dear...- I was only pointing out you said fluid contamination had been ruled out.Then you seemed to imply the opposite. Any way back to the subject in hand.There are more severe bends on said road
    How come hardly anyone leaves the road on these if it's down to speed ?

12:38pmCanal Cat on Hatherton Bends
  • There is no contradiction, Spot you...- only irony.

    I was referring to the various damage, spillage and wreckage that is strewn on the road as a RESULT not a cause of these accidents... Police officers have to clean this away after each crash...And given that rain runs right across the road, how come nearly all these accidents only usually occur on one side of the carriageway (Nantwich bound) if a diesel spill was responsible?
    Slow Down...Sorted!

11:47amcritic on g&t
  • g&t set out to write irony but went into the realms of fantasy with the line "Dammed good job the Parish plan committee were born and bred in the parish."

11:37amspot you on Hatherton Bends
  • Don't mock meddle man it could happen to any one of us. And good contradiction canal cat on your speech ?

10:38amCanal Cat on Hatherton Bends
  • Well said Meddleman: — You nailed it.

    The local traffic officers I spoke to about this last year ruled out any diesel or other contamination as the cause in the various incidents (that they had attended) on those bends... Of course, — when a diesel car is on its roof however — a little diesel & many other fluids are very likely to spill out.

9:29amSteveE on Neighbourhood Plan
  • From the official report on the plan:- "The Draft NDP (as modified by my recommended modifications) is part of a positive vision for the future. In such circumstances there is no obligation for it to avoid restrictions on growth. The use of the word "gradual" is justified."
    Anyone taking the time to read the actual plan will find numerous policies encouraging new developments to encourage prospective residents to come, particularly those requiring affordable housing.
    In fact the Vision for the plan includes the phrase: "....gradual, managed, well planned development"

7:51amBilly Gibbons on Uncalled for comments
  • Ashamed; No offence taken at all. I thought you were joking. And anyway; I've done far worse on the TV than the programme you were referring to ('Tipping Point') although to do worse than that is hard to believe isn't it? And, someone who looks like I do and drives what I do can't take themselves too seriously. (I'm including my Micra in that too. Hahah)
    All good fun and no harm done.

7:38ammeddleman on Hatherton Bends- an alternative theory
  • Driving through these bends nearly every day for many years, I have only once had a problem .If you enter at the right speed, you do not even need to brake. However, recently, as I came round the corner, there were a group of little green men standing in the middle of the road and I had to swerve round them. I was lucky to stay on the road. I was only doing a modest speed of just over 60mph. I suspect that the fields either side of the bends are an alien landing site and this is causing the problem. After all, it couldn't possibly be poor driving by individuals who deny responsibility at every possible opportunity, could it? I recall the comment by Ken Maple, our former local bobby, about the reason for these accidents, his answer was: bad driving. Surely, it cannot be that simple... can it?

Tuesday 9th Feb

9:44pmMilton Freeback on Uncalled for comments
  • Ha — the funniest comment on this site in a fair while, "po-faced posters" — brilliant! Keep it up please.

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