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7:45pmBilly Gibbons on School Closure
  • A local school teacher, in the early '60's, picked the children up in a tractor and trailer to take them to school when the weather was bad...and I mean bad..not just a couple of inches of the stuff. We couldn't get out of our back door in Little Heath as the drifts were 6ft high. Unfortunately, we could get out of our front door so I had to go to school but you get the idea...the Winters were 'proper' Winters back then...I know I sound old but I've a right too...I am!

4:16pmbob-bee2000 on School Closure
  • Is it little wonder that we are turning out a nation of 'snowflakes'? School closed because of ice and the safety of children and staff. Come on! I can't remember having a day off in the winter of 1961 or 1963 when we had a very long cold spell and snow up to our ears , I even wore short trousers to school for '61. Instead of fearing the ice, we made slides the whole length of the playground and there was a queue to use them. What would we do if we lived in a really cold climate — take the whole winter off?

11:45amWaysider on Audlem Public Hall
  • Is there a website planned for the Public Hall? Or at least updated pages for Audlem Online? It would be great to have accessible information about hire rates, contact email, room capacities, how to join the gym, and all the activities that are running in the main hall and annex from week to week. Thank you

9:55amAnnT on A "bit on the side"
  • I am also unsure which societies you mean. However all the groups involved in the Annexe , flower planting, Christmas lights , youth activities, ADCA clubs , Audlem Parish Council and so on probably need to congratulate themselves if indeed they do so.
    Few others seem to congratulate them but I remain mystified by your post. I for one am grateful for most of their efforts.

9:47amAnnT on A "bit on the side"
  • I am confused as to whom 'they' are in your post.

Sunday 10th Dec

11:01pmdisollusioned on A "bit on the side"
  • Maybe they are tired of self appreciation societies.

11:50amAnnT on The Lord Combermere
  • Thanks to Alan and Jo and all the staff at the Lord C for making the ARS dinner such a success.
    It also reflected the time and effort put in by Jean, Andy and Christine organising the event. The tables, with the beautiful hand made place cards looked great when we arrived!

Friday 8th Dec

12:10pmAnnT on Christmas @ The Shroppie
  • I definitely need help, just read the article about Blues at The Shroppie, admittedly skim reading but Alistair's part caught my attention as I misread Sax — Safehouse as sex Safehouse. Or some such thing.

10:34amchelper on Christmas Tree
  • AnnT read my post wearing her magic spectacles that among other things turned "organizers" into "doers". Anyway turning to the subject of more general tree-planting I have felt for a long time that Long Hill Moss would be a good place to plant trees.

9:49amNigelMachin on Contractor Drivers Congratulations
  • I must say that I am impressed. For 2 days now when walking the dog along Longhill Lane , 3 contractors have passed me and none of them had a mobile glued to an ear. Surely the sight of snow will make them fall into temptation once more. Can they resist temptation? Watch this space........ (unless they finish me off first)

Thursday 7th Dec

7:31pmAnnT on Christmas Tree
  • I wasn't mocking chelper but arguing with what I feel is a trivial support for the climate. Your pride in being an ideas man and apparent derision for the 'doers'...the words you used are new to me , made me angry on behalf of all the people who put a lot of effort in to village things, often having had the vision themselves.
    I do wish your ideas didn't seem so negative. Think of the Christmas tree(s) as bringing pleasure at relatively little cost to the environment as they are quickly replaced. Unlike the vast swathes of forest cut to make room for palm oil plantations etc. Firs generally produce ,I believe, less oxygen and absorb less CO2 than broad leaf varieties. I may be wrong but pines are cultivated largely to provide paper etc and, once a year decorative trees.

Wednesday 6th Dec

9:39pmchelper on Christmas Tree
  • It was disappointing to get only mocking replies. To mind there is nothing to celebrate in the symbolism of a dead tree, there would be for a live one. A tree takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, binds the carbon in the wood, and releases the oxygen back to the atmosphere where it sustains the life of animals including us. If this were a service we had to pay for it would be valued but nature in the shape of trees,live ones not dead ones, provides it free.

8:04pmAnnT on Christmas Tree
  • It is a good job Chelper that we have some people in the village who have both the ideas and the willingness to try to realise some of the ideas.

7:59pmSid on old post office
  • Sold for £200k

8:22amBilly Gibbons on The White Lion - Hankelow
  • snakeyjake; Thank you. I was being a bit silly but what I meant was the amount of new builds.

7:51amCheers on Christmas Tree
  • chelper is "an ideas man not an organizer".

    Of course, I know the type!

6:57amcelia b on New post office
  • I find that they will be able to do vehicle tax which is great. The first two people I told this said 'I always do mine online' DOH we must give this post office a chance by using it. E.g. Withdrawing cash, every transaction counts.

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