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3:20amgoing underground on Damp problems
  • I don't know how old your property is, however you may find the Manual below of some use, it has a large section on dealing with damp.


9:47pmNigel_Y on Audlem After Dark
  • Wonder photo. May I ask what settings were used, aperture, expose and any filters. Thanks

6:55amBat in Belfrey on Ordering prescriptions.
  • In reply to Risley's comment on hardship to the elderly — the 'elderly' are more adaptable than you think as we never moved on to the automated system in the first place. It's the youngster's that will be having the difficulty -'Oh dear what do I do now there is no button to press'

Thursday 29th Sep

7:10pmDen C on Damp problems
  • I would caution anyone against accepting simple solutions to damp problems. A lot of companies drill and inject and offer warranties that aren't worth the paper they're written on. Drilling and injecting may work in some cases but in the majority of cases won't. There are many very simple solutions to some damp problems that require no expenditure at all. Do some research on the internet. What you could consider is employing the services of a Chartered Building Surveyor (Not an Estate Agent)

4:08pmOllie on Damp problems
  • Can anyone recommend a builder/dampproof specialist who could sort out a damp problem we have in our house. Any help would be appreciated.

8:50amRisley on Ordering prescriptions.
  • How can the CCG promote this new ordering system to prevent stockpiling and wastage of drugs? The automatic system by Boots has worked well and I would have thought avoided these problems. Another query. With an increasing elderly population, how does a housebound person, without a computer and no nearby neighbours deal with this? I would certainly be interested to know.

8:37amKingbur on Is the Post Office a lost cause?
  • The answer to timd's question is probably "yes", as nearly six months has elapsed, and we have no Post Office. Our business mail order is increasing, which means we have to go to Woore or Wybunbury regularly, at some cost and inconvenience, though the service is excellent when you get there. I wrote to the PO Chief Executive five weeks ago, and received an acknowledgement. I sent a reminder last week — again no response. Perhaps more residents should also email and copy in our MP,

Wednesday 28th Sep

2:50pmsandy on Computer Engineer needed please.
  • Thanks for the suggestion of Julian Harrison of TechMedia. Job done. Excellent prompt, pleasant and efficient service at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend.

Tuesday 27th Sep

7:48pmtimd on Is the Post Office a lost cause?
  • I see that the most recent notes from our MP makes no mention of any progress with the re-establishment of post office services in the village. Whilst I enjoy the short trip to Woore to use their welcoming and efficient post office services it would be good if we could enjoy the same facilities here in Audlem — I note that they have 4G mobile phone access as well....

    Is something still happening behind the scenes or is it a case of onwards but not always upwards?

Monday 26th Sep

4:45pmSeamus on Lpg
  • Hello

    I'm looking for advice from " Audlemites"please. My house is all electric using a Heatrae Sadia electric boiler to run a wet central heating system. It's proving very expensive. Does anyone in Audlem have experience of using bottled gas for heating and water?

Saturday 24th Sep

11:16pmAnnT on Flags
  • I'll hold the bottom of the ladders but my days of climbing ladders are over. Visitors to the village do ask what they are for.

11:47amAgainst the grain on Flags
  • The flags are dealt with on a voluntary basis just like most of Audlem's amenities. Are you volunteering your help AnnT?

11:44amAgainst the grain on Disturbing event at Nantwich Lake
  • Children can also grow up to be your burglar, shoplifter, rioter, murderer etc etc, if not shown a good example and brought up with the values that being a functioning part of society demands.

9:47amAnnT on Flags
  • Surely we can have the flags down now?

Friday 23rd Sep

5:54pmdannycoll on Wine Cooler
  • I have a CDA wine cooler — can anyone help/advise me who I can contact as its temperature control is not working!?
    Many thanks in advance

5:01pmYo! on Disturbing event at Nantwich Lake
  • I agree Nuf-Said that it is terrible about the birds being terrorized, but let's 'beak' it down to who and what is really haunting these poor creatures. It's cats! It's also clean windows, cars, mobile phone towers and loss of habitat. So really, if someone has a cat (they kill millions), washes their windows, drives a car, uses a mobile phone and lives in a house or goes shopping (loss of habitat), then they are the real threat to these poor birds, not a few kids chasing them at the park or lake!

    All I'm saying is, with hand on heart, give children a chance, because after all, they are the future and will one day grow up to be your doctor, bus driver, first responder, soldier etc.


11:14amNuf-Said on Disturbing event at Nantwich Lake
  • Pt2. I noted one day sitting in a supermarket cafe several families where the young children were well behaved and clearly well parented. One exception was two 5-7ish kids running around, screaming and nearly causing a waitress to drop hot soup. Parents said not a word but no doubt would have complained bitterly had the kids been scalded.
    It's the same "don't give a damn about others" that manifests itself in littering, dogfouling, reckless driving and all the other antisocial behaviour we see.
    I just wonder what sort of adults such children become when they've never been taught good behaviour.
    As to Nantwich, I saw that as simply a comment that it has its share of scumbags, as does Audlem, but that doesn't mean all are — most are not

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