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9:47amRoy H on windows
  • Thinking about replacing windows. Any recommendations... looking for competitive price and excellent customer service.


5:38pmcosmo on local resident
  • I am relieved to know that it was not the same local resident that discovered a dead cat on their drive then had a mountain bike stolen.

5:10pmAnnT on House Martins and Swallows
  • On a more serious note I find bird egg shells in my garden regularly though not frequently. Could this be as a result of the visiting cats who like to use a newly dug garden or the marauding large birds?
    I suppose I will call the wrath of Chatbox down on me by wishing for a large black bird (crows, rooks or jackdaws) cull and include the large pigeons at the same time.
    They hang around waiting for food to be put out and then scare the small stuff off.

5:06pmAnnT on House Martins and Swallows
  • Is she a poor widow?

10:20amDenise on Lawn mowing
  • Hi. We are looking for someone who can mow our lawn it is a fair size so will need to be a decent mower. cash given

7:38amDen C on House Martins and Swallows
  • We used to have Martins in Hankelow but haven't seen any for a few years now. At their peak we had about six nests but nothing at all now, very sad. Perhaps the row of cats faces peering at them through the widow about three feet away put them off.

Sunday 22nd May

7:10amArchie boy on Driving tuition
  • Bill Hancock —


    Also better to take test in Whitchurch

Saturday 21st May

6:27pmCrash Landing on Hatherton Bends
  • I would just like to give 'NO' thanks to the driver of the white car (Audi....C16 in the number plate?) that was travelling in front of me towards Nantwich, indicated right into Brookfield Golf Club, stopped in the mouth of the entrance then reversed into the road across both lanes and stopped. I was accelerating out of the 30mph down bank and had to perform an emergency stop which wasn't of much use in the rain. Fortunately the driver heard my horn and just managed to get out of the way as I skidded across the road. Some people are absolute idiots and should not be driving at all.
    Rant over!

3:58pmbuttons on Driving tuition
  • we can highly recommend Ron Ingall from whitchurch,07860828085,

11:08amStepanian on garden maintenance.
  • I can highly recommend Steven Hampton 07843890815. He's very accommodating, conscientious and reliable.

Friday 20th May

10:12pmBejeweled on Driving tuition
  • Can anyone recommend a local driving instructor?

8:14pmcelia b on garden maintenance.
  • Mike Byrne is listed under 'home services' in the Businesses section of Directories — perhaps there should be a gardening category?

8:06pmcelia b on steam punk costumes
  • Visited Monique's exhibition in canal shop today and was 'blown away'! Far more detail given about where she got her ideas and sourced the materials than I expected. What an imagination and how many hours she must have spent at the sewing machine. Don't miss it!

4:25pmDel on Hatherton Bends
  • A couple of months ago I spotted the Wybunbury councillor Janet Clowes in the Chronicle surveying the scene of a road accident at Walgherton & I commented on Chatbox that perhaps she could also look at Hatherton bends. Quick as a flash she came on Chatbox ( obviously a regular reader ) saying she would be looking at the roads along with a new Highways officer. Hopefully we were on the right track I thought. Her last comment was " I will keep you posted " Has she ?
    I have been away for 3 weeks & wi-fi in the hotel was dodgy so I cannot be sure she hasn't

3:25pmsandy on garden maintenance.
  • I would highly recommend Dennis Evans 01270 811945.

3:17pmDeere on garden maintenance.
  • Try Eddie McCormick on 07956 283352

10:22amtarkatronic on garden maintenance.
  • Can anyone recommend a gardener who can strim and mow my lawn? It's about the size of a tennis court and getting slightly out of control!

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