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12:11pmPenelopepitstop on Heartfelt Thanks!
  • Sending a note of thanks on behalf of my son & husband who were fortunate enough to follow in my footsteps & attend yesterday's Heartstart course. Once again, a most informative & well presented, life-saving course.
    A big thanks to Helen, Andy & Tim. My son, Harry, is about to embark on a year of fund raising activities to raise enough funds to put a defibrillator into BL6. He was given great encouragement & some very useful information yesterday, which will help him in his endeavours.
    Thank you, once again, for giving your time to help equip people to save lives.

11:37amMilton Freeback on Stan and a dog owner.
  • I too think it's disgusting - the non removal of dog poop is not just prevalent in the village. Two roads at Chapel End spring to mind, Kettle Lane and Longhill Lane - clean up your act people, "scoop the poop" !

11:23americ cantona on Police letter re School Parking
  • The problem is caused by parents who spend too much time "yacking" with other parents outside the school rather than getting a move on! It's the same problem at Broad Lane and Wybunbury. A Socialising ban /talking exclusion zone should be imposed around the schools.

Saturday 22nd Nov

4:52pmBrokenSpring on Stan and a dog owner.
  • Spot on meddleman. I'm sick of these sort of people. I know the civil liberties brigade will cry foul, but I would like to see the PC invest some of its spare lolly in CCTV - not just for this, but also the other anti-social behaviour that goes on (including some of the regular spots where fly tipping takes place). Getting caught and fined is the only thing these selfish types will respond to.

3:32pmmeddleman on Stan and a dog owner.
  • I was saddened to hear of Stan's misfortune. The dog owners who skulk in the Churchfields alleyway and do not pick up their dogs' mess are probably the most anti-social members of our community. It appears that they will continue with their vile, threatening behaviour towards the most vulnerable residents, small children and the disabled, despite a number of recent appeals. It is time that this area was monitored more closely by residents and those in authority (though I suspect that this area is deliberately selected because it is out of sight) as clearly a number of prosecutions will be necessary to curb these selfish, inconsiderate reprobates. There is no place in the 21st Century in any community for dog owners not to clear up after their dogs.

10:56amKen Woodchef on Stan and a dog owner.
  • Seconded!

9:43amMrs Bouquet on Stan and a dog owner.
  • I was both sorry and disgusted to read the article about Stan and his encounter with dog mess. As dog owners we are always careful to make sure we clear up behind our beloved pooch. I wish I could catch someone in the act of ignoring the mess their dog leaves behind - in this instance I would have no qualms about naming and shaming these lazy, selfish, irresponsible people.

Friday 21st Nov

9:18amBrokenSpring on Planning Inspectorate Rules!
  • In this morning's piece Councillor Michael Jones, Cheshire East leader, is quoted as saying: "Clearly our officers have not been working as well as they could."
    Now what was I saying about politicians blaming and hiding behind their civil servants?
    I note the good council leader used to be an investment banker - an occupation which has been shown to be of the highest integrety in recent years. He seems to have a property company in his declaration of interests. How much has his administration cut the planning department in CE since 2010?
    We should never accuse him of crocodile tears.

Thursday 20th Nov

2:31pmAnnT on Planning Inspectorate Rules!
  • It is difficult to see a) whose head should roll and b) what benefit it is likely to have. We have the future monarch using his, well the Duchy of Cornwall's development muscle to blight green belt that cannot actually be seen from Highgrove and some of the other wealthy landowners cashing in here there and everywhere without compunction. So no hope of appealing to the so called carers of this heritage.
    You can bet if heads roll it will be some poor blighter toeing the council line not those who are allegedly drawing up plans.
    Whoever has selected the members of the planning Inspectorate obviously wants to push through hastily concocted government policy and government, probably of any persuasion, is heavily influenced by big business, many of whom are not even British.

8:29amNone-of-the-above on Planning Inspectorate Rules!
  • Well said Broken Spring in this morning's article.
    We can all criticize the planning inspector and his rules. What we cannot avoid is the fact that other local authorities have managed to have a local plan in place which Cheshire East have failed to do. Without a local plan we have no real defence against speculative developers.
    This blame game is getting us nowhere we need to see some real action from Cheshire East. At a local meeting our MP said that he had little influence over government policy re encouraging housing which seems to be heavily biased in favour of the developer.
    We have a Tory Government,MP and local authority. Surely we should have some consistency rather than this centrally controlled shambles of a housing policy.
    Time for Cheshire East resignations!

Wednesday 19th Nov

7:40pmCharlie50 on The Pinfold
  • I have been to Audlem today Wednesday for a coffee and sandwich at the Pinfold and found it to be shut, can any one tell me whats happening to the cafe.
    Over this past year since finding the Pinfold Ive looked forward to calling in and having a cup of the wonderful coffee (cant get it any where else believe me I've tried) and a sandwich for lunch I just cannot believe it's closed.
    Is it going to reopen will Kate be running it.
    Will the same coffee and sandwichs still be on the menu.
    Why is it closed.

    Editor's comment: It's re-opening very shortly under new management. Hopefully, we will be running a story within days with news of the opening.

8:20amCanal Cat on Planning Inspectorate Rules!
  • Contd...Whilst I have little patience or sympathy for the incompetence of Cheshire East who made most of their planners redundant when they created the new authority & then sat on their hands for 5 years before making serious efforts to create a local plan, it does now seem that whatever sensible plan local authority planners (in conjunction with local parish plans) offer up, it is over ridden by this unelected planning inspectorate who seem to have no interest in the local impact of their diktats.

    This is undemocratic, and the inspectorate seemingly unaccountable. Bob's description of Soviet style centralised decisions is maybe even generous... I was thinking of a previous state a few hundred miles further west of them!

8:10amCanal Cat on Planning inspectorate Rules!
  • Bob Cartwright's article on the planning issue seems to summarise the issue perfectly in my view especially on this mythical demand for absurd volumes of new homes, & how this approach of too much cheap easy credit spells doom for the global economy. Even MP Stephen O'Brien agreed that "you cannot build your way out of recession" and I find it worrying that The Labour party are pledging to build even more homes if they come to power, yet no one has yet explained where the demand exists, especially when there are plenty of homes available on the market currently.

Tuesday 18th Nov

6:27pmbob-bee2000 on Well Done Audlem Medical Practice
  • It is very good to see that the Audlem Medical Practice has received the top rating of '6' in the recent round of Care Quality Commission inspections. A true reflection of how lucky we are to have such an excellent service. Well done to all in the practice!

    Editor's comment: Full report in the morning on AudelmOnline.

1:40pmcelia b on Found bracelet
  • I picked up a gold coloured chain bracelet outside public hall on Mon night. I put it on the piano in the foyer.

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