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8:01pmPericles on Extraordinary Meeting
  • I agree with Neutral's comments on this matter. Whilst I agree with the sentiments of many and would love to see the Village take control of these assets. I would council caution.
    Yesterday's meeting did not convince me that there is a full financial understanding of the implications that ownership would confer onto the Parish Council. This is not a criticism of the PC but merely a willingness/request for more study to be put into this. Many would argue that this should have been done months or years ago, but previous lack or urgency should not be a justification for precipitous action.
    If the Parish Council feel as though a decision must be made immediately whilst not in full possession of the facts then I believe they would be doing us and themselves a disservice.

4:06pmRobinW on Extraordinary Meeting
  • Well done to all at the meeting last night. Would it be possible for the Parish Council to provide AoL with a copy of the financial estimates which were used last night, and for AoL to publish them? I did not manage to secure a copy!

    Editor's comment: We will be very happy to publish the figures and are asking the Parish Council to send them to us, if possible.

9:35amNeutral on Extraordinary Meeting
  • A point of clarification on what I was referring to - not just liabilitiy insurance (we were told is costed, although I was a little surprised and how little the premium was). I was concerned about the liabilities for prosecution of the council or individual councillors if something goes wrong.
    Managerial arrangements will need to be in place to satisfy Health and Safety At Work Act responsibilities (formal policies, risk assessments, contractor assessments etc,etc,etc) and Localism Act responsibilites. A few visits by Rospa to the play area is nowhere near enough.
    I would like to ensure our councillors are safe from such liability, they do a good job for us on a volutary basis and need to be covered. I wouldn't fill the vacant post after the way some spoke.

Thursday 30th Oct

2:08pmgoing underground on Audlem Radio Control Club now Recruiting
  • The Audlem Radio Control Club is in the final stages of negotiation to secure a flying field off Coole Lane.

    We plan to begin flying very soon, so if you would like to join the club then please email us ASAP at so we can work out the membership costs.

Wednesday 29th Oct

1:25pmcritic on PC takeover?
  • The Parish Council is with some audience input to "discuss the costs and benefits" of the proposed takeover of the four amenities from Cheshire East. If the costs are only estimated they are bound to be downplayed by those in favour and overstated by those against.
    For an objective guide to costs we would need to know what Cheshire East has actually spent on the amenities over a number of years. Is this possible?

9:39amcelia b on yoga in the village
  • Yes, it has always been on a Monday evening, (place and time changed once)

8:18amjnjh on coop security
  • I'm sure there will be that one resident that will use the number to call for the noise. As always someone has to moan.

Tuesday 28th Oct

11:24pmJudy Evans on Black & White Cat News Story
  • Sad to report, but I believe the injured cat found on Tuesday has since died, despite the best efforts of the person who found it.

4:52pmAnnT on Playing Field
  • Come off it Sward, the tennis courts were open to all and look what happened, they became dangerous to play on.
    Over the years I have been in the village, just over 31, over fifty thousand pounds has been spent on surfacing and resurfacing, floodlights, netting, the club hut and other facilities. Are you suggesting that the use should not be charged for? Public courts in towns are not free at point of use.
    There is a difference between a public facility and a free for all facility which would very soon degenerate unless some kind benefactor took up the task of funding the maintenance. Perhaps you might like to become a public benefactor. Those villagers who wish to play have a very reasonable membership fee scale.
    Makes sense to me.

3:13pmsward on Playing Field
  • If Cheshire East cannot fund and administer the Playing Field would the Parish Council be able tu do any better? It is doubtful. They might struggle for a while then download it to the Football Club which could then fence it off so that any others who wanted access had to ask them to let them in.
    This is not too fanciful a thought. Compare the Tennis Courts which were provided to be a public amenity but are now in the hands of a private club.

11:42ammach one on Open letter
  • Regards Bill Consterdine's excellent summary (playing field, car park) not taking advantage of this golden opportunity is a "no brainer".
    Some years ago during my first stint as PC chairman, we were offered these facilities free of charge but did not accept because the car park needed total re-surfacing, this was well beyond our budget. Carpe diem! seize this offer A.S.A.P.
    Derek McKelvey.

11:32amAnnT on yoga in the village
  • Are they on Mondays?

9:06amcelia b on yoga in the village
  • Mandy has been taking this class for 7 years this month! 6.45pm prompt in the Public Hall lasts one hour. £18 for 5 sessions or I think £4.50 pay as you go. Lots of room for more as large room.

Monday 27th Oct

5:17pmlifestooshort on yoga in the village
  • I'm obviously hopelessly informed but I understand there is yoga in the village on Monday evenings. Can anyone tell me what time and whether I can just turn up or do I need to book etc? I gather it's in the public hall.

3:49pmBrokenSpring on Open letter
  • Ah, so now Kingkenny has come to the point. He feels that people who pay the parish precept (unlike him presumably in his foreign climes) shouldn't ask legitimate questions about the PC's basis for increasing it every year without spending plans or public accounts to demonstrate how they are spent, unlike just about any other public authority, and that doing so amounts to mind-numbing cynicism.
    I actually pay the parish precept, unlike him, and also I am generally content that taxation is a necessary means of funding public services in a civilised society.
    However, I do expect those given the power to forcibly remove this money from me to explain what they want it for and account for how they spend it, no matter how big or small the amount.
    It's democracy, not cynicism.

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