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8:27pmMargaret Roberts on The Eye's have it
  • Congratulations on an excellent article Peter, didn't know we agreed on so much.

5:41pmJohnbbank on Scotland rules our waves
  • Now we have the curious news that Nicola Sturgeon and co. will veto Brexit in a parliamentary vote. Her reason being that the majority of Scotland voted to remain. You can't blame her and her supporters really. She will continue to push for another referendum on Scottish devolution of course. So if she gets her way, Scotland will separate from The Union leaving England, Northern Ireland and Wales on their own and still in The EU. What a coup that would be for Nicola! On a positive note, we wouldn't have to mess around with border controls.

    We live in interesting times.

3:44pmWes Lechley on Brexit
  • Excellent article by Peter Morgan this morning. He elucidates the background for my belief that UK would vote leave, and I congratulate him on an well argued piece.

3:41pmWes Lechley on Life After Brexit
  • With due respect to Friesland, I will periodically revisit my "work of fiction" aka "Life after Brexit" for revue. Watching "Leave" leaders rapidly backpedalling on their promises this last couple of days to my mind means those responsible for misleading voters should not get off so lightly, including those on AudlemOnline.
    It'll be up to the editor, but I'll submit items for the "Newsroom" periodically, detailing where it's unfolding correctly, but also where I got it wrong (I'm big enough to do that & reading the "heavyweights" this morning I can see a few things, as well as issues that never even occurred to me). First one next week after dust settles. I won't respond to ChatBoxers mudslinging

11:51amAnna Phylaxis on The Eye's have it
  • Peter Morgan's analysis this morning is right on the money, well said.
    There was a good analysis also in yesterday's guardian by Nick Cohen "The Brexit figureheads had no plan besides exploiting populist fears and dismissing experts who rubbished their thinking"
    He quotes Kipling
    "I could not dig; I dared not rob:
    Therefore I lied to please the mob.
    Now all my lies are proved untrue
    And I must face the men I slew.
    What tale shall serve me here among
    Mine angry and defrauded young?"

    However, as I say in another post, perversely I suspect Johnson is now best placed to negotiate the exit deal as he carries the authority of the result and thus room to wriggle on terms.

11:38amAnna Phylaxis on Brexit
  • Sneering apart Johnbbank, we just have to get on with it now and make the best of a bad job, and get on with it fast because industry doesn't like uncertainty and jobs will bleed to Europe. A good trade deal is the best we can hope for, but the mood music out of Europe is not good.
    Brexit leaders are rapidly retreating from promises — just seen Duncan-Smith confronted on £350 million promised for NHS wriggling out of it. Perversely I think Johnson is best placed to negotiate the exit deal as he carries authority of the result.
    How anyone can make light of Scotland leaving and the breakup of the UK, as well as threats to Gibraltar astounds me. Enjoy your victory, but I think it'll turn out to be rather Pyrrhic.

10:26amFriesland. on Brexit
  • With respect to Mr Morgan, I feel that the village and country has now heard enough of the acute post referendum reflection. It has been scrutinised, studied and dissected by every possible 'expert' and media. As the webteam have now removed their Remain notification and the Politician's are calling everyone to accept and unite to move forward, can we please now put an end to the EU. Any other news on next week's POTP please Webteam?

12:26amJohnbbank on Brexit
  • Anna, if you have so little faith and distaste for this country, why on Earth are you still living here? Would you not be better off living in one of the many EU countries that currently still exist? I'm sure they would welcome your zeal and enthusiasm for their failing project. I would obviously love to tell you more of this country's plans for the defence and protection of our territories overseas but I fear that you might blow the whistle. Have you signed the petition for a 2nd referendum yet?

Saturday 25th Jun

7:54pmAnna Phylaxis on Brexit
  • Wow Johnbbank "after I've taken some advice regarding how much I can tell you all" you must be a member of the intelligence service then — have they lowered the entry criteria or something? I suppose we can always send Gordon Brown's aircraft carriers — and then wait a few years while we scrape together a few dollars to buy some planes off the yanks. Meanwhile I've got an old catapult and a broom handle so we can fend 'em off Dads Army style — "they don't like it up 'em Captain Johnbbank." We'll put the Great back in Britain eh?

6:16pmJohnbbank on Brexit
  • I agree with everything AnnT says. I'm sure everyone wishes Jo Cox was not cruelly murdered and that racial tensions were eliminated through reconciliation. A good start would be having Priti Patel elected as conservative leader.

    Regarding Anna's comments re the future of our sovereign territories overseas and the effectiveness, or otherwise, of The EU's ability to quite literally calm the waters, I'll address those points she raised after I've taken some advice regarding how much I can tell you all but rest assured, those sovereign territories have never been safer!

5:52pmbob-bee2000 on Brexit
  • Here's another thought. Instead of Remainers directing all their bile at the Brexiters, why not have a go at the 28% who either couldn't be bothered or didn't think it important enough to vote. Half of them are probably the people who, yesterday, have been on Google trying to find out what the EU is and why we were having a referendum. They walk among us!

5:43pmbob-bee2000 on Brexit
  • All this vitriol and bile from the remain side, clearly shows there is nothing worse than a bad loser. Interesting to see that there has been no sight nor sound from that messenger of doom, George Osborne, probably busy composing his resignation speech.
    As for the EU, what did their Parliament President have to say "Now is the time for us to behave seriously and responsibly." Really. What have they been doing then for the last 40 years?
    Anna Phylaxis, be careful what you say about the Falklands. It was French supplied Exocet missiles that caused so many British fatalities during that conflict, so not much EU support there!

5:36pmGarbo on Life After Brexit
  • If the England football team were to lose which I sincerely hope not will the fans be entitled to ask for a re-match.

5:30pmJohnbbank on Brexit
  • It's all doom and gloom with you isn't it Anna? Mind you, you're not alone. Your remain buddies have slumped into a depression greater than that of the 1930s and as we speak are going the extra mile to have a new referendum already. This is even more comical than Nicola Sturgeons latest neverendum effort. To hell with democracy eh? I can see that leaving the EU is a real blow to you. You would have fitted in quite nicely as an unelected, unaccountable EU commissioner.
    Now that the decision has been made is it too much to ask that you all stop complaining and support The UK?

5:23pmNuf-Said on Life After Brexit
  • Johnbbank must get different news down there in Spain, this morning the BBC and Telegraph report that Obama stands by 'back of the queue' Brexit warning. Maybe he's confusing Obama's comments on the "special relationship" (you know the one where the USA starts a war and the UK obediently follows). Quite impressive manipulation of currency figures too. The £ did dip to today's levels in February — for a couple of days after Cameron announced the referendum on Feb 20th, but quickly went back up when complacency about remain winning set in. Otherwise look at the 12 month graph on Last year I was getting €1.40 and $1.55 — but let's see what happens.
    Meanwhile Moodys downrates UK from stable to negative. Early days yet.

5:11pmAnnT on Brexit
  • Now it comes out that Boris, as recently as February, thought that Brexit would not be good. What an opportunist he is, I'm not a member of the Conservative Party but do hope they don't make him PM. Though who else they could have I can't think.
    Nigel Farage thought before the referendum that if the referendum went 52-48 in favour of remain there should be a second referendum.
    I should actually like to see a second referendum, without the killing of a vibrant honest MP, (how dare Farage say not a single bullet had been fired!) after a decent time and with some proper figures. Boris has admitted he can't predict immigration.
    What we do need, in places of dual racial areas such as Batley, is work among both communities to ease tensions.

3:39pmAnna Phylaxis on Brexit
  • Hey Johnbbank ¿Cómo estás hoy? Hope you're enjoying your Spanish break down there on the Costa del Sol. When you have a mo, could you pop into Gibraltar? Then try some smug gloating down there whilst talking in the same sarcastic way as your Scotland comment about Spanish calls for sovereignty in the wake of the "Out" vote. Because, as you will know, leaving the EU will mean the "hands off" condition of Spain's entry will no longer apply. Then pop down to the Falklands (or Malvinas as they may soon become known) and see how the locals feel about the UK position there now that it will no longer have the EU on its side against the Argies.
    ¡hasta la vista

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