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2:48pm57Lawnman on You Decide voting
  • Very well done Audlem-3 awards at the Nantwich & Rurals you Decide Voting Presentation this morning.A very good turnout well done for all the effort put in.

Friday 20th Jan

11:17ammeddleman on Our village and roads need your help ...
  • I agree with your post AudlemisGreat but there is a great irony that the situation you describe (which is mirrored in the NHS, schools, the police, social care etc.etc.etc.) is exactly what the people of Audlem voted for. The roads were in a terrible state before the last local and General elections and people voted for more of the same. If you vote to keep more of your individual wealth at the expense of community services, then don't moan when they fall apart. However, the writing is on the wall, when the staunchest of Tory councils, leafy Surrey, is proposing a 15% rise in Council Tax. Eventually, those who repeatedly want something for nothing will find that it is not possible.

Thursday 19th Jan

3:31pmAudlemIsGreat on Our village and roads need your help ...
  • We all know the roads are in a shocking state. The surface is breaking up in huge swathes from Audlem to half way to Nantwich.

    It's inevitable that one day there will be a serious accident or fatality unless something is done.

    Apparently there are 6 road inspections every year. Yet I could count hundreds of issues on our roads, most of which have existed for over a year.

    Either the inspectors are not doing their job properly or too few of us are complaining.

    So, we all need to report as many issues as we can asap and hopefully the council will stop ignoring us.

    There are two web sites to use:

    Please help make our village life better.

Monday 16th Jan

4:18pmDen C on Baker Required
  • Must be able to bake baguettes, it's the French Connection

2:27pmDenise on Baker Required
  • Yes we are in knead of someone who wants the dough meddleman

Sunday 15th Jan

12:21amKingkenny on Birthday Quote
  • Wrong Tom Watson I'm afraid, surely you mean the Labour M.P. Tom Watson; who is incidentally also famed for gems such as 'It's a marathon, not a race'.

    Editor's comment: Our sources say they are never inaccurate, but you certainly give food for thought! If you have a Birthday Quote do contact us.

Friday 13th Jan

1:53pmAudlem lass on Free to a good home
  • Due to an elderly lady being in hospital she needs to find a new home for her loving cat. If anyone is interested feel free to call me on 07528992700

9:41ammeddleman on Baker Required
  • Surely someone wants to apply for the Baker's job at the Co-op. There must be someone who needs the dough!

Tuesday 10th Jan

4:46pmDenise on Baker Required
  • Hi. We have a position available at Audlem Co-Op. 16-20 hours. If interested please contact me on 07951449321. Thanks, Denise

Monday 9th Jan

1:23pmDen C on Warning. Thieves In Van About
  • An assumption maybe but I've just had a very new looking, dark grey transit light van arrive on my drive and promptly drive away as soon as I was seen. Driven by a young man. Hankelow.

6:58amSoftail on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • Hell Drivers starring Stanley Baker made in 1957 but still relevant to Frizells drivers today.

Sunday 8th Jan

6:03pmWierd Al on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • Cleopatra, many thanks for your response and your info. I too was born on a country lane and have lived rurally for most of my life. I'm aware of the growth and 'industrialisation' of farming and some of the 'issues' it brings due to the size of the machinery involved, although some of what you refer to is simply individual human behaviour. Other than that I believe that the points I made are still valid. Irrespective of the changes in farming, we live in a rural community in which farming and land management are both a way of life and an essential economic activity. Land needs to be actively managed and whilst this may prove inconvenient to us at times, I don't believe that complaining on AOL is a particularly constructive, respectful or fair way to deal with it.

10:05amCleopatra on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • For Al's info I was raised on a country lane and have spent most of my life on one (and worked on farms). What's changed is not my expectations of consideration from farmers for the rest of the community, but farming. The roads are the same size but we are now bullied by huge agricultural vehicles, occupying the whole road, giving no quarter to others, thundering at speed up and down the roads with their operators often on phones, dragging huge quantities of mud along them and ripping the surfaces up. When I "moved" into rural living (or as I call it "born") the Ferguson T20 did none of this — I didn't choose to live with this — it's been forced on us over the years. Bagley Lane is now constantly filthy and often dangerous from this activity

9:59amSeatonfarms on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • ... continued
    It is important to us to play a key role in the community. If you have any further questions, complaints etc. Please contact myself on 07854617386 or

    We cannot guarantee that complaints on Audlem online will be seen or responded to. Due to the nature of farming, it's not often that we get chance to log on here to see what is being said.

9:52amSeatonfarms on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • First of of we'd like to apologise for any inconvenience and upset caused. Frizzels are working hard to complete an infill job on a new farm access taking farm traffic out of the Coxbank village. As has been stated by others, this is being done at our own expense and time. Planning permission was granted. We are as frustrated as you are that it has taken this long to complete, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that we want the access competing to a high standard to prevent any further work taking place in future. Unfortunately due to weather conditions, there has been more mud than we would have liked to have seen but this is a one off project that hope to see completed in the next fortnight. We appreciate you patience and cooperation at this time.

Saturday 7th Jan

9:08pmGatman on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • Well said Wierd Al. The farmer has spent a lot of time and money in creating this new road and yet people still find things to complain about.

5:12pmWierd Al on FRIZEL...HELL !
  • They pass my house too. I haven't found it a problem and certainly haven't felt any need to 'complain'. The 'muck' is 'soil' and it's being used to infill/reinstate land adjacent to a recently built farm access road at Seatons Farm, constructed to relieve the very narrow approach though Coxbank. The work will be completed shortly and this traffic will stop. After 10 years in Audlem I still find it remarkable that people move into a rural village and its surrounding area and then express surprise/complain when they encounter farm and plant traffic, forgetting that these are the custodians of the landscape we move here to enjoy and are also our friends and neighbours — now that is weird!

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