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12:34pmCurryman on Parish Council Precept
  • I have grave concerns about Audlem taking on the car park, playing fields, children's play area etc. we already have probably the highest parish precept in Cheshire and any acquisition will only add to costs. It is far better to spread the cost over the whole of Cheshire East rather than on a small area such as Audlem. At the very least before the Parish Council makes any decisions there should be a village wide referendum with all of us learning of the significant extra costs before any decision is made.
    It is obvious why Cheshire East wants to transfer ownership and maintenance to will save them money...but at our expense.

10:19amBuckers on Radio Control Club in Audlem
  • Gents, did you manage to find a site and also create a club? (I have just seen the thread on the web site and am interested in joining). I appreciate you've probably had your meeting a while back.

    Editor's comment: A further appeal for a site was made on AudlemOnline this week.

10:17amcritic on PC takeover?
  • Am I right in believing that the improvements to the Tennis Courts were paid for with Lottery money and would there be a similar source for whatever needed to be spent on the Car Park and Playing Field?
    There was also a social cost to the Tennis Courts privatization. Previously they were a public amenity, now anyone who wants to use them has to join or at least go through the Club. Should one imagine the "football" field going the same way, being handed over to the Football Club?

    Editor's comment: The tennis courts were renovated before the Lottery existed. It was local fund raising, grants and loans from the Lawn Tennis Association and the Sports Council and others that paid for the refurbishment. Annual subs were kept very low to make tennis affordable but before the tennis club was formed nobody played because of the appalling state of the courts when they were 'public'.

8:25amJudy Evans on Potential Charge - Audlem Carpark
  • As a trader in Audlem, I would be very happy if parking on Audlem car park remained free of any compulsory charge. Never under estimate the draw of "free parking" these days to shoppers and café/pub goers ! However, as a user of the car park, I would not be against a voluntary annual donation to its upkeep...much like we give voluntary contributions to ADAS for the up keep of the flower beds etc. I would leave it up to individuals to decide, based on expected/ perceived use & ability to pay. Perhaps major contributors could even be issued with their own special 'tax' disc indicating they are a supporter of the voluntary scheme ?

Tuesday 21st Oct

1:39pmcelia b on History Society talks in Nantwich
  • The post about the repeat of Jeremy Nicholls' talk on the Audlem Railways is good news for those who missed it first time round. Several Audlem people have given talks in Nantwich, which originated with the Audlem History Society, Dinah Andrew gave 3 consecutive talks on the career of Lord Combermere in the Museum, George Hardy repeated his Job Wellings story for the Cheshire Family History Society and Celia and Maureen have been asked to repeat their WW1 talk-date to be announced. Not forgetting Roger Wickson of course but he does not specialise in local topics!

10:54amBillcarper on Keep your car tax disc holders!
  • Knom d'Plume - The idea is to have the details hidden behind the folded disc as you will note if you take the trouble to look at the link. In the event of an accident for example, the emergency services will have access to the information. No different to them searching through your wallet / handbag but just a bit quicker which may even save someone's life. My wife has an uncommon blood group and I think it's a brilliant idea.

Monday 20th Oct

10:26pmKnom d'Plume on Keep your car tax disc holders!
  • Well I sincerely hope no-one puts my personal details on public display like that. Maybe identity theft hasn't yet reached Malvern.

7:09pmBillcarper on Keep your car tax disc holders!
  • A brilliant idea from Malvern police. Make an emergency contact and medical information disc. Template is available at:
    I wish I had thought of that!

5:50pmallin on fly tipping
  • I am pretty disgusted to see that someone has been using mill lane as a dumping area. This is enjoyed by many as a beautiful walk, and is home to squirrels and the common buzzard and all other types of nature. Hope whos done it is reading this and feels pretty ashamed about it! Disgusting!

7:07amcelia b on Footpaths
  • I hope that if the blocked walk involved paths in Audlem parish then something will be done. We used to have volunteer footpath wardens but that scheme seems to have been abandoned.

Sunday 19th Oct

6:05pmSiteUser on The problems with Satnav
  • The problem is not with Satnavs but people who don't use their eyes and brains. It's no different than if he'd read a map that told him there was a route. Satnavs have been blamed for all sorts of idiotic behaviour, like driving down a railway or down roads that are way too narrow, when the problem is the driver failing to exercise any sort of judgement.

12:05pmAbo525 on The problems with Satnav
  • Re Newsitem: The A525 does not go anywere near Crewe so it seems unlikely the satnav was that much at fault. Let's not start barking up another wrong tree.

Friday 17th Oct

7:16pmKen Woodchef on CRT works
  • Reading with interest about the progress being made by the C&RT volunteers and future coodination with ADAS is once again refreshing to see and deserving of credit. Volunteers of all types and designation are very much apprecated for their efforts in keeping the village and now the canal in such appealing condition. Well done to all concerned!

3:10pmJohnbbank on Someone with digger
  • I urgently need someone with a digger to dig 3 x 1m deep test holes for foundations. I also need a lot of tree cuttings removed. Cash is waiting.

    Call me on 07950 776771 if you can help.

    Thank you

Thursday 16th Oct

7:16pmDen C on Council 5 year housing supply
  • It's very noticeable that the new planning document makes no attempt to justify its earlier planning policies which appear in their own words to have been completely wrong. Who's to say that the current proposed policy/plan is right? Planning policy is a total shambles which is being made up on the fly to suit the current political whims and fashions. It's evident that Nantwich seems to carry the heaviest burden of proposed housing development. Policies to destroy Audlem and our rural environment should be resisted. Time to bring UKIP into the Borough I think.

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Upcoming Events

Probus meeting
Today 10:45am

Brookfield Golf Club - Coffee served from 10.00am. Meeting starts at 10.45am. Speaker: Bernard Loveday on Prostate, large or small.
Bernard has given several medical type talks to Audlem Probus. He has promised not to frighten everyone!

Audlem Art Group
Tomorrow 1:00pm

Bridge Inn conservatory - The second meeting of the new Art Group with tutor Christine Johnson. See news story on Wednesday 22nd October for further details.

Short-ARS walk
25th October 2014 9:30am

Meet on Audlem car park - The Short-ARS October walk starting in Norton in Hales which involves some (quiet) road walking before taking to fields in a loop north west towards Ridgwardine. The route then turns southwest before looping eastwards towards Betton. A short stretch of road leads to a field path towards Oakley Hall and Park back along a 'green lane' back to Norton in Hales.

The walk is a 2 booter at 5.5 miles long and should take around 2.5 hours to complete. Meet in Audlem car park at 9.30am.

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