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10:27amdng on Electrician needed.
  • Juilian Slack from Audlem, I use him a lot for work. Audlem based. number 07801 865343.

    Gets the job done, and is done to the highest of standards as well. Hope that helps

10:20amdng on Reliable window cleaner
  • I am a window cleaner, John. Call 07517 672430. Thanks Danny

9:51amDen C on Cuadrilla in Gladman fields
  • If it's Cuadrilla then it might be geological surveying in connection with fracking. They may be taking the opportunity of building a wider picture of the area's geology.

6:41amKen Woodchef on Reliable window cleaner
  • There's a chap who does some of the shops and pubs in the village including Williams' Newsagents who's very good. Perhaps you could inquire at the shop?


4:52pmJilly on Cuadrilla in Gladman fields
  • Celia,
    I suspect they were carrying out a ground investigation exercise in order to establish the type of ground conditions that the builders will need to be aware of when working out the cost of developing the field.

2:29pmJohnbbank on Reliable window cleaner
  • Could anyone recommend a reliable window cleaner please. Once a month and plenty of windows to clean. Thank you.

Monday 26th Jan

8:51pmFriesland. on Electrician needed.
  • Thanks very much Mr Billcarper! Will try him!

8:27pmAnnT on Neighbourhood Plan
  • I hope that the questionnaire being produced by the neighbourhood planning team has a good take up rate. It is important that as many villagers as possible register their vision for Audlem and area.
    We are favoured in our area to have many people willing and able to put in their shift for the community. ADAS, ADCA, Parish Council, Parish Planners, the neighbourhood team in question and many more who put effort into the community. AudlemOnline as well.
    Thanks to you all.

8:17pmAnnT on Football report
  • I did so enjoy reading the football report from Ralph, apart from the result. We need a Notes from South Cheshire countryside report. I love the little details therein.
    Sad about the football but on the other hand The Alex won.

5:44pmcelia b on Cuadrilla in Gladman fields
  • Did anyone else notice a Cuadrilla van and a small drilling rig in the Bennion's fields last week? I have emailed them to find out the purpose.

10:57amBillcarper on Electrician needed.
  • I can highly recommend Phil Wickstead of Market Drayton. He always goes the extra mile. 07970-591201.

Sunday 25th Jan

8:15pmFriesland. on Electrician needed.
  • Can anyone recommend an electrician for me please? Don't mind looking out of the area. Thank you!

8:00pmBuster on BuySell
  • Billy you scoundrel, it was you that sold me the damn thing! When you get back from France can you organise a refund, S'il vous plait?

7:51pmAng on BuySell
  • Hero's you pair

11:39amBilly Gibbons on BuySell
  • Buster. I bought the same Sat Nav. Mine was ok apart from when it made me get lost in France.

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