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Friday 20th Apr

3:47pmvintage on Audlem Parking problems
  • Thanks for you suggestions! I have told the council of the danger and pointed out that anyone stepping out of the driver's side of a car at this point, a visually impaired person or anyone at night might cross the road and have a similar experience. They may not be as fortunate as I was and may actually break their ankle. The response I got was "The work relating to your enquiry has now been programmed in accordance with our current priorities and will be completed in due course". So that's as clear as mud then!

10:53amK.L on Village centre.
  • Friesland — this now appears to be the standard message sent for all issues, roads, gullies, lights, grids etc don't hold your breath as to how long it might take to be dealt with because it might not happen for some considerable time, if ever in some cases.

6:44amcelia b on Green Lane Land
  • Part of the field is a Local Wildlife Site called Grey's Bridge, there are some very boggy areas and the whole field is part of a wildlife corridor system. While I would support using the upper level part for parking I hope no one wants the whole area built on.

Thursday 19th Apr

8:19pmFriesland. on Village centre.
  • I've now received an email from CE stating: 'The carriageway at Shropshire St has been assessed and will be considered for inclusion in an appropriate future programme. At this stage I am unable to give you any indication on timescale. In the meantime we will continue to monitor the condition of this location via the scheduled inspection regime and keep it in a safe condition for all highway users.'
    Watch this crater..

6:11pmDen C on Green Lane Land
  • More properties and occupiers = more Council resources and expenditure as well.

5:35pmsticks on Green Lane Land
  • There is a shortage of affordable living homes in Audlem.Perhaps the council purchase the land for these type of homes maybe 30 or so and the remainder of the land could be public car parking then we would not have any council tax increase and it could be self funding.Lets see what the NIMBYs have to say.?

8:43ambob-bee2000 on Audlem Parking problems
  • Vintage, as CEC have been made aware of the state of the road you are within your right to make a claim for any injury or damage on the grounds of their negligence. I once injured myself in a pothole whilst out running and claimed against the council (in Somerset) and received a three figure sum in compensation. I believe that the same applies to motorists who suffer damage to their cars, if it can be shown that the council is aware of the pothole and has failed to act.

Wednesday 18th Apr

10:25pmG. Leighton on Audlem Parking problems
  • Vintage — if you've damaged your ankle because of the poor road surface, it might be helpful to tell Cheshire East. It seems they have not yet recognised the surface problems are a danger to pedestrians, let alone motorists. I think they should be told if an accident has happened as a result of the state of the road.

9:29pmBilly Gibbons on Audlem Parking problems
  • vintage: For what it's worth; I've had a visitor (from out of the area) and he couldn't believe the state of the roads in our Village/Town. I've lived here for 61 years and, niether can I! Someone in 'autorithy' came to inspect the roads here recently and deemed them ok. I bet they wouldn't be ok if it was outside thier house. Thought I'd get my say in before this thread is taken down. Hope it stays though...well...until someone can come and put some tarmac in the craters at least....

Tuesday 17th Apr

11:57pmthe optomist on Green Lane Land
  • Or maybe if they don't get the land our council tax could come down with all the extra 'new build' contributions, or does it not work like that.?

11:55pmthe optomist on Green Lane Land
  • The Parish Council mention that our council tax may have to go up to help purchase the land, surely their income is going up massively already with the incredible amount of new houses that are currently being built on their watch?

11:12amvintage on Audlem Parking problems
  • I got out of the car (parked in the bay outside the flower shop) and wrenched my ankle as my foot found a cavernous pothole. When is something going to be done about this road surface?

Monday 16th Apr

10:04amJolly Green Giant on Green Lane Land
  • I would like the parish council to buy the land and see a small employment park build on the land. Could the land become a community asset?

8:50amDen C on Green Lane Land
  • If anyone cares to read the sale details there will be a clawback clause in the sale contract as I thought it might. This means that any uplift in value of the land will be subject to a surcharge of 30% of the uplift of the enhanced value from basic agricultural land. There are three implications. 1) One will be that the vendor will be more likely to sell to someone who has the potential to enhance to a greater value, ie to build houses rather than a car park. 2) If the Parish Council were able to buy the land then turning it into a car park will enhance the value and a charge will arise. 3) Who will be able to pay most in the first place although a builder might not need to pay more because of the potential.

Sunday 15th Apr

5:36pmBanks on Audlem Parking problems
  • I share Meddleman's views wrt parking in Audlem. I live outside of Audlem & I hence often drive and park in Audlem. I have never had what's being called 'a parking problem'.
    I understand that the Green Lane land Parish Council meetings this week are meant to look on whether and why and how the community can make a bid for the land. Hopefully, it will not turn into an 'I want a parking space' discussion...
    I do think that we should look into bidding for the land, and explore together the various uses such a public land could offer, and especially whether and how we should conserve it for future generations.

5:33pmMum on Audlem Parking problems
  • Just a thought, but has there ever been any consideration to charging for the current car park, and even a parking meter in the village for the same. I am sure if you did there would be plenty of available spaces, and much fewer parking problems in the village.

3:46pmthe optomist on Audlem Parking problems
  • Yes we don't want to encoursge outsiders into our village do we meddleman ? Spending their hard earned money in our shops and cafes and pubs etc, surely the boaters are bad enough

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