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9:30pmAnnT on football pitch
  • I think that Audlem has the know-how to maintain the playing field were this to held for the benefit of local people.
    Perhaps whichever trust is running it would be eligible to apply for a grant from the £8 million that kind Mr Osborne has earmarked for playing fields. This money is presumably to offset the £78 billion cuts to councils who in any case are already reluctant to maintain pitches, libraries and the like due to a squeeze on money allotted to them.

7:33pmsward on football pitch
  • We read regular complaints about the condition of the football pitch. The Football Club Chairman wants the playing field to pass into the hands of the Parish Council, perhaps believing that would lead to improvement. It is doubtful if it would. What could the PC do that Cheshire East does not already do given that the PC has less expertise and fewer resorces?

9:59amAnnT on Checkout King
  • Congratulations Phil, I don't go to Sainsbury's often but when I do I always think how nice it is to see you. Quiet, pleasant courteous and effective.

Saturday 28th Nov

2:26pmg&t on AOL's editor
  • Wishing you all the best Bob for a swift and speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

6:22amcelia b on talk today
  • All welcome at the talk on climate change in the church at 11 am today. Free refreshments and Adapt display from 10.30

Friday 27th Nov

11:58pmThe Macs on Lights on!
  • Fab night for our first in Audlem. Was so pleased to be able to attend the big switch on and Santas arrival.

7:26pmMargaret Roberts on AOL's editor
  • Good luck Bob will be thinking of you.

5:36pmCanal Cat on AOL's editor
  • Just wanted to wish Bob our very best wishes. AOL needs your mischievous humour...

    It seems you have borne your illness very bravely and we look forward to seeing you well again.

    We are thinking of you. Get well soon!

    Best wishes, CC & MM

4:33pmAnnT on Aphax
  • Is it just myself critic or would you prefer no one to react to your posts?
    However I will, at least until you introduce something not aimed at the footballers, desist. Adieu.

10:25amcritic on Aphax
  • "provocative"? I would be relieved if AnnT stopped following my posts.
    On a different topic, Best Wishes for Bob.

Thursday 26th Nov

7:51pmAnnT on Aphax
  • When will critic understand that footballers are but one of the groups who will benefit if the project is realised? I suspect provocation, I must learn to ignore it.

4:44pmcritic on Aphax
  • Building is not environmentally friendly. It requires land, and materials which are dug out of the land and processed with fuels that also come out of the ground. So it should be kept to a minimum. Our footballers do not need a building costing £700,000. They just need a flat field for a pitch and a disused cowshed for a clubhouse. Until recently that would have been the Audlem way.

Tuesday 24th Nov

11:16amBat in Belfrey on Market Drayton road
  • I did hear that there may be two more periods of closure sometime in the future to complete the work through to the Cheshire border. Hopefully the periods will not be as long or it will be traffic lights.
    Mind you which is the worst closure or lights, at least with closure there are not the issues caused when lights not working.

9:41amOughttogetoutmore on Market Drayton road
  • Yes, the Market Drayton road is now open, though disappointingly only the far end has been re-surfaced from the Gingerbread Man roundabout up until the first turning for Longslow/Calverhall. There were workers surveying further up the road towards Adderley yesterday morning, so perhaps the rest will hopefully be completed another time, though it will mean further closure, which is not welcome.

9:36amJudy N on Market Drayton road
  • Yes it is open. Hip Hip Hooray!

6:54amcelia b on Market Drayton road
  • Anyone know if it is open? I note the signs have disappeared in Audlem but was expecting to see an announcement!

Monday 23rd Nov

6:12pmTerryT 1954 on Fat Pigeons
  • We went along to the Fat Pigeon Live recording on Sunday. A really nice atmosphere and some great music, only cost us the price of a bottle of wine! Strongly recommend it to fellow Audlemites who miss the frequent quality live music we used to enjoy in the village.

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