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Sunday 1st May

12:21pmHarty on Professional oven cleaning
  • does anyone know of someone that does oven cleaning in Audlem

Saturday 30th Apr

10:50pmNewbie Julie on Moving toAudlem needing diy livery
  • We are hoping to relocate from Yorkshire Wolds village to Audlem. Bringing two horses with us but need to find a friendly well run diy livery yard. One horse retired other might as well be! Happy to rent grazing but need stables as they are both spoilt rotten and need a dry bed at night and during winter. Any help would be appreciated.

7:43pmJustin Tyme on Dangerous State of Bagley Lane
  • Sadly Celia I don't think it was anything other than passage of vehicles and rain. I drove down there at about 11:30 and it was still tricky and I got my car plastered with it even though I went dead slow. It wasn't as bad as yesterday afternoon when I also came up there when it was simply evil. Hopefully whoever is responsible for this will find themselves facing a manslaughter charge if someone gets killed because it's virtually impossile to control a car when driving on an inch of compacted wet mud.

5:05pmBaldy on Cat killed by greyhounds
  • I guess it is too late for 'clarybelle' to enter the race for Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner! At last we have someone who understands the issues and is not afraid to say it as it is! We are either still waiting for responses from the candidates or have had to read some political waffle, which to me seems to translate to mean 'I am not particularly bothered and I am not going to do anything'.
    If people are offended by the use of the word 'idiot', they should know that this is pretty mild compared to some of the words and comments being used to describe the greyhound owner! I suspect the Ed has refused to publish some material and should not be criticised for trying to reflect the views and feelings of the majority of the community.

4:39pmcelia b on Dangerous State of Bagley Lane
  • By 3.30 pm I find the road is much better, the power of the media?

6:31amcelia b on Dangerous State of Bagley Lane
  • I took photo of the mud at 5pm yesterday, hoping they might clear it at the end of the operation. Horrible for walkers and runners as mostly from muck spreading.

Friday 29th Apr

8:15pmCleopatra on Dangerous State of Bagley Lane
  • Road users should beware Bagley Lane.
    Again the inconsiderate farmer there has left the road in a very dangerous condition in the vicinity of the canal bridge. The farming business should note that putting up slippery road signs does not absolve them of the responsibility to leave the road in a safe condition. You are a big enough operation to afford road sweeping equiment. You will cause an accident here at some point.
    Farmers expect, and deserve, our support. In return they could show a little consideration for the rest of the community on which they rely.
    It ain't rocket science.

6:28pmBillcarper on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Dear "going underground". I'm sorry that you will not be responding to this topic in future as you too seem to have misread my comments somewhat. I did not suggest that you drove at 60mph locally which on most, although perhaps not all, would be foolhardy. What I do not do is decide in advance of my journey as to exactly what speed I will go as you seem to viz: "the absolute maximum I would drive is 40mph". I try and tailor my driving to suit the prevailing road conditions and with due consideration for others. If I was constantly concerned about being reported for any aspect of my driving, I would seriously consider parting with my vehicle.

4:38pmAngus McCoatup on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Ed. I'm not sure why you've retrospectively edited this morning's post of mine to remove the self declared name of "Going Underground" — he announced it himself last year in July in his rant about dashcams, so I don't really see why you need to take it out of the direct quote from that post, especially given his declared intent to act in a dangerous and infantile manner in his post yesterday in reponse to others comments on the same subject this week. Why do you protect such people?
    And for his information if he thinks driving at 20 in a 60 zone is "safe" he needs to retake his test — he's committing a number of Road Traffic Act offences and possibly public order offence too. Someone was locked up for 6 years in N Wales recently on dashcam evidence.

    Editor's comment: I did take the real name out as I wasn't going to search back to last year's posts to check if he had used it. I can't imagine that's a problem but it was my decision.

4:29pmgoing underground on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Hi Bill, In response to your 3 points:
    1. I never drive a 60mph on the roads around here as you have stated / applied, the absolute maximum I would drive is 40mph and only where the road conditions would allow which is not very often.
    2. I too am not a perfect driver. Imagine if I did make make a mistake and was reported by a driver with a dash cam, I could lose my driving licence, and therefore job and house etc. A risk I am not prepared to take, therefore driving at a slower speed is safer.
    3. As per the highway code I use my mirrors frequently.
    I am not against people using dash cams.
    Once again people are jumping to the wrong conclusion's with regard to my comments, therefore I will not be responding to any further comments on this matter.

2:06pmCampbell on Cat killed by greyhounds
  • Its with sadness and disappointment that I've come to hear about this incident with poor Hamish. How awful the whole saga is. There is a tremendous amount of wrongfulness about this all, capped callously by what appears simply to be lip service by the police on the matter. Perhaps they are under-resourced, perhaps their hands are tied. And perhaps this is "not a priority". I find it completely unfathomable that 2 dogs can shred a cat to death on a public walkway.... and NOTHING effective done about it. A polite visit by the police to the owner ends the matter. Have I gone mad?

2:01pmgoing underground on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Dear Angus, I do not object to folk using dash cams and my quote you have used clearly states that, I just think that people should be careful before putting footage on the web which could lead to reprisals. Why not just send the footage to the Police and let them deal with it, their are a lot of nutters out their, (as a Policeman once told me).
    Copy and paste this:
    Also on my drive back from Crewe Station this week, in one day I saw 5 drivers on their mobiles and a car parked on the Zig-zag's outside the Primary school in Wybunbury............ I said to myself, where is Angus when you need him?
    Good luck with the footage of me driving carefully, I guess I will be seeing you in court flower. xx

1:34pmBilly Gibbons on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Funnily enough, it's precisely because there's "too many nutters out there" that I'll be owning a Dash Cam soon.

1:26pmBillcarper on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Continued:
    3. Bearing in mind that a number of cars have cameras built-in these days, how much time does he / she spend looking in the rear view mirror whilst driving?
    For the record, my particular incident on Maer Lane yesterday recorded not only the fact that my car was actually stationary at the time of impact but that my average speed on the lane was 35mph.
    Whilst not being a perfect driver (is there one?) I am quite happy for my speed and driving behaviour to be also recorded on my camera and wonder why others may not be.

1:23pmBillcarper on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Some interesting comments about this topic and I am most anxious to learn of "going underground's" reasons for reducing his / her speeds when being followed by a car having a DashCam. The following questions (plus others!) spring to mind regarding this:
    1. By suddenly reducing his / her speed from 60 to 20mph, could this be deemed to be driving without due care?
    2. What does he / she hope to achieve by behaving in this manner?

10:22amclarybelle on Cat killed by greyhounds
  • Another insensitive needless comment by someone who is in overly defensive mode about greyhounds and lurchers. I don't think anyone is making negative comment on the breed and nature of these dogs. In fact I think we are all animal lovers on here and hope that people are not put off re homing these lovely dogs by one ignorant person who has failed to recognise the breed trait of his dogs and failed to control them! THIS is the issue and the only issue....lack of control! The cat could have been a small dog or indeed a small child. Cat hating is irrelevant and just causing unnecessary suffering to a lady who is already needlessly traumatised and upset. Stop accusing people of 'trolling' because they use the work idiotic 'lurchurlover' and have a bit of decorum!

8:40amAngus McCoatup on Thank heavens for DashCams!
  • Hmm — interesting comment by "Going Underground, who in his post of 21st July 2015 objecting to the use of dashcams and in reply to one of mine said:
    "I do not "have a bee in my bonnet, nor have I ever been caught out by one, or trying to put people off, nor do I have dubious motivation. I was only trying to make the point that if you submitted the footage to the Police, then your driving would have to perfect or you could end up being prosecuted yourself. I was trying to help......I wouldn't use one. Too many nutters out there!"
    Seems to be a bit of inconsistency with your latest offering, which will be helpful as your comment can now be submitted with any footage to prove you are driving without due consideration.

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