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Cheshire Barn Owl Conservation Group

13th May 2021 @ 6:06am – by Mike Harthern
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Mid Cheshire Barn Owl Conservation Group

The stated aims of their website (click  ) are to:

  • Highlight the problems facing barn owls.
  • These are many, they are highlighted in the "Survival" section.

Describe this unique owl.

  • The identifying features and special adaptions possessed by the barn owl are described in the "Barn Owls" section.

Show what we are doing.

  • We are proud to say quite a lot. Much of what we are doing can be discovered in the "About Us" section. We also have some other projects running, in particular a radio tracking project which we are reporting in the "Tracking Project" section.

Encourage others to help too.

  • Just about everyone can do something,
  • farmers and landowners can provide homes and habitat,
  • everyone that sees a barn owl (dead or alive) can let us know so that we can keep accurate records,
  • get involved with our group, become a member or just make a donation.

Provide a discussion area for matters related to the barn owl.

  • Communication and information sharing is good, it promotes better understanding, new ideas and liaison between all interested in barn owl conservation.

The latest newsletter for Cheshire is attached

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