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Bob McClintock on Vaccine

12th January 2021 @ 9:27am

Hannah I suggest you phone the ladies surgery . If it is Audlem you will receive excellent service and information

Dave Rodgers on AOL from Seattle

12th January 2021 @ 7:49am

Why are you exporting British Jobs and more to the point, exporting British data to the USA? Keep the USA out of our affairs!

Hannah Platts on Vaccine

11th January 2021 @ 10:20pm

Can someone tell me whether they have heard from the GP surgery in Audlem about the vaccine and what to do?
I have an 83 year old neighbour who has heard nothing at all and has obviously not had the vaccine but has no transport, recently had a fall and is registered blind. Naturally she is scared out of her wits to let someone take her to have the vaccine? Would be nice to know or was she supposed to be psychic and magically get herself to Nantwich to have it with no indication of times etc or could she simply go to her local doctors surgery where she is a registered patient and have it there? I suppose that would be common sense though so unlikely. Anyway with my rant over any helpful information would be marvelous – thank you

Hannnah Platts on Follow the Rules?

11th January 2021 @ 10:16pm

Think some people need to look at the ONS rather than the BBC and calm down a bit.
Whilst I wear a mask in shops etc I will not be wearing one outside – there is no requirement to do so. Yes there is a virus but the hysteria is beggars belief. Sadly the media are controlling the narrative here and people are scared. I would urge anyone scared out of their wits to look at the ONS website with actual facts and have a nice cup of tea.

Rachel Bailey on Chapel End Longhill Lane Closure

11th January 2021 @ 9:48pm

Hello Louise, thanks for raising this. The last notification for closure I received was before Christmas and related to drainage. I have emailed Cheshire East Council following your post to ask for detail.

louise evans on Chapel End Longhill Lane Closure

11th January 2021 @ 6:57pm

Longhill Lane is CLOSED. It has been all day. Around 2.50 the workers disappeared leaving the road closed. Residents have not been told why. Does anyone know what this is about?

Nigel Mottershead on Follow the Rules?

11th January 2021 @ 5:40pm

As I said earlier: many people just don't get how serious this is or are plain stupid.

Adriana Roscoe on Follow The Rules

11th January 2021 @ 5:09pm

Unless I'm wildly mistaken, there is no requirement to wear masks out of doors.

A Mansell on Damproofing

11th January 2021 @ 2:30pm

Hi, can anyone recommend a local damproofing firm please?

Simon Gleave on Follow The Rules

11th January 2021 @ 2:27pm

Sounds like some people in the village need to stop watching the BBC.

Why I am of the opinion that it is good manners to wear a face covering in places like the Coop why you would ever wear one walking in fresh air is beyond me.

Pat. Jones on Follow The Rules

11th January 2021 @ 1:29pm

My husband and I are both high risk so the only thing we can do weather permitting is to go for a walk .
However we have decided not to go any more because we keep meeting people not wearing masks and unless we move onto the road or into some ones drive the other people just carry on as usual without their masks.

Peter Morgan on "Follow the Rules" article

11th January 2021 @ 12:09pm

With today's news that temporary mortuaries are being installed in Surrey woodland to cope with the number of dead, surely it is time for the Co-Op to insist on customers who refuse to wear a mask on grounds of disability, to be asked to provide proof in the form of a doctors certificate. This course of action should be coming from the top down but as we currently have a Trumpesque administration the message has to come from the grassroots. The Co-Op owe a duty of care to their own staff as well as their customers. Clear signage on the front door should inform all who wish to enter that they will be asked to leave if they have no medical proof of disability. I speak as a life long asthmatic and I have no trouble wearing a mask.

Lynne Smith on Follow the Rules?

11th January 2021 @ 12:03pm

I had a similar experience to Margaret when I challenged a couple of lads in the Co-op some weeks ago which resulted in one of them shouting in my face "I don't care". I did write to the Co-op Head Office and I just received a standard reply that they would talk to the store but I never heard anything else. Perhaps stronger noticing would help enforce the rules although these individuals obviously thought they were above them.

David Stanistreet on Village heat pump?

11th January 2021 @ 11:25am

I also read the Times article, most of the recent publicity has centered on the demise of gas boilers, but I would think oil is equally polluting. I am aware that NWF are starting to market a recycled bio oil but don't know the cost or how clean it is. As a village I do think we need to investigate all options for the future.
David Stanistreet

Nigel Mottershead on Follow the Rules?

11th January 2021 @ 10:46am

Like Margaret Roberts, I too feel strongly about the total ignorance and selfishness of people – young and older too, who flout the rules that we currently have to follow.
It is partly down to these individuals, that we are in this situation now and also thanks to them that it looks as though the rules for shopping in supermarkets including the Co-Op is about to get even tougher.
I believe that staff should be permitted to correctly and politely challenge those that don't protect themselves and others, and, I tip my hat to Margaret for doing this with the two young characters recently.
There are still many people amongst us all that just don't get the seriousness of this or, who are just plain stupid.

David Parry on "Follow the Rules" article

11th January 2021 @ 10:39am

Interesting points raised and whilst I would contest it is not the job of shop workers to enforce the rules and also that the rule breaking is definitely not confined to the young...I think both of those discussions would be doing a disservice to the collective effort.

Focus on the minority of examples of "non compliance" exaggerates their prevalence and encourages more people to think "well, lots of people are breaking the rules, so....". In this way, we promote the exact behaviours that we are seeking to stop!

Far more productive in my view would be to focus on the many good behaviours and congratulate ourselves for being, on the whole, collectively responsible and considerate.

James and Catharine Clarkson on Childminders in Audlem Area

10th January 2021 @ 9:02pm

Hi everyone, we are looking to move to the Audlem area soon. We have a two-year old so can anyone recommend a registered Childminder in the area please?

Many thanks

James & Catharine

Elizabeth Hollinshead on Puzzles

9th January 2021 @ 5:07pm

Thank you. Breakfast routine restored with sudoku

Nigel Mottershead on Village heat pump?

9th January 2021 @ 3:18pm

Thanks for posting this; could be a great idea for Audlem too.
Maybe the Turnpike Field could be used?
More information on the project here too which has answers to many questions:
Let's see if there is interest to look into taking it further.

Denise Harrison on Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

9th January 2021 @ 12:39pm

Mighty Fine K9
Professional dog waker/pet sitter. Audlem area. Half an hr, 45 or an hr available. Alternative arrangements can be made. Fully insured. Get in touch.


Christine Johnson on Teasels in Turnpike

9th January 2021 @ 12:10pm

For about a week now, when I walk past the teasels in Turnpike Field, early in the morning, I have seen at least a dozen goldfinches feeding on them. I keep trying to take a photo but they are very shy.

Greville Coe on Village heat pump?

9th January 2021 @ 8:04am

Saw this in The Times today, it's an interesting concept

Robert Dickinson on Medical Centre

9th January 2021 @ 1:44am

I was perhaps premature in my comment and In view of something I missed before & recent comments here accept that our team here are part of a much larger effort to counteract this awful pestilence thats on us all. Let us all do as were asked and keep safe for our community. Ive never known a better one

Julia Parton on Vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 8:20pm

I took my father yesterday for the Covid vaccination + like others have already said the whole process worked very well. Numerous people were helping from aiding parking, directing where to go and checking details. Nantwich Civic Hall is an ideal location. Thanks must go to all the medics & admin staff who have enabled this to happen.

Nigel Machin on Vaccine

8th January 2021 @ 12:37pm

Mother-in-Law had the vaccine yesterday at Nantwich – she has had no side effects and the whole process was very efficient.

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