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I heard about Jon Gomm from the many talanted artists we see and hear in our village. I watched Jon Gomm on YouTube and I said "Wow".

I watched Jon Gomm live in our local pub, the Lord C, after Reub Palin had booked Jon a gig there before Christmas — and I said "Wow". I was in awe of his talent as I watched and listened with a relatively small audience for a Thursday night.

I also enjoyed Jon's company as he freely chatted to all. What I also liked about Jon, was how he was geared up with his merchandising T-shirts, CDs and postcards to download 'Passionflower' on line so that you could send it to family and friends.

The way forward — to get out, play live and allow people to hear your music. Not playing to the media circle of big business and shows like XFactor where contestants bleat that it will end their career if they don't make the final!

For those that have seen Jon's interview on BBC Breakfast earlier this week — please click on the link to see it —  you would have seen his talent, seen a man who is in control of his own career, and great with it. Sudden success this is not, this is hard work and belief in his own abilities.

To those that know him and watched him, Jon Gomm already was successful in many ways. It's great that more people are now finding him: nothing wrong with that, and Mr Fry is just another fan. I say 'Wow' often and it's great that, in this instance, Stephen Fry has opened the door for his sheep to follow. Let's hope they explore and support their local music scenes.

#Grass Roots
Grass roots music is a wide and eclectic Universe alive with talent. That's what music is about-equally talanted, if not more talanted, performers playing locally on your doorsteps week in week out. And for those that make it out, it's a great night and often free to enjoy. 

Locally, music is well promoted and supported, and has been for many years at the Shroppie Fly and the Bridge. Latterly the Lord Combermere has put on regular Thursday nights, and local promotors' events put on at the rockiest Scout & Guide Hall as well as the Public Hall, ASET events and, of course, the Audlem Music and Arts Festival.


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