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With discussion on Superfast Broadband very much around (and now on Chatbox), we were delighted to receive last night this excellent summary from an Audlem Online reader:-

Superfast Broadband allows households to:

  • shop online

  • research the best value deals on a range of household utilities and services

  • book holidays

  • stay in touch with friends and family members all over the world

  • avoid unnecessary journeys by working from home

  • access essential services such as healthcare advice and legal support

  • and much much more.

Broadband allows businesses to:

  • manage staff who work remotely from the main office — for example, from home offices

  • easily communicate with staff, customers and the outside world

  • market products and services to an international audience

  • locate multiple offices across the world while keeping them all connected

  • run technologically-advanced, data hungry businesses from rural locations

Broadband allows students to:

  • receive homework assignments and submit completed work over the Internet

  • carry out research using many rich, interactive and specialised resources

  • study towards degree-level qualifications from their home

  • remain within their home area without having to travel to other parts of the world to enrol in higher education

For schools, colleges and universities, broadband allows them to:

  • remain open throughout periods of bad weather — interacting with students even when they can't physically attend their building

  • develop closer relationships with parents and guardians with more regular and timely communications

  • appeal to students across a wider geography

  • explore new and engaging methods of delivering education in order to inspire and develop their students

Broadband allows patients to:

  • participate in online support networks 24/7

  • conveniently make appointments with their GP or dentist over the Internet

  • stay in contact with their healthcare providers over large geographic distances

Healthcare providers can use broadband to:

  • provide treatment to patients in their own homes

  • develop new and innovative ways of delivering specialised services

  • securely and quickly share patient information across healthcare providers

  • create medical centres of excellence — focussing on specialised medical treatments in a single location, yet covering a large geographic area

Voluntary groups can use broadband to:

  • co-ordinate volunteers across wide areas

  • easily promote their services to those who need their help

  • work in partnership with other organisations to share information in real time

  • attract potential volunteers to help support their work

Broadband allows the public sector to:

  • give residents 24 hour access to council services and procedures

  • develop new and innovative ways of working

  • make considerable cost savings by moving more customer communications online

  • co-ordinate multiple teams and agencies in the event of a crisis situation

    If you are interested, please register your interest in Superfast Broadband using the link on the Audlem Online Homepage.