Whiplash damage is a common injury seen within Physiotherapy. A frequent cause of Whiplash disorders are road traffic accidents, however sporting activities which involve contact or any trauma which causes the neck to move rapidly backwards and forwards or side to side can cause whiplash. When this excessive motion occurs, spinal bones of the neck, their joints and the discs between them along with soft tissues such as ligaments, muscles and nerves can be damaged (along with other areas of the spine).

Following an injury the body's natural process of inflammation, healing and regeneration begins. Repair occurs through the formation of scar tissue, however if scar tissue forms in a disorganised manner (imagine throwing drinking straws on the ground and see the many directions they come to lie) it can lead to long term restrictions in movement and increase tensions on surrounding structures, ultimately causing long term pain.

Physiotherapists are expertly trained to intervene with the relevant treatments at the appropriate points during the stages of inflammation, healing and regeneration to optimise the process and prevent the likelihood of long term pain and stiffness or recurrence of symptoms. If you have suffered a trauma to the neck (or spine in general), prompt assessment by a physiotherapist also ensures accessing an accurate diagnosis to discount the presence of more severe injuries such as fractures which need immediate onward referral.

Audlem has its own 'Audlem Physiotherapy Clinic' led by Philippa Butler who provides one to one, cost effective treatment. Philippa has over 30 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, is HCPC & CSP registered and accepts self-referring private patients. Philippa is located in Audlem Medical Practice and the Public Hall Annexe. Speak to Philippa to see if Physiotherapy might benefit you. She can be contacted on 07854270796.

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