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Local resident Stuart Bruce has written to local MP Stephen O'Brien urging him to give his views at the Inquiry starting next week resulting from Gladman Developments' appeal to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to build upto 120 dwellings at Little Heath, Audlem.

Stuart says:
RE: Proposal For Development Of Land West of Audlem Road, Audlem, Cheshire, CW3 0HE
Planning Reference13/2224N

Dear Mr O'Brien
The planning enquiry for this proposed development commences on 7th May and is running from 7-9th and 13-15th May with additional days on 12th and 16th May if required and Audlem residents are rightly concerned about the outcome.

As I suggested in an earlier email, your support in opposing this proposal is a significant factor and sends a powerful message to the inquiry team, a view that is supported by all the Audlem residents I speak to on this subject.

I hope you will be able to attend to present your views to the inquiry team or if not would it be possible for you to write directly to the Planning Inspector?

Also, as you stated the current situation where speculative developments are proposed whilst councils confirm their local plans is unjust, I would welcome an update on any further representations you have made to the Secretary of State on this issue.

We can report that Stephen O'Brien's Parliamentary Assistant has replied yesterday, saying:

Dear Mr Bruce
Thank you for your email to Mr O'Brien. My apologies for the delay in you receiving a full response from Mr O'Brien. He has been taking advice on the best way as local MP, to have the biggest impact on the Inquiry.

Having taken advice, Mr O'Brien is very happy to write a statement of support for the community in Audlem to be lodged with the Inspector. He will also ensure there is a representative at the Inquiry on his behalf to ensure that his support is noted in the

He appreciates that there have been calls for him to attend personally; however, he has been advised that whilst he can indeed speak as an interested party, he would also open
himself up to questions by representatives of the Appellant.

As this would be likely to hinder the Inquiry rather than be of benefit, he believes it will be best practice to submit a statement but not attend. He remains very strong in his support for your and the Audlum community's objections to the application and subsequent appeal and will express this support clearly and robustly in a statement to the Inspector.