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AudlemOnline has been receiving information from communities across many counties about the tactics being used by Gladman Developments. The following message about a planning application in Cheshire West & Chester has been sent to a raft of MPs representing constituencies where the curse of Gladman poses a threat.

Gladman have also admitted elsewhere to people attending 'consultation exhibitions' that it is just a device to get their appeal through after a council has rejected their initial planning application, saying they have met the need to consult.

This is the message to MPs:

Subject: Fw: Gladman- 13/01213/OUT- Appeal Process & Inaccuracies on latest Malpas masterplan

Dear Members of Parliament, Councillors, colleagues

Please find below details sent to Cheshire West and Chester Planning Department highlighting our grave concerns over the Gladman re-application of 13/01213/OUT documentation and process through which they are taking this whilst the IDENTICAL application that was unanimously refused at the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is now passing through the appeal process (12/04687/OUT) to public inquiry.

How can this be deemed fair process? This makes a complete mockery of the SPC role in deciding on applications and clogs up the planning department and wastes your, our and CWaC's resources and money. Why have a SPC if this can happen?

The re-submitted application should be significantly different to the original for it to be re-considered by the Planning Department — which it is not- and should be dismissed immediately until the Appeals process has been completed as a fair process of decision. It should be embargoed for 2 years before re-submission.

Gladman are bullying, overwhelming and misrepresenting their applications to CWaC, The Inspectorate and the public, knowing that resources and time are limited, the RSS has not been rescinded, Neighbourhood Plans are not in place and the housing shortfall is their one main argument.

This behaviour is being repeated over and over across the country by Gladman on many levels, under many different names and company titles and using "specialists" opinions that are clearly not in line with CPRE, The National Trust, English Heritage, CWaC themselves or the public whose villages they are decimating by their housing developments, and even many core principles of the NPPF that state these developments should "enhance" the areas in which they are proposed.

From other areas in the country it appears this is not the case; again it makes a mockery of the designations Conservation Area and ANOB, heritage sites, Listed Buildings, protected species, etc.

Gladman appear to have so little respect for due process, communities and the planning committees capabilities that they think they can submit inaccurate applications and have them fast tracked just because of housing numbers? Different rule book? We as a community are building a strong and robust Neighbourhood Plan that puts the future of the village in our hands- where it should be- not being dictated to by some speculative developer who has no interest in the community, people, future or heritage of our villages.

Please take action on Gladman and their associated companies; make them accountable for their inaccuracies and parallel applications; allow us to fight on a level playing field and this country and our communities will be able to thrive and leave a proud legacy for our children's children.

Yours faithfully
Rachel Redshaw

For those interested in keeping up-to-date with Gladman developments we have created a special Gladman index in the newsroom. You access it by clicking the Gladman banner on the homepage. To go there now .