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In a push to entice more males into Audlem Voices, the popular choir has sent AudlemOnline a list of ten excellent reasons why the village menfolk should clear their throats and pop along to St James.

1: Rehearsals are on Tuesday evening and last two hours. This means that for two hours, you will significantly reduce your risk of contracting tendonitis from the nonstop operation of a television remote control or computer mouse.

2: Singing in a choir is one of the few activities left for men that does not require electronic equipment or expensive power tools. This could be a good saving for the family budget!

3: For you fitness buffs, singing in the choir is not only heart healthy, it's soul healthy and it's a lot easier on the knees than jogging.

4: If you think you've done everything there is to do, and there are no great challenges left in life, try singing with us and staying on pitch, guys.

5: Choir rehearsal lasts as long as a professional football game, but it is at least twice as satisfying. Don't worry, though, the rehearsals are on Tuesdays, not Saturdays or Sunday!

6: When people ask you whether you've been behaving yourself, you can say with the utmost sincerity, "Hey, I'm an Audlem Voices Choir Boy."

7: From your special vantage point in the hall or church, you can look out at the entire audience from your seat and you will develop an interesting new hobby — a little guessing game called 'Who's Sleeping?"

8: On the other hand, sitting in full view of 50 to 100 people on a performance evening makes it much less likely that you yourself will give in to a chronic lack of sleep. Although it has been known to happen.

9: Because you wear an Audlem Voices Polo Shirt at rehearsals, you are liberated from a task many men find quite challenging: finding clothes that match properly!

10: Finally, saving the best 'til last — you not only get to wear the James Bond suit occasionally, but you get to swing along with a myriad of Bond girls!

The photo features our president, Jon James Bond Richardson, with his Bond girl Tuba Olmez!
Ladies, you have not been forgotten — you will be the subject of another top ten reasons to join...

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