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On Friday we published an email from a resident asking if Audlem Online would consider 'naming and shaming' people. The question arose from a 'pooper scooper' story we ran about a un-named but less than responsible dog owner walking his pet along the canal. The question has, however, had the webteam asking themselves should we consider 'naming and shaming' if it is in the community's good.

The team's view is 'no', indeed a resounding 'no'. That is not the role of the village website. There are many authorities that take on these responsibilities including, in more serious cases, the police. And that's where the responsibility should remain. It was a fair question to ask and we understand the frustration that lay behind it, but, as one webteam member put it- "Audlem Online is informative and lighthearted — even funny at times — and it should stay like that."

We hope you agree.


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