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At Oxtail & Trotter we try to accommodate the varying budgets in the village but the advantage of having a village butcher is that you can go in and buy 2 sausages or 1 chicken fillet — the exact amount you require as opposed to buying a pre-packaged quantity.

This ensures no wastage in the home and means that you can cook fresh meat every night of the week if you wish. We have one regular customer who comes in from the village who buys one slice of roast ham — it is these cherished customers who add up to keep local business going.

We appreciate any amount of business and are grateful to our regular customers from the village for their support. We try to supply the very best quality fresh meat that we can, insisting on traceability and local provenance where possible, all of this costs money and so some of our prices are invariably higher than 'supermarkets.

Importing meat products when our Great British farmers have the highest and most stringent welfare standards in Europe — if not the world — makes no sense economically or environmentally, and we are sure all of our customers would prefer quality & traceability rather than cheap imported products.

We know that Oxtail & Trotter can compete with supermarkets on many items. A few examples of our great value product lines are:

  • Belly Pork at £1.58 for 2 strips (a generous portion for 1)
  • Chicken Thighs at £1.22 for 2 thighs (boneless with skin-on)
  • Gammon Steak at £2.00 for half a steak (a full steak would be for a larger appetite)
  • Braising Steak at £3.54 for a large piece (this would make a casserole for 2 with added vegetables)
  • Steak burger (4oz) at £1.26 (these are handmade and made with quality steak mince)
  • 2 Thick pork sausages at £1.38
  • 3 Slices of Middle cut bacon At £1.32
  • An average of £1.76 per meal

We would suggest that many of those who haven't tried surviving by shopping in their local independent shops should try it whilst the Co-op is having its re-fit — you might be surprised by what great value can be had and also how accommodating your local independent retailers can be!

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