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Several local residents have contacted Audlem Online today with news of a saga that could just run and run! Many will have seen the big hole outside the Fire Station. Today it is being filled in. The reason? Because the company who dug it out hasn't won the contract to make the needed repairs below ground and are re-filling the hole before another company comes to re-dig it!

The problem, we are told, is that the sewer pipe from the fire station to the main sewer that runs along the middle of the A525 is blocked and has been damaged by tree roots. It appears that it's the responsibility of the land owner, in this case Cheshire Fire Service, to make the repair right along to the main sewer even once the pipe has left its land, that is upto half way across the A525.

Pity also the poor contractor who has been down the hole to investigate. One observer says that a man, dressed in an orange boiler suit and wearing a face mask and goggles, went down the hole to investigate when there was a loud 'whoosh'. A string of expletives emanated from the hole — including words never heard in Audlem before — before the contractor emerged, now in a boiler suit of many colours.

In the near future, the village could be faced with the prospect of the A525 being dug up across half its width. Another resident says it'll be worth canceling any holiday arrangements to watch the resultant chaos with a good proportion of Europe's long-distance trucks stuck on the remaining half of road.

In all it means five major jobs are now necessary on the beleaguered A525: — Repairing the sewer Painting the newly-agreed double yellow lines Resurfacing the road following the damage caused by the Muller development Replacing the kerbs to provide some protection to pedestriansDe-priming the road, which is going through the approval process.

The big question is, in what order? There is a logical sequence, but anyone who places a bet on the double yellow line painting being done first could be on to a winner! More as the saga unfolds.


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