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(The following report is from Audlem School's Newsletter published yesterday.)

On behalf of the Interim Executive Board may I thank you for your help, support and patience during the past academic year.

It has been a year of great change but, with your support, we can see the improvements in the provision for children at Audlem St James. 

At the last IEB meeting we received the (unvalidated) outcomes for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Needless to say we were delighted with the standards the children had reached and the progress they had made. Not only did all the children make the expected 2 levels of progress between key stages 1 and 2 but a significant proportion made greater progress than expected nationally.

But higher outcomes are not confined to year 6. For this, we thank all of the teachers, teaching assistants and especially the children for the hard work, diligence and perseverance they have put into a year full of changes.

Special thanks must go to Rachel Johnson who has steered the school for two terms and led the improvements noted. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Janet Broadley, an IEB member from its inception who has recently moved to another area of the country. Janet’s experience, incisive qualities of evaluation and support for the children were clear from the very first meeting.

She is sad that she cannot continue with the IEB until the end of the autumn term and we all wish her well. For the autumn term, and because there are noticeable improvements in provision for children, the IEB will continue with just three members.

We have always recognised that we are all here for the children and it is gratifying to observe the changes that have occurred and which we can witness when we visit school.

The children have responded excellently and, again as we have always mentioned, they are wonderful ambassadors for the school, the village, themselves and their parents and carers. 

It was good to meet the members of the shadow governing body recently. As we move through the autumn term more things will be delegated to them and they will be more empowered to assume their full role from January 1, 2013. They bring a wealth of experience and skills to the role and will serve the school well. 

At the start of next term we welcome Becky Jewitt as permanent headteacher. As you know there has been a lengthy transition process this term to enable Becky to take over the reins smoothly.

We wish her well and have confidence that the school will continue to improve its provision – there are still things to do! It remains for me to wish you all a good (even outstanding – but I’d better leave the Ofsted terminology behind!) summer break.

Whatever you do, enjoy it and we look forward to having a super 2012/13 school year.

Derek Barnes
IEB Chair.

(Audlem Online adds: School closes on Friday 27th July for the Summer break. There is a Leavers' Service at St James' Church on Tuesday when the whole school will be walking to the service for the Year 6 Leavers.)