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Ralph Warburton of ADAS writes: "Each year, as part of our responsibilties for the floral displays in and around the area, we give a plant to each pupil of Audlem St James' school. These are then grown on throughout the summer.

"This year I presented some 200 plus young pumpkin plants to the children at their assembly in late July. They were planted and nurtured through our poor summer and last Friday some 70 plus pumpkins were brought to school for me to judge. The ranged from the size of a cricket ball to one giant measuring around 1.20 metres.

"A presentation of prizes was made to the following who had the biggest and the best fruits.

Reception- Josephine Warburton

Year one — Tyler Walters

Year two — Milli Crouch

Year three — Lucy Maginess

Year four — Ryan Adams- with the Giant!

Year five — Abigail Poole

Year six — Livvi Ball — Livvi had ten big fruits from 2 plants!

"All the children who managed to grow a pumpkin were given a present too and next year's plan to grow a giant sunflower was met with great happiness by all. All in all a very happy piece of community involvement and a real pleasure to see the enthusiasm of a great school of very smart and attentive pupils."


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