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This week's Chronicle reports that the police will be extending Pub Watch, a scheme that operates across many parts of the country, to Audlem. PC Amy Fletcher, the Pub Watch liaison officer at Nantwich Neighbourhood Policing Unit, says the project should get underway in Audlem within a month or so. This will be a first step in spreading the idea to other rural communities.

PC Fletcher explained that she had met the Audlem licensees and Pub Watch seemed to offer an answer to various points they raised. "Audlem is a very small area," she said, "but we would like to see the project spread into neighbouring villages fairly quickly".

A central feature of Pub Watch groups in towns is the list of troublemakers who are banned from pubs. "A similar thing may develop in villages," said PC Fletcher. "But people know one another better there and a customer who has been a bit of a nuisance one night is more likely to come in and apologise the next day. Pub Watch is not about problems. It means we can provide licensees with a lot of information about crime prevention methods such as building security. We can also put them in touch with other agencies such as Trading Standards and Health & Safety. It also gives licensees a chance to meet one another and talk."


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