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A national report has said the number of potholes plaguing British roads has increased by a whopping 32% since last year. This means there's a pothole every 120 yards, so says the latest Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) report. It says that 80% of councils felt the state of disrepair was so severe it poses a threat to drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The good news for Audlem is that the appalling state of our local roads has prepared residents for conditions elsewhere on the open road. The likes of Coole Lane, and many of the rural roads in the area, have attracted much comment about their state of dilapidation. So much so that a list of local dangerous potholes and worn surfaces was handed personally to Councillor David Brickhill, the new roads supremo for Cheshire East, in January this year when he visited Audlem. Progress will be watched carefully and reported on as the new council swings into action.

The Automobile Association (AA) say the number of insurance claims caused by poor road surfaces has tripled this year. The Association's president, Edmund King, called for a building programme to improve roads that would also help kick start the economy.

Utility trenches, such as those dug every few yards along Shropshire Street outside Moseley's Yard, are said to contribute to roads deteriorating. Without returning to an old Audlem Online theme — which means we are — the number of trenches in a typical English local authority area averages 13,212, whereas in Wales it's only 4,613 — these figures perhaps being amongst the most obscure public statistics available!


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