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We make no apologies for continuing our coverage of the Royal Mail's failures to deliver. It isn't just about Christmas cards as these comments from the Audlem Online Chatbox show.

Markie says: "More Royal Mail woes to report, the worst of which is a business cheque posted in mid December taking 36 days to reach the bank via First Class post. This has not only created a significant cash flow issue for my business, but also major embarrassment with clients.

"I'm now looking at alternative options to Royal Mail which is a real shame as it ultimately could impact on our wonderful delivery personnel in the village."

Kingbur adds; "The awful postal service has cost us £45 on the first occasion. We were taking a claim through County Court, and posted the papers several days before the deadline required if we were to proceed to the next stage.

"Good old Royal Mail lost the envelope, so we were out of time. It's now costing us another £45 fee to re-institute proceedings. That's on top of two cheques for nearly £300 sent on 14th December to our bank branch for paying into our account that also were lost. We still haven't received replacements, though we are hoping for them shortly.

"Then there were the dozen or so Christmas cards received during the first three weeks of January, the longest taking 38 days to travel about fifty miles."

Chris Lewis probably sums up the feelings of many when they see a public service falling apart. He says: "The new Canadian chief executive officer will not be concerned at the worst Christmas mail (over 1/3 of our Christmas cards posted before 22/12 arrived after 27/12) as the custom seems to be in this country that the greater the mess made, the greater the bonus or the pay off.

"Many examples spring to mind but Railtrack and some hospital managers have walked away with huge sums. Those that are conscientious are never praised and usually leave with the traditional carriage clock!"

Increasingly, this scandal isn't just about delayed mail — it's also about lost mail.


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