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I have been following your progress with Royal Mail. You are doing very well in receiving a reply back from them: I have not even had so much as an acknowledgement from them to my email.

I received a bill last week sent out in December, well before Christmas, and as I will now have paid late, I will be charged a surcharge.

I suppose it's the usual attitude of all these large organisations with over paid managers at the top, they simply don't care and know they will suffer no penalties themselves. So why bother with the little people. It's this country all over from our corrupt politicians to over paid senior civil servants and local authority officials.

Audlem Online says: Receiving a reply yesterday, albeit just an acknowledgement after thirteen days, resulted in a BBC interview on Radio Stoke yesterday morning. The misleading information given out by Royal Mail officials in numerous radio and TV interviews was detailed in that live interview.

Perhaps our politicians should start to ask why this Government-owned organisation has brought in an expensive chief executive from Canada who, clearly, has managed the worst Christmas mail delivery in the Royal Mail's history; cannot answer a letter in reasonable time and allows a series of misleading comments to be broadcast over a period of weeks.

We look forward to the full explanation from Royal Mail — they say they want another three weeks (14 working days) — when it arrives.


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