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Pothole on Whitchurch Road, Audlem

Among the issues discussed at Monday night’s Parish Council meeting were: the Mobile Library service; local bus services and potholes.

#Mobile Library Service
Concern was expressed about Cheshire East’s proposals to slash the provision of the Mobile Library service.

CE’s first proposal is to reduce the frequency of the service from fortnightly to three weekly.  This, in itself may be bearable.  However, it was felt that the proposal to reduce the number of stops in any village to one would have a significant impact on Audlem.   Reducing the current eleven stops to just one was described as totally unacceptable.  Residents in outlying areas of the village, such as Kinsey Heath, Cox Bank and the Holly Bank/Weaver View area would be seriously affected if they have to travel to a central location.

Councillors agreed to write to Cheshire East on behalf of the users of the service to express their serious concern at the proposal and the way it affects Audlem.

In the meantime, users of the Mobile Library service can make their own views known by either completing the questionnaire on Cheshire East’s website, or filling in a paper copy of the questionnaire available in the library van itself and at Thornton House.

#Local Bus Services
Threats to the services from Audlem to Nantwich, Market Drayton and Whitchurch have already been highlighted on the website, most recently in the article produced by the webteam on 14 May 2012.   This news article gives a link to the proposals and provides information on how you can have your say.  Councillors agreed to discuss the proposals in more detail at their next meeting on 11 June and to formulate a response to Cheshire East at that meeting.  

Concern has been expressed many times about the appalling state of the roads in and around Audlem.  So far, very little appears to have been done to fill in many of the potholes, despite a number of reports sent in by the Parish Council, both by phone and via the on-line pothole reporting scheme on Cheshire East’s website. 

After discussion, it was agreed to ask the people of Audlem to get involved and actively support the Parish Council’s efforts to get potholes repaired by reporting individual pothole locations themselves – so please do get involved.

As an incentive to report potholes yourselves, you might be interested to hear that at the meeting it was suggested that motorists whose cars are damaged by potholes may find Cheshire East won’t accept responsibility for the damage if the hole isn’t already recorded on their Maintenance/Highway Faults system.  You would need to check with your insurance company whether this is true, but either way please get involved by reporting all potholes by telephoning 0300 123 5020.  Alternatively, use Cheshire East’s interactive pothole reporting site at  Click on the top line heading: "Skip to content"  and follow the link for "I want to find ... roadworks and how to report highway faults’.  This link then takes you to a map where you can pin a flag at the point of the pothole to report it.