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Early yesterday morning an otter expert from Exeter University — he was in Audlem because his artist wife was involved in the exhibition at the Mill Shop — walked northwards on the canal. He saw evidence of otter activity.

Dr Paul Chanin, who is a Mammal Ecologist, is known internationally for his work on otters. He has conducted two national surveys on their habitats across Britain and has published two major works on the elusive animals.

Audlem Online has already been contacted this morning with queries as to whether the animals could have have been mink. Dr Chanin, however, did his Doctorate on mink and has much experience with both animals. There are lots of mink in the Audlem area, and many have been caught in recent weeks to prevent them destroying lots of fish and other wildlife.

Otters have been reported between Nantwich and Audlem but with this news it may be worth keeping a sharp look-out along the Shropshire Union canal. If you see anything of interest, please let Audlem Online know.


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