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Some readers will be aware of the AudlemOnline Chairman's personal interest in Australia in that his youngest daughter and two grandchildren currently reside in Sydney.


* What is the capital of Australia?
* List the territories of Australia in order of population (largest to smallest)
* Which of these were born in Australia?
Pat Cash
Mel Gibson
Nicole Kidman
Barry Humphries
Alan Whicker
* What and Where are the Apostles in Australia?


* Who played Crocodile Dundee?
* What are Barry Humphries' two personae other than his own?
* Under the shade of what type of tree did the Jolly Swagman camp?
* Name the Neighbours stars in the picture.


* Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?
* Which city was originally known as New Albion?
* Where was the first government house in Australia?
* How many convicts were sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868? Was it 93,000, 124,000, 146,000, 164,000 or 179,000?

Art & Literature

* Who wrote "A town like Alice" and who or what is Alice?

Science & Nature

* How many Australian Nobel prize winners have there been since 1915?
* Would you prefer to be bitten by a funnel-web spider, a trap door spider or a redback spider?
* What is the Aborigine name for Ayers Rock?

Sports & Leisure

* What's the Austalian equivalent of The Derby (flat racing)?
* Who bowled out Mike Gatting with his first ball in test cricket against England?
* Who are the two Australian F1 champions?
* What did a group of Australian aboriginals do in 1868 to make sporting history?
* Which Englishman bowled Don Bradman for a duck in his last test innings, thus preventing the Don from achieving a career average of 100 in Test cricket?

...and finally

* Who is Ottily Cossington Lidster?

Answers on Monday

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