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With the elected mayor debate hotting up, leaflets being dropped through letterboxes and claims that Council Tax bills will either increase or be reduced dramatically, whether or not you want an elected mayor seems a topical choice for the April Vote Poll on Audlem Online.

The official referendum on the issue is on 4th May, the same day as the local elections. If the voters of Crewe & Nantwich say yes, there will be an election for a mayor in the autumn and then a significant change to the way the Borough is run. If that happens, however, it may all be shortlived as a complete re-organisation of local government being planned by the Government looks set to bring in a small number of unitary authorities to take over the current responsibilities split between Cheshire County Council and Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council.

Today is the last chance to vote in the March Vote Poll. Unless brown wheelie bin fans can mount a last minute surge of votes, it looks as if the Parish Council will have clear feedback on this issue. It is a complex issue, though, and there have been a good number of 'Unsure' votes. Check out the current voting by clicking on 'View Results' or, if you haven't already voted, click on your choice in the Vote Poll panel and then on 'Vote Now'. There is also a Forum debate on this issue — click on 'Forum' on the top navigation bar.


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