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The story that appeared on Audlem Online on 1st April about moving Audlem into Wales has created a storm. Earlier in the week we reported that the local papers were running with the story. Since then Radio Stoke picked it up earlier this week and today both BBC Wales and ITV Wales are reporting on it. So what's going on?

Regular readers will recall that, in a light-hearted piece, we have argued that becoming part of Wales would bring major benefits — free prescriptions; free parking at NHS hospitals, and a Grand Slam winning rugby team. The major Parish Plan project to build a sports and youth centre in Audlem would also be realised almost immediately as every Welsh village with more than ten dwellings has a large Sports Centre. The only disadvantage that was identified was the requirement for bilingual signs. This would mean the current eighteen signs around the memorial in the Square would become thirty-six. A larger memorial would be needed, possibly topped by a statue of David Lloyd George, who is thought to have passed through Audlem once.

Audlem Parish Council Chairman, Richard Furber, has today been interviewed by Paul Mewies from ITV Wales outside the Public Hall. Hopefully it wasn't in Welsh — as his language skills aren't up to it yet! The broadcast can be seen on ITV Wales tonight on Wales Tonight at six o'clock. If you can't get this programme it's online at ITV Wales.

There is also a story which enters into the spirit of the moment on BBC Wales Online. For example, it highlights that Audlem has cricket and football teams but no rugby team. Would this immediately disqualify us? See the story at BBC Wales online (The website link that was here no longer works) and type Audlem in the search box.


To get back to the original story keep clicking on More News to the right of this story until you get back to April 1st.

The Forum topic is attracting lively comments from both sides of the border. The on-line vote is rocketing up — with still a large percentage in favour of the move. Join in the fun and have your say — it's free, even on this side of the border!!


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