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Yesterday on AudlemOnline, we announced that Cheshire East Council was putting forward its revised Local Plan to various council meetings for approval.

We included a link to the documents but, as they are over a thousand pages long, assume that most of our readers have not yet had time to read through the details completely.

As an aid, we have now pulled out details of the proposed areas for major house building and employment growth in Cheshire East plus a number of future strategic sites, all listed below.

Tomorrow, we will look into more detail and consider issues such as the impact on current planning applications of this Local Plan.

But first:


The National Planning Policy Framework requires that Councils identify a five-year supply of 'deliverable' housing land in their development plans, plus a 5% 'buffer' to allow for choice and competition together with any under-supply arising since the plan's start date (that is 2010).

In the context of Cheshire East, set against an annual target of 1,200 dwellings per year (2010-2015) and 1300 dwellings per year (2016-2020), sufficient land to accommodate a minimum of 6,400 new homes is required over the period 2014-2019.

However, once account is taken of the shortfall in performance over the first 4 years of the plan period (ie 2010-2014), together with the 5% 'buffer', the 5- year land supply requirement rises to 7230 new dwellings. This requires that the shortfall is addressed over the remainder of the plan period (ie 2014 — 2030), an approach which has been supported by Inspectors in examining other local plans.

The target should include existing commitments, which are sites already having the benefit of residential planning consent, those subject to the signing of S106 agreements and those currently under construction.

Based on the range of sites allocated, and applying a 5% buffer in accordance with national planning guidance to allow for choice and competition, it is considered that in excess of a 5 years supply of 'deliverable' housing land is currently available in Cheshire East.

Major development sites:

CS1: Basford East — Employment — 24 Ha Residential — about 1000 homes
CS2: Basford West — Employment — 22 Ha Residential — about 370 homes
CS3: Leighton West — Employment — 5 Ha Residential — about 1000 homes (About 850 homes added)
CS4: Crewe Green — Residential — about 150 homes
CS5: Sydney Road — Residential — about 250 homes
CS6: Shavington/Wybunbury Triangle — Residential — about 350 homes
CS7: East Shavington Residential — about 250 homes

CS8: South Macclesfield Development Area (SMDA) — Residential- about 1100 homes (About 1050 homes added to plan)
CS9: Fence Avenue — Residential — about 250 homes
CS10: Land between Congleton Road and Chelford Road -Residential — about 150 homes.
(About 300 homes added to plan)
CS11: Gaw End Lane — about 100 homes

CS12: Twyfords and Cardway — Residential — about 550 homes
CS13: Former MMU Campus — Residential — about 350 homes
CS14: Radway Green Employment — 10 ha
CS15; Radway Green Extension — Employment — 25 ha

CS16: Giantswood Lane South — Residential — about 150 homes
CS17: Manchester Road to Macclesfield Road — Residential — about 550 homes

CS18: North West Knutsford — Employment — 5 ha Residential- about 300 homes
CS19: Parkgate Extension - about 250 homes (About 200 homes added)

CS20: Glebe Farm -Residential — about 450 homes

CS21: Kingsley Fields — Residential — about 1100 homes
CS22: Stapeley Water Gardens — Residential — about 150 homes
CS23: Snow Hill — Mixed uses including offices, leaisure/hotel, housing, retail, community facilities and parking.

CS24: Land adjacent to J17 of M6, up to 450 homes (Up to 200 homes added)

CS25: Adlington Road - Residential — about 225 homes (About 200 homes added)
CS26: Royal London — about 75 homes
CS27: Wilmslow Business Park — Business — up to 25,000sq m

CS28: Wardle Employment Improvement Area — Employment — about 31ha

Alderley Park
CS29: Alderley Park -Masterplan to be developed and adopted as a SPD.

North Cheshire
CS30: North Cheshire Growth Village — Handforth East. 12ha Residential — about 1800 homes (About 1650 homes added to plan)

Proposed Strategic Locations

  • SL1: Central Crewe: Residential — about 250 homes. Retail — up to 5000 sq m
  • SL2: Leighton, Crewe Residential — about 400 homes
  • SL3: South Cheshire Growth (now Village , South East CS37) Crewe — Residential — about 900 homes, Retail — up to 1000 sq m. (About 800 homes added to plan)
  • SL4: Central Macclesfield Residential — about 850 homes (About 500 homes added)
  • SL5: White Moss Quarry Residential — about 750 homes (Alsager) Retail — up to 1000 sq m
  • About 350 homes
  • SL6: Back Lane/ Radnor Employment Park — Congleton Residential -about 500 homes
  • SL7: Park Extension Residential — about 450 homes
  • SL8: Manchester Road, Congleton — about 550 homes, Retail — up to 3000 sq m.
  • SL9: Brooks Lane, Residential — about 400 homes Middlewich Retail — up to 3000 sq m
  • SL10 Midpoint 18 Extension, Employment — up to 70 ha Middlewich

More tomorrow on this Local Plan.