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Yesterday's story about Herbert Broomfield, the Audlem-born footballer who played for both Manchester clubs, has attracted further information and a photograph.

He made 28 appearances in 1902/3 to 1906/7 for Bolton Wanderers. Then in 1907/8 he played four times for Man City and then nine times for Man Utd
after 20th March 1908, including one local derby game against City, which was a 0-0 draw. At this period Manchester City were in deep trouble over illegal payments to players, and several players had to be sold.

More interestingly, he was appointed secretary of the recently created
Association Football Players Union (AFPU), formed to fight the £4 weekly wage ceiling — how times have changed. Herbert was probably amongst a bunch of players whose careers were badly affected by the running battles with the FA between then and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

The photo is from the AFPU's archives, with Herbert Broomfield in the "circle".


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