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Anyone taking part in the MendOurMum charity film, may be interested in downloading the words and backing track for practice purposes. As mentioned in previous articles on AudlemOnline, many community groups are coming together to perform 'Amazing Grace' as part of the fundraising exercise for the MendOurMum campaign.

For those with musical ability we are told that the tune begins in Eb and then changes key to F. The backing track includes a metronome and runs at 110BPM tempo. Obviously, this means nothing to any of us here, but we assume the many musical folk in the village will understand.

As the filming has now begun, the team are keen to ensure that anyone who has been recorded already or is booked into be part of a recording in the next couple of weeks adds their names to the credits which will roll down the screen at the end of the film.

Please use the form below to add your name to the credits list:


The team behind the film would like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for being so willing to help with this project. It's heartening to see a community pulling together to help someone in need.

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